Since January 2014 we/I am being hunted/hounded and threaten by Duncan Smith Employment Minister of the Coalition government.

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Since January 2014 we/I am being hunted/hounded and threaten by Duncan Smith Employment Minister of the Coalition government.  Empty Since January 2014 we/I am being hunted/hounded and threaten by Duncan Smith Employment Minister of the Coalition government.

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Since January 2014 we/I am being hunted/hounded and threaten by Duncan Smith Employment Minister of the Coalition government.

Since January 2014 we/I am being hunted/hounded and threaten by Duncan Smith Employment Minister of the Coalition government.

Backgrounds - we/I our Community lost that flat in Kilburn because of the Conservative - politicians, what I/we have written when coming to London/Britain in 1981 the bankrupt state of this country, those including the conservative who enlisted,used my experience, knowledge and connection to help rebuild this bankrupt country.

As the Conservative a very greedy and nasty business minded individuals - when anybody work you pay him and for the kind of work I was doing then back in 1981 to 1985 owed many £ millions as unpaid fees or salary. If you do not pay that person a salary you pay him a commission based upon the success and size of the project or issues he has worked on - help bring about.

I can make a very extensive list of British companies and Institutions, large project we/I have worked. associated and collaborated not just up to 1985 - when it was decided to set up that SIROP program - the associated issues. You people talk of Wikileak and that NSA leak man - the size of the filth. In the old days had Russia had balls they would have gone to war if they had the proper information what took place. Some of the issues which was being worked.

What about Northern Ireland - we will not name names had the many issues those involved drag us in because of our knowledge and abilities - all the killing.

More so when anybody does this kind of work the rules - when people decide to be nasty what will take place. Fine so this is the English Benchmark and way of doing things, then the garbage they talk about in their Parliament and media.

They had tried every trick to destroy that SIROP program and get rid of my person - surely there are /must be document and files. The decided to use that infernal Satanic rage/rave to hound us from the place in Kilburn the amount and number of important highly negative incident which occurred - did not concern them, their lies and cover-up.

Forget the number of court case and media judiciary associated issues - they just could not careless. Those abroad who took revenge for what was being done against our person in Britain.

That was when I/we decided to start a Court proceeding against the Council and British government. The History of it for $ 21 million Damage case.

Forget the issues of the Caple Court country club again the conservative involvements and their utter lies and highly dishonest practice. The Court Case at Canterbury.
About that time Duncan Ian Smith was positioning to take over from PM John Major - I have been involved not just in Britain, France, Italy, Germany, Austria in helping to target, mark out individuals who can take political leadership and the process until they are elected by the system or people. I had vetoed that Conservative process and the next development. Since then he has born a personal grudge - the same took place with the current British foreign Minister I vetoed the conservative mechanism/process that he Lead the conservative party into the election. Both of then their grudge and hate.

Part of the issues of the Telephone bugging scandal was based upon this issues those of the media who knew a very great deal more as to what they wrote and so call reported.

Three years ago shortly after the Coalition set up received a letter from the Work and Pension Department and many other Families received a similar letter you have been overpaid and will have to repay back.

I contacted, my old Solicitor Hopkin Murrey and Beskin for help, Islington Law Center, other law firms and Age concern - for some six months they worked the issue with inland Revenue and the Department of Pension and Works - { The threats and bullying and intimidating satanic rage/rave from then Ian Duncan Smith Office - what they would do to my person , they would starve me and bankrupt my person}

I decided to talk to the Inland Revenue in person and used their local Facilities across the word - below them if the Virgin Active Center - I have written my long connection with Bronson when he was just starting out - again what the media have written and the reality. Had I not gone to the Inland Revenue Office there Richard Bronson Group would never have acquire Northern Rock - in the first place I had been involved/ issue which led to the meltdown then PM Gordon Brown.

Anybody who sell a prostitute or stole goods or drugs or carries dirty money, drugs and the such get paid - we had helped Richard Bronson Group acquire that Northern Rock - and the government helped nobody dais a thank you - instead my situation got worse.

According to the Agent Concern file that case was closed. In December received a letter from the Pension and work Department that I will have to pay back that money - followed 15 days later with a letter from a collecting Agency they have been instructed/appointed to collect this money from our person on behalf of the government.

Should this case land in Court - want to address the greater public - forget the above we/I have written - the mega economic mess of 2012. The millions of Families suffering and the bleak future. Because I have been involved in many highly important issues which enable either a Mrs Thatcher, John Major or Tony Blair or Gordon Brown to make important economic and financial decision for the better - decided to build an online version of that Economic program and the Indian Ocean version of our political Program.

Three months, the changes which had began to take place and one year later the impacts - people when anybody can do this kind of work - you say thank you and pay him something. Forget the hacking scandal and many other scandal we had help to come in the open - since 2012 the utter lies of the Coalition government as to what is making and bringing economic revival to Britain. Their utter lies to the European Institutions and the world.

The question if you were in my shoe/pants after having done such important things for a people - this British people and you get the kind of reaction from the Pension and Work Minister Ian Duncan Smith - what would your reaction be. {These are just a few selected issues we have addressed here - the muck stink much more}

We are very upset and may not have the details of the respective Ministry correct - whoever is responsible this is utter filth.

If this case lands in court we will take it o the European court with much more details - then the conservative will demand Britain immediate withdrawal from the EU. The greater British public who are very blind will just shout yes. As they have done in the past on issues we have worked together which have affected and impacted British workings in Europe.

For these good reasons in 2012, I pleaded and requested the UNHCR and those agencies working with refugees and exile to help my person resettle on mainland Europe. The White House have copies of the correspondence and issues.

We would like to take the occasion to wish the USA First lady Obama a very Happy Birthday - the saying in Kiswahili.


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