15 January 2014 - the Coalition criminal persecution of our person and others

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15 January 2014 - the Coalition criminal persecution of our person and others Empty 15 January 2014 - the Coalition criminal persecution of our person and others

Post  Sirop14 on Wed Jan 15, 2014 9:18 pm

For the past near 27 years belong to like Wikileak and a few public awareness project to express my concern about this phenomena of "Satanic rage, rave, Mad cow, crack vibe the long list". It is not that we do not have the capacity and ability to understand the science and its mechanism - we had been initiated into high interdisciplinary management workings in Vienna under one of then Austria and leading personality and expert in his filed.

Over the period of time of then PM John Major, later Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and the current Coalition the devastating impact on Family existence, workings, function - human relation. In the community what this have led to, in the village or town what this have led to and in schools and places of study for young adults what this have led to - one of the main reason fro Britain and many countries exploding jail population.

My reason for addressing this, this evening - just as those youngsters, members of a family will grab a gun, knife and butcher the whole family - driven/prompted, instigated by this infernal Satanic rage, rave, crack vibe etc.,

In the Home/House when any young person or adult begin to use/go into this mode and you start talking to them and their respective reaction - this is why is was name Satanic rage - because of the demoniac discipline/power involved when anybody become affected or induced in this mode their state of mind and overall functionality. The demonic power compel them to think they are better than everybody else, they are more cleverer than anybody else and they are braver than anybody else until somebody hurt then or use brutal force to stop them.

This phenomena is very common knowledge and practice among the Seychellois, Mauritian and Illois families in Britain.

We have certain added situation - those from certain public sector, be they conservative, criminals, sexual depraved, white racist and haters who knowing use and abuse of this phenomena to cause more harm and division and death in many instances.

I/we had addressed that the situation in our Family will be changing dramatically and had explained the issues and we will not repeat them here. The same stress y situation before our son had left the place his O and A level and after wards the many who helped and supported us in the process. We have an added element of problematic - those many Mauritian, Illois and Seychelles their son with English girl friend and the use and abuse of this phenomena - what usually ensue and take place in the Family when this become persistent.

We are not just any Family, we have responsibilities, Church, international, Community/Exile/refugee related, high corporate responsibilities - most important we contributed to creating the WWW, very many social platforms - this very Facebook, search engine. Just as in any normal situation - when anybody or any given individual become posses, control and applying or being manipulated by this infernal satanic rage, rave , mad cow etc phenomena - they become/are caused to be able to distinguish between many human norms, human relations. The same way these very member of the family forget every positive and good things, sacrifice you have done for them - your blood and sweat you have given for them - in old creole instead of planting a coconut tree, cassava or banana tree where one will get the reward of harvesting the fruit. The education you have striven to give them.

When situation becomes thus - the question where does one turn to and resort to. The situation where by the media, TV, Radio, and road ravers jazz them or crap/con them into the belief it is perfectly to harvest as mush of information from your parents and brothers and pass then onto any criminals including the like of the PM of this country and other Ministers or any con man who can use that mode of communication.

Where does one turn to and course of action. " We wish/want to quote President Bush Junior two years before his end of Term of Office - nuke the whole world - there are those in the USA who recall this incident and what Triggered a President bush Junior to make such public statement - we have been working in the field of high interdisciplinary management for the past 30 years with many leading personalities and institutions in the USA and Europe.

There are many from the Conservative coalition who monitor and well aware of our Family situation in Kent having stated and written what we represent and work with. Those hell bent and no better than those children, villagers and many criminals when applying, manipulating and implementing their criminal objectives using this infernal Satanic rage/rage, crack vibe and anti social mechanism.

We have addressed the UN many institutions, the European court of Justice, the International court of justice and the ICC to little avail. The greater Christian Churches. There is the need to stress in our experience the time we have been most affected is when the Conservative any Conservative have been in Office/Power.

We helped create the WWW, the many Social platform including Facebook because of the massive human imperfect working and relation - as such we will not be bullied or threaten or intimidated to address and publish our concern.


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