The Polish Catholic community/Pope John Paul ll cousin, assassination attempt relic, another important relic and the China Fair in Calais 2019

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The Polish Catholic community/Pope John Paul ll cousin, assassination attempt relic,  another important relic and the China Fair in Calais 2019 Empty The Polish Catholic community/Pope John Paul ll cousin, assassination attempt relic, another important relic and the China Fair in Calais 2019

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Two days ago we took the time to write an article about our Chinese very special connections instead copy to the Chinese Embassy in London and from Seychelles the deafening silence. Yet that Palais de Justice, the National Assembly and the SeyUni all very important Chinese gifted/donated projects without them/It. How when president Mancham was alive we worked vast array of Bilateral and International issues an the crap the International and local media wrote about. His Peace Foundation and Son working forth Ministry of foreign Affairs i Seychelles his responsibility. Mr Bernard Racombo ex special Branch with a good knowledge of International police the ADC to former Minister Joubert and long time ADC to sir James Mancham. The role that SIROP program played that the Chinese responded towards Seychelles then everybody invent something else and then we talk of the sophistication of our global education. Two days again both Seychelles media the publication of those lawyers from the Seychelles Bar Association made Senior counsel how they ought to fight  defend  Justice working instead. .

We have written how that portal project of our helped that Host Europe acquired our British hosting company and because of its capacity the consortium of  British investors based in the Channel Island bought Host ''Europe group and the consortium stated they managed some £70 billion in portfolio and then under President Obama for strategic reason Godaddy acquiring the Hosting group what was written for the public, explanation. As a result in the take over acquisition change in Europe , the Commission and the USA bilateral and political dynamics, Market. That was the objective. That project impacting the Britexit debacle of then PM Cameron. Irish politic and economy.

For several years have been battling to get that project based in France  we have looked at several location , Strasbourg, Angers, Rouen, Paris and Calais. Sir James Mancham alive, President FA Rene, President J A Michel in Office and then government of F Holland the process of his election and how he got to office,  the forces involved that got him in Office and the media never publishing it and what ensued and the mega fallout with the Muslin extremist in France.  Both Project capacity. Time and time have published who were those who helped and supported that project among then Pope John Paul ll.

On account of the situation in Britain, Kent our son stressed we need to go and stay in France within close travel to Kent. Hence the many efforts we have made. Beside the important goodwill of the Channel Tunnel, the Nord Pas de Calais economic development and that SIROP program and the Portal project the vast populace who benefited,  the elite politicians and their parties and the large multinationals.   Project like Alcate. The Boarder issues between France and Britain under the Shenghan protocol.  The many British families and individuals who setup their business in Lille and the constructions. Yet the media dishonesty.

Under the Mitterrand relation beside setting a Center in Calais the EU involvement and when we engage we do not get engage with African or Asian or Arab dynamic,  we do this with our french ancestral dynamic and leveraging mechanism. As such the capacity and outcome we engage and involve,  the church and the faith and believing communities.  We had been looking at purchasing a derelict church for our community in the Pas de Calais or France. All the promise of money  and those who just robbed,  abused and fleeced us and then unleashed the anti-terrorist Laws on us  and the FIU mean while they robbing and ripping of everybody.

In Calais for the past five years have let it be know that both program have important working linkage with China those who wrote China just decided to  promote a Fair in December 1991  in Calais,  very wrong we have manged,  leverage managed so  many of such issues  and experience and expertise. We spent time talking to the Chines official of the fair and told them a great deal. Those who came over form UK to the Fair in Calais. That Truth commission in the National Assembly and National - what the vast majority refuse to note all these Europe nation have different vibes and values they are not all English values and vibes/ In Calais they knew of our chines mega Africa issues and the Chinese European mega issues and the Indian ocean. The chines investments in France.  This is not just any shite. Those from the leading nation intelligence service must surely realize this is not just any crap. Those at the council of Europe and commission Knowledge,  the African Union and elsewhere the white House even.

Over the past 25 years very many highly abnormal events and phenomena and what the media and politicians garbage the mass. For instance the Seychelles community in Britain did not know realise the extent and size of the Polish community in France and their history having  interacted with the Polish community in Britain and the cack they relate to the Truth commission. Uncle Ron Louange wold have labelled then loony. Our Community in Chiswick, Hounslow their respective parish churches.

In battling to set up root our-self in Nordpas de calais these priest and individual we have corresponded -example the beautiful millennium church  in Lense those who practice. It was after serious research and talking with the Islington Polish priests we explain what we had discovered. The dynamic of their community compared to the Polish community in Britain . We also explained we had come across the Cousin of Pope John Paul ll in his Church there is a relic of his attempt assassination and  another important relic. Here we have a unique situation the big why,  Pope John Paul ll came to office and his officer and pope Benedict,  later his office the whole of Vatican working politic and diplomacy.  We had explained those from the polish church who we were and in church communication and praying not everything that one write in the media is the same. The fat and future of the polish community in Britain after Britexit and Poland.  Listening to the truth commission we have heard many give adjective to those in Seychelles who were involved in the One party system  and the ongoing situation.

This Chinese pandemic is very grave - those who want to test their faith it would cost a ferry ticket or use the bus and Transport to the Polish church where Pope John Paul ll cousin, he himself visited serves as priest and a place to stay.They can then spend a week or two praying daily in  that church they would then find out what will happen in Europe, china and the America,  get some serious news paper to watch and cover their activities and catalogue their activities.  It will cost $500  per person say five persons involve and here we  are talking of the mighty global economy,  china the USA and rest of the world, mankind fate. Nobody will lists until some more terrible things  happen and the garbage they will tell the world.

L'héritage polonais toujours vivant dans le Nord

Comment - We address the current French government, Foundation Francois Mitterrand, the 1986 China government, our exile community all those alive , Sir James and President FA Rene - then 1986 Europe, the USSR, China and the linking issues then with that SIROP program how those viewed that SIROP program turning Seychelles economy in a big way beside Hong Kong itself, the Chinese community in London, as everything British everybody chose to forget, Lady Thatcher government and then media debacles those using our SIROP program to leverage Chinese and Hong Kong issues, there are things we have dared shared in public ask of Lady Thatcher in person, when the dirt hit the fan they we all go mad. When anybody group or entity, get involved in such complex issue they just do not fade away even when those involved died.


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