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Sechelles Heritage Trust - Britain and the Tyrel de Poix de Sechelles  Empty Sechelles Heritage Trust - Britain and the Tyrel de Poix de Sechelles

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We have addressed a good deal about our concern regarding our treatment in Kent these past near 23 years.  The reason we came to Kent/landed there, events  to date.

In 2013 made a number of efforts to get help and support form the Calaisian - Families - Associations in Nord Pas de Calais which can/could have assisted us in/with the Project to Find a Home for the Sechelles Heritage Trust.

In-spite of the important efforts research - issues we have addressed, those happy and content either just to read them or use the information to advance/further their own receptive interests.

We - on behalf of our Community have invested some 35 years of work to help and assist our Community, be they the exile of French decent, creole, black and other ethnicity form Sechelles Seychelles and our migrant and Diaspora in Europe have some kind of resource as every/many Ethnic - Grass Root communities are entitles to build and set in place in Europe under European Laws and Rights.

Safe that the Seychellois - or the former inhabitants of Sechelles Seychelles unlike their Reunion or Mauritius counterparts, Families and Relatives seem to have acquired that extra challenge in the form of History - Heraldry, Archaic/Illuminati such workings.  We have also  gone out of our way to explain this.

We have addressed the issues of the WWW and President F Mitterrand government in 1986/7 battle to create a global information and communication Platform using the Mini-tel, why it failed and so call history and our unique contribution.  This have led to vast quantities by 2014 most of France History, archaic national archives, special projects, private libraries and projects on line beside Family/ancestral  tracing - Genealogy.

This said and our contribution and involvement - we have gone out of our way to do very brief research - for instance. Take the Family Branch of the Edmond spell a  number of ways in France that of the Daidon/Didon, father side not including Family from Mother and Grandmother Father side some 2500/3000 individuals live across France alone.

From Mauritius, Madagascar,  Reunion, Sechelles Seychelles at least 2,500 Families of French Origin - with each averaging 500 - 1, 200 individuals in France alone -admittedly they do not have linkage only in the former Indian Ocean, the USA, Canada, Quebec,  Australia s, South Africa, New Zeland, Asia, Britain and rest of Europe.

We would have thought/expected by now given the information - in-spite of the overly active number of Consulate - officially appointed by their respective governments including Seychelles.  The Citizens of France, Families, Individuals and Associations  would have made a little effort to find out/inquire how they were faring/coping in France Britain and rest of Europe - beside the accidental encounters/possibly encounters we are not told/informed about.

The issues and battle here is about the workings of the Seychelles government in France and Europe and the working of the Sechelles Seychelles Community in France as a unique Community the Roots and Origin - how the Pied Noir have gone about to work this out. Our Community in the Indian Ocean is much Older than the Pied Noir.

Somewhere in the writing of development and history of our Community setting up back in Austria  and France 35 years explained those who had indicated we had very important heritage and links in France and Europe - we did not have the WWW and had to rely on Libraries, Universities Research centers, Archives and books.  Some 23 years on the situation.

From the Conservative those who hold the view - our aspiration to promote a/our unique French ancestral heritage/workings/history is recent. In as much as we had the Cold War and then Communist Sechelles Seychelles - their Global alliances to fight against and very bitterly. We had to dig and reach very deep into our French ancestral heritage as Migrant and Diaspora,  the Illuminati of France and then Europe whom we ask to remember. In the process develop our /a very special working for our greater exile/refugee workings and Diaspora - today's, Seychelles government Diplomatic representation who have sized, pirated and stolen a great deal of what we have fought so hard to put in place and achieve. Particularly Mrs Thatcher and her Cabinet 1981, then British Illuminati - who took very deem view and challenged/opposed and fought us bitterly. That we stay in the Colonial cocoon  and believe only what they had in-steeled and implanted in us as History  and our heritage. It meant getting to know the more important workings and heritage of Scotland, Ireland, Wales and how we view and associated with these new discoveries.  There is the need and importance to state that not everybody from our Sechelles Seychelles Exile/refugee supported/approved this. How they went and have gone on to benefit.

In London back in the 80's in spite of the many Libraries, research centers and archives - the massive distortion which those who manage and work the English Language,  Culture, History, Heritage, Science, Archaic issues, Church history, Europe History, Migration, Nation inter connectivity, Genealogy, Heraldic, Templar and Illuminati the Education, Academic Universities studies  and Political work went about fabricating and inventing.

