The Chinese Virus - Satanic rage/rave. madcow mechanism

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The Chinese Virus - Satanic rage/rave. madcow mechanism  Empty The Chinese Virus - Satanic rage/rave. madcow mechanism

Post  Sirop14 on Wed Mar 04, 2020 5:04 pm

Comment - Mr Paul Chow Weekly article on the Eulanten case

Comment - In the first place excuse the misspelling of the Eulanten family name, our recently bought Toshiba is broken again and those who helped/contributed to breaking it - whilst they want their laptop to work well and the shite they kick if their laptop is not working. We are not being sexist here these are plain facts. We are having to rely on an old Dell backup bought from the ex Chinese government worker who first had a shop then a Restaurant today. The big why she sold us her lap top she had two lap top and soled me the best, she had her ex shop laptop and she lost a lot of money on that shop venture we talked about it at our forum if those care to research our Forum on this topic.

For the past 5 days that Toshiba is broken and the company I bought it from the Warranty - the first Toshiba belonged to the De Comarmond Family and thy lost some near £25,000 in setting a business in Seychelles upon their return and after the issues they sold me their laptop in those days 1996 cost £1400 The Second Toshiba I bought that next to the Resource Center /Jones Building, the VSC on Holloway Rd, on account of the first Toshiba. I have explained that the destruction damaging or criminal attack on my person and resource what it can do and unleashed - over the past 25 years the many incidents and the many death carnage and massacres, fallout's and how the mind and brain of those involved work, function.

That Truth Commission was appalled, angry and vented their concern of the state of things in Seychelles after 42 years of One Party System and they are still at it today. The dreadful and very sordid incident of the young Eulanten Fisherman and Mr Paul chow coverage then Seychelles Weekly in 2007. I cannot locate that article he posted again yesterday. What people with power, in power do to others and can do , tend to do.

The same with Mr Michael Pillay terrible statement before the Commission , the issues of the massive abuse of power and corruption in his family and the SPUP business then, just because they are/were in Power they can and could do anything they wanted. We repeat we have know the Pillay family very well , the Sion , the Loiseau and the many associated people mentioned. Finally coming out that those who organised the coup came to change their cloth for military fatigue at the Sea side the Enterprise premises. Mrs Oliajhi and others who have told their story never said a word. In then Seychelles I was not a coward, yet what was going on and what I knew and the decision to go in exile. Mr Gilbert Morgan tried it and all the police and others knew, look where he landed his fate. We were friend /acquainted and he went on to work for Coral Strand Hotel as Maintenance engineer his good friend Mr Ferley Etienne.

This morning with the broken laptop situation, the so call super Tuesday in the USA and all those former USA Head of state, Vice president who have known my person and associated, with my working and responsibilities, events. We/I use my Alcatel phone to listen to France Info TV and the News coming from France on the Chinese Virus which have double and the government measures. The moderator went on to explain the impacting issues to big business, the schools, the elections, the farmers and the Church workings, religion - what that moderator and those managing news broadcasting refused, failed to say the important impacts of that satanic rave, rage and madcow phenomena on this virus, how in many instance it is causing the virus to become more aggressive in spite of the many measures. Nobody want, is talking about be they the EU, the UN the police and the medical experts, in the first it was that infernal satanic rage, rave madcow mechanism which unleashed that virus - what next.

All our exiles families who have lived in Canada, the USA, Australia and Britain well aware what we are talking when we say that satanic rage, madcow and CJD etc. They live in Seychelles have been living in Seychelles they come across Tourist everyday, those who use and abuse this infernal mechanism and the outcome and inter human relation the negativity, then we have this working at the local village, the family house and again the outcome and situation.

I addressed the Commission a copy of my letter to PM Johnson asking his to support my request to the French government to transfer my political status to France and no reply or acknowledgement. I have half a dozen letters to the French government which I intend to submit to the Commission. Going by the Commission mandate, high responsibility. Every body life matters, criminal or not, sick or not. I addressed the Commission of the National Assembly and the National Commission, what measures, protection and safety system they would be putting in place to safeguard and protect those who will be at the receiving ends, in South Africa the measures they did put in place, in Seychelles all those questioning this - the grave concern - Those in Britain who know, well aware of my responsibility, who are hell bent to take me out , get rid of me, have me silence, kill in one for or another. So that I cannot testify, address the Commission.

Surely given the commission powers and mandate if they cannot help they can address the International Criminal court for support and advice, they can ask the UN and the EU high instance and Justice. We have a situation where I am at the mercy of any mad person , other and what have you, those using that or a particular person. Mr Michael Pillay stated before the commission he has to rely on the Panga by his bed side in African what a Panga means, it is not necessarily a big knife, your voodoo and black magi is also known as Panga and when one start have to resort to such para-science, the dangerous and grave consequences. Then what the media, Authorities, police and Justice will write and conclude.

I cannot be in Seychelles to organize a protest, demonstration to impress or let every body know how dangerous the situation is - again the Eulaten case, that Fishermen and had confided in his mother, he had confided in others and we are writing in public, the whole world, anybody can read. That SIROP program is not just your fisherman, not just your RS 30,000 or your little 20/30 KG of Drug, it is very far worse. That program today is worth some $4,5 billions, in the National Assembly , the PL and others big business mega cover up at the same time battling for take over of that Program core mechanism and the regional and world economic leveraging and combine working in $trillions , yet the way my person gets treated and handled.

Just like Mr Michael Pillay and others went to a hellish time with all the injections and tablets those so call doctors, experts and specialist - my own doctors and GP their diagnose of the Beo Spasm and what they attribute this to, my medical record - I was set up by a bunch of elite criminal conservative 10 years ago because of that SIROP Program and our EU Community portal. they wanted me out, they wanted control and take over, the used para science criminal methods to start that Beo Spasem and today my health and all those in Austria, Germany , France , Holland and elsewhere I have talked to and all those on the streets well aware and laughing about it how they have fixed me up good and proper.

I am going to publish nit as it is and edit later excuse.


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