25 years of the World Wide Web - the same corrupted benchmark as the war in Ukraine

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25 years of the World Wide Web - the same corrupted benchmark as the war in Ukraine Empty 25 years of the World Wide Web - the same corrupted benchmark as the war in Ukraine

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We have done a brief review of what the French, Figaro, British papers and Die Presse have written about/relating to this 25th Anniversary of the WWW and those who correctly say/state it was only the theory version.

The British  and USA media who have hijack/kidnap this agenda and global important issues as they do and have been doing with everything the past 60 years. Then set their own regulation and Agenda's.

In the first place the important need to compare the Illuminati/Templar/Masonic workings - differences of the USA, Britain and France. Reason being their Power and capacity to influence countless high importantly and small issues of the society, lives of individuals and world workings and what is really written.  "Everybody - including the Illuminati/Templar and the Freemason" refuses to accept/admit the urge/ efforts in 1987 onward to create a system where by the pubic would be better informed - then Cold War and those who control and manipulated information - including the communist/USSR - COMECON and many others.  In our/my case on account of the Training in the field of Interdisciplinary High Management disciplines then led by Prof Dr Micheal Hofmann - then Head of the Vienna University of Interdisciplinary Management. His fate and the science, discipline available to find out who and why were those involved to destroy him or silence him - his demise, his former and current colleagues and close Associates who they have said and written about him.

Just as they have this very advance Faculty for Computer science and IT across the USA embassy in Vienna, those who come from across the world to study there - they need to know what took place and those who write history and lecture in the name of History. Then Vienna University and those who ran the Department for computer Science - It between 1978 to 1989.  Those leading multinational in Austria their respective Staff, engineers, experts and consultants - including those form the Vienna University.  Those who had worked in Germany, Italy, the USA and part Britain who coached and lectured on this subject - among others our person was coached by them.

Beside the USA - NASA Satellite supposedly highly advanced Computer system, to track their Space Program, communicate with the Military, Intelligence and Counter Intelligence Department which we had know in then Sechelles Seychelles of 1980's - those Senior staff for the USAF who discussed not in details - enough for the discerning mind/our Police, the Colonial Expat community. Including then Cable and Wireless system which Seychelles had had for many years. Those Seychellois who worked there. When  we joined with those in Vienna working in the various sector of computer science and we took to discussing - these were important information we took in mind.

Given - what we have written on the above - beside those of us, who discussed the Powers of IMB and a few others what they were driving the world and Europe big business and related management - the decision to create and develop alternative approach, politic, policy and we/those who had acquired the capacity to use/intervene in the Industry at various level and the issues which IBM began to face and others and the coming - those who support Bill Gate and associate fresh approach to Computer science, IT engineering, Science and those in Scandinavia and USA the younger Generation. Anybody will tell you you build on success, those who had managed to influence the USA and world leading computer companies.

Given my close association with Prof Dr Micheal Hofmann, we had studied - including himself and those in Austria the MiniTel System - in then Europe it was one of the best System on the Market.  We were still a long way to go before acquiring the due experience and knowledge to work the issues alone - so we would refer the many important aspect of our challenges to those we had been in contact in Paris or Vienna their respective high Position, from Professors, Engineers, Politicians, Consultants, Military experts/Intelligence, Big business and the Illuminati/Templar /Masonic entities.

Everybody refuse to take note of the fact that when the debacle to build/find place for CERN, Mrs Thatcher and Cabinet had Favored the USA along with several in Europe - we vetoed this/drove the issues/synergy/dynamic that this Project be based in Switzerland - the science and discipline to prove and disprove this. The objective of this Project - again those who refuse to acknowledge this - meanwhile "the millions of demented who use and abuse this infernal Satanic rage/corrupted communication discipline to harass, create hate, racist abuse, the long list and the lies the British media, politicians and many have to say after wards".

In France - then Cabinet of President F Mitterrand, the Mayor Jacques Chirac and many others, then France Illuminati, Templar and masonic workings - the personalities and those of Italy and the Vatican.

We had been doing extensive research, in the London, Paris and Vienna base Strategic Study Centers/Institute and knew a very great deal about then Cold War politic, military, scientific, high corporate, Illuminati workings which were very wrong, corrupted and dishonest - the material available - we had studied the Intelligence Service system and the Policing system discipline. Mrs Thatcher and some of her Ministers must still have their dirty note and those from the British Masonic entities.

Having - contributed to concept the CERN Project and we laugh at the issues of OPEC, development and their politic to this day - the objective of CERN Project the few like President Mitterrand and a Few other heads of State and leading Illuminati personalities as to what have transpired come out of CERN - the mega investments. We had to know a very great deal more to veto and influence that CERN was build in Switzerland and monitored, - Managed the issues and development long after WWW to this day if we have to make intervention can still do it.

When anybody works with/in such high intensity - the many important issues which get exchanges/passe on and shared by the right person/personality - the manner they work and what they do with such information  and who managed them.

We had been pressing President F Mitterrand very Hard and the French Masonic and Illuminati, Military and intelligence that in 1985/6 we use the Minitel system  to develop a European or global communication platform. If they failed would have taken the system to Seychelles if there had been a military change between 1978 - 1986.  What it takes to drive and manage such issues.

We/I was based in Kilburn - Brent - 87a Victoria Road, the manner a great volume of information was shared, worked multinational projects, national projects, government issues, EU Politic, Africa, the USA and the rest of the world. You did not have to meet a personality in person to exchange and share information or the respective issues - that was 1985 London. Just as the debacle of Lonroh  and the Al Fayad, the debacle of the Queen Uncle in Paris and the very long list - those who took the information we had been working with Paris, the masonic/Illuminati entities, President F Mitterrand Office, the Francophone and the French embassy in London and the Illuminati who worked for the French Embassy and other Embassy in London.

One of these Days we will address issues which will shock the world.  A number of so call invention in Britain, what they entailed or in France, Germany, Italy , Japan and the USA, the mechanism and discipline which is /can be manage to get others to drive an issues in research or respective science and leading to a discovery as they say.

What about then debacle of CERN and then Lady Thatcher North Sea Oil discovery and later Politic - we can also address then respective issues.

The goober concept for the working had been mapped out/outline by others - then Illuminati, Templar and Fraternal.masonic entities - what was required a technician or engineer to work out and deploy the system - how this is again manage and done.

It is totally wrong to claim that Tim Brenner Lee invented the WWW. "By the way there is a price to pay for abusing over manipulating and telling grobe  lies and persistent lies". hence it is better not to say anything or talk about anything.

As we survey events in the USA, what the Austrian Presse have written and very banal quote in instance given the Vienna University of computer Science - Le figaro and France own Computer Science/Industry.  There are grounds for concern, real concern for the existence and working of the WWW. Even if those of you do not wish to accept to read and take note of what we have written here - it will be essential that aspects of it is remembered and noted.

We have tried to research, those in Scandinavia, Russia, Germany, Italy, France around 1986 who had know of the issues their respective Computer/IT Engineering - efforts to use their existing system to connect to a greater connectivity or Europe and world workings. It would be nice if somebody did a very objective review and study/publish them. Many will find/discover because of the important Illuminati/Templar and masonic issues - France was the closest  and Italy is deploying such workings/connectivity. Oh we forget to mention what the Vatican Knew then.  Those beloved Jesuit high personalities. Then they say Tim Brenner Lee invested the World Wide Web.

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