A great deal of the information managed and stored in Libraries were controlled, the access, those who were responsible and trained to guide anybody - their approach and comportment, standard and benchmark and dishonesty.

It was part and parcel of this that lend/compelled and drove us to find a solution, the issues of the Minitel and the Mitterrand Officials - Those who controlled the information and knowledge and their objectives. Particularly we the Seychellois the History and colonial overtone  of the Indian Ocean. We had been told/hinted that there were a number of French Families in Britain connected to some of the Seychelles Mauritius, Reunion, south African, India South Asia Families.

By distortion we mean - the new names they acquired and the way they spell it/them and the many motives and reasons, politic, powers, religion, wealth, hidden agendas, family bust up, etc the very long list.  They had developed a special view we are very unique. Make no mistake we read a great deal, researched, listen to radio, TV.

Beside in that infernal Seychelles then One party System and the way they put gunny sack on the heads of everybody by way of information.
Take the Kent situation/those who have strived from our Community to establish a footing - the bitter opposition. By 1991 when the One party system had been abolished - we judge it was time to redefined our greater EU Community working.  This required digging deeper, researching in places and issues information which so far our community had been barred, blocked and refused access.  The great secrecy and information cloud.

When we decided in 1991/2 to use the Channel Secretarial Service to Register the office for FECAS - ECSVS Folkestone the bus deport, the Post Office and the Mauritian ex Councilor who had his Estate Agent business across the Bus Station.  This had to change, taking contact with Cercle Francais of Folkestone and Dover.  Including the work to have a Community Coat of Arms/emblem.  We/I decided to use the Folkestone Library.  One still needed individuals who knew of history and regional infos.

For instance the Old Cemetery in Dover and Folkestone we knew and had come across many old French Family names, yet the Officials and Local they continued to  treat and address our issues with strong  oppositions, the Conservatives, the Masonic and Clubs.

Take the issues of Religion Introduction in Britain, Templar, Masonic and Illuminati issues we had studied and research into them not just History, but libraries and those who objected that we carry these search.  We knew some of the History the Invasion by the Normand's - the details we had not.  It was searching/researching into the Old French Families links with Mauritius,  Seychelles,  Reunion, South Africa, India, South Asia - that led us to discover a trove of important interconnecting issues and information.

This break through arrived after the development of Google and Yahoo Search engine - until 1996/7 acceptable.  Had we had the Google and Yahoo information we have today our Community development would have been very different - this reminds and bring me//us to the issues of the Youth from our community - their marked lack of interests after so much work and efforts to put so much information online their attitude and the future. Until 1997 we had focus our attention on some of the names linked to the Islands, personalities and their Families in France and across the world. The same for Mauritius, Reunion and the rest.

By 1997, Tony Blair had been elected and his neighbor donates a Gateway PC with Window 95 to our Son. We then began to search and research our French, Mauritius, Reunion, Seychelles, South Africa Indian Ocean History.  That was when we stumble/came across  the issues of Jean Moreau - then King Louis 14th Chancellor acquiring the title of De Sechelles for the Tyrel Poix De Sechelles - in a nice way all hell  broke loose. It is one thing being told something by word of mouth an another reading them black and white.  For  a long time refuse to communicate our discovery. It took at least 3/4 years after we had done sufficient research and, reference and those who knew we were working on this issues feed back.

Already in Dover and Folkestone - where we had been based and developed/promoted our EU community Projects, the benefits, the refurbishment of Dover Castle, the Road and buildings, monuments, including Folkestone. Similar events in Calais Bouglone, Lille.
This said across France, Bruxelles, Holland the impacts and synergy/leverage in London and across Britain, Scotland, Ireland - the Indian Ocean Mauritius Seychelles, Reunion and South Africa. The Families,  the business and many other linking issues. This requires a very separate article and discussion - how it works and why it works that way.

With the arrival of Wikipedia and the many archive and libraries on line - particularly France, those who shared their works and Treasure trove of information and knowledge.  The linkage of the Tyrel de Poix, de Sechelles with our Sechelles Seychelles history is just one item - the now available information of many other leading French Noble linked to Seychelles, Mauritius, Reunion, South Africa, India, Asia,  Madagascar  - beside the america, Canada, Quebec, Australia, Scotland, Ireland and England.

