Huge Tsunami Wiped out Britain 8,200 Years Ago Creating 'North Sea Atlantis'

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Huge Tsunami Wiped out Britain 8,200 Years Ago Creating 'North Sea Atlantis' Empty Huge Tsunami Wiped out Britain 8,200 Years Ago Creating 'North Sea Atlantis'

Post  Sirop14 on Sun May 04, 2014 11:09 am

A huge tsunami wiped out Britain 8,200 years ago, creating a 'North Sea Atlantis' in a stretch of land that once connected the isles with mainland Europe.

The tsunami was created after a subsea landslide, known as the Storegga Slide, off the coast of Norway. It generated a waves about 40m high, half as big as the Statue of Liberty, the MailOnline reports.

The study, which has been submitted to the journal Ocean Modelling, found that the tsunami wiped out the low-lying land known as Doggerland, which was just off the coast of the UK. In the Early Holocene era, Doggerland connected the UK to the rest of Europe.
Computer models show that the tsunami wiped out all the inhabitants of the area, which was just five metres above sea level and lay to the east of East Anglia.

Researchers at Imperial College London looked at underwater depths through history to work out how intense the tsunami was.
The wave travelled through the Norwegian sea in just a few hours, reaching Belgium and Holland after about 15 hours. Waves hitting Doggerland would have been about five metres high.

Speaking to the MailOnline, study author Jon Hill said: "[Doggerland] would have been completely inundated by a five-metre wave ... it would have been devastated."

Vince Gaffney of the University of Birmingham, who wrote a book about Doggerland, commented: "If we look at what the study tells us they're talking about waves that are, in Scotland, as much as 40 metres high."

While it is not known if any people lived on the island at the time, "any humans living there would have suffered a catastrophic event," Hill told the Independent.

The Storegga Slide saw 3,000 cubic km of sediment collapsing into the sea. Hill said this is about 300 times more than all the rivers in the world hold in a year.

"That's a lot of sediment ... The chances of it happening again are minuscule."

Lost land abandoned after tsunami 8,200 years ago

Tsunami created North Sea ‘Atlantis’ 8,000 years ago

Tsunami severed Britain's link to the Continent


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Huge Tsunami Wiped out Britain 8,200 Years Ago Creating 'North Sea Atlantis' Empty Other forces/dynamic/synergies which can trigger - Earthquakes and Tsunami

Post  Sirop14 on Sun May 04, 2014 11:35 am

Given the arrival of the WWW in 1989, whereby none experts, scientist  and normal human could impute - write their views and experience if any on the subject. The practice until then to research in books, documents and special archives and University and special institutions.

As an Interdisciplinary/Multidisciplinary Executive hold the view that the same super natural Forces/Phenomena which visited our earth and planet  across its existence and history for part of our today science and knowledge of managing and addressing these two issues - in-spite of the advancement of science, technology computer science and research.

The Phoenicians, Babylonian, Ancient Egyptian, Chinese,  Aztec civilization knowledge on this subject. (The Priest of Old, Wise, Druids knowledge and Training - in Vatican Library, the volume of information/knowledge on this subject)

Take Nostradamus - who is a very modern version - the world have acquired his knowledge because we were able to Print his life work - long before him those who existed and functioned in his capacity.

The challenge and battle those who hold this belief and the Scientist community  who hold other views.

Safe in the ancient Days - their were humans who acquired the knowledge to manage such phenomena, powers dynamic/synergy - they were  not scientist. The knowledge they passed on to the next and future generation. This knowledge did not come from Earthlings, they came elsewhere.

To confirm this  -today one/you do not have to visit great and special libraries, research centers with special permissions - much of this is available on line - yet our world. {Example Sechelles Seychelles Mauritius, Reunion - you get these young University graduates, they think/believe they know everything about our planet/rather inventing them and the sorry state of thing - direction} Then we need more money for scientific research, more resource to mange them, create more information and more money to manage those information. The world gets Tax. This does not lend to an improve situation.

This morning there have been a couple of incidents and to what the Scientist and media attribute this.  Our planet/earth  speaks in other languages - those who strive to understand it.


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