We want to cover the issues of the Tyrrells (crisps) here started in 2002

In 1998, we had gone about to set up the first Merchandising business for our community based in Staplehurst - on Farmer Mr Catchpole Business Unit. It required that we use and work with many aspects of our then Sechelles Mauritius, Reunion Indian ocean  and France, across the world Heraldic fraternal, Illuminati, Christian mechanism, discipline.  Events and what took place what we have written. The great flood it is just a pin head what we have mention here.

Those who held the view we had  not rights to meddle and work those issues, yet the armies of highly dishonest individuals who went about to benefits form our efforts.

In 2000 we relocated on Farmer Day's Business Unit in Headcorn.  What followed - a repetition of the above  and worse to come those who had seen and read of the ability of this project to drive and leverage a great deal of highly important issues including the Global and British construction Industry - just one item those who use the synergy/dynamic to concept and plan the Palm Jumeriah Development, those from the three large British construction giants, Costain, McAlpine and Betty Balfour.

Suddenly we have appearing a whole list of issues with the/relating to the Tyrel de Poix Families in Britain , France, Canada, the USA and Australia - publication and that Tyrrells (crisps) here started in 2002.

We started this article stating that we need to find a long term Solution to the Sechelles Heritage Trust workings in Britain and France.
How many recall   the property price in Kent 1991 - with £5,000 -£10,000 get a piece of land  and ask for planning.  Those who ask where would you have got that money. We had put together that SIROP $ 500  - $ 800 million Program - nowhere in recent history and the world an individual put together such a program/work and  and is not paid a cent safe Sechelles Seychelles.

We have some 15 years of International consultancy in Finance Industry, Communication, Media ,  Tourism, Energy, Construction, large Project Development, Shipping sector/transport. Yet what took place.

We want to address the very many leading Families of French Origin - the Price of the Lands and Properties back in 1991, events and what took place in the South East. What led to the property price hike and the lies and distortion spread. There are thousands of Families in the South East of French decent - with vast acreage, Business Units Farm lands, Forests as such how they have benefited form our works, and endeavors the past 22 years in the Region.  Those who have read and heard of our issues. The information available out on the WWW is not us who control and impute them - the host of institutions and thousands of individuals - yet how people choose to react.  These individual have important links relation and association with the nobility, royalty and supposedly elite of the Society and Country, politic,  Parliament and many institutions, Judiciary, Estate Agents Industry.

At the same time - the need to refer to the issues our issues and links to the Travelers/Roma community in Kent back in 1991 what we have addressed. How they work, the lands and places they have acquired or taken over and our fate and our project - it is not right.  This have caused and led to many very very terrible and abnormal developments. Yet nobody will stop to take stock and think.

These issues addressed and discovery made - our children will leave on, they have the information we did not have in 1991 - how they will manage/negotiate and react with those information.

Le tunnel sous la Manche a 20 ans, son histoire en 15 dates clés

Tyrrells (crisps)

New Forest National Park

William II of England

Walter Tirel

Welcome to Avon Tyrrell

Tyrrells Wood Golf Club

Tyrrell's Wines

Tyrrell Family History


Sir James Tyrell (d.1502) [Henchman of King Richard III .

Tyrrell Family Genealogy

Note - we have an editing situation/problem.

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Sechelles Heritage Trust - Britain and the Tyrel de Poix de Sechelles  Empty Royal Gatecrasher: Charles In Wedding Snaps

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A newly married couple in Ayrshire were given an unexpected royal surprise on their big day.

The Prince of Wales was in Ayr for a parade by the Queen's Own Yeomanry, of which he is the Royal Honorary Colonel.
As he was leaving Ayr Town Hall, he crossed paths with Private Barry Rooney and his new wife Kirstie as they were leaving their wedding ceremony at the registrars' office in the same building.

Charles stopped to offer his congratulations to the couple and even posed for photos with them for their wedding album.
Pte Rooney, 28, and his 22-year-old wife, from Patna in East Ayrshire, said: "That was absolutely amazing, we were really shocked.
"Who can say they had their wedding photograph taken with the Prince of Wales?"


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