My Son's Mother have decided to throw away all of our Family and Private Videos encompassing over 60 years

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My Son's Mother have decided to throw away all of our Family and Private Videos   encompassing over 60 years  Empty My Son's Mother have decided to throw away all of our Family and Private Videos encompassing over 60 years

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My Son's Mother have decided to throw away all of our Family and Private Videos   encompassing over 60 years


We/I have spent the best part of two weeks helping her with the Car Insurance - looking for the best rate - yesterday concluded a contract with a particular company sub company of Saga Folkestone - Kent.

There was/have been some abnormal " vibe/antisocial and health detriment issues" they came form those new Insurers - given that we have changes several by now experience/know - what they are up to. One big problem more and more people, village folks and particularly Female are /get stuck on this infernal antisocial - bullying, threatening  and racist "mechanism of satanic rage/rage, threatening the health of other, causing and invoking diseases and all kinds of ill and the NHS and the GP and the Nurses and the media what they say and then attribute these to and the police.  

We have been working and monitoring this phenomena from a high university and government workings for the past 25 years and addressed a very great deal on the subject.

She grab some black plastic bag and again the antisocial/rave and rage associated - late in the evening informed me that she had thrown away all the old family videos and some classic and sentimental. I/we can or what we want and the rest our son will be ask to flog/sell them.

Nation, Institutions, communities and people, families they archive and collect  things, be they car, painting, books, information, letter and the very long list for a very specific reason - in the case of society, Institutions, Families.  They serve a very important purpose in life and society over the ages - specially the ability to be able to document them and retain/maintain them in such a way they can be view and watched over the years.

These material serve as education, encouragement, self building, reminders, spiritual, cultural, academic, the list is very long.

As such since we have come to live in Kent 23 years ago almost  - great events in Europe, the communist world, the cold War, the Indian Ocean, the America and Africa - the purpose and reason to have and watch a or those Videos and the benefits we have had as individual, families and people which have benefited and prospered with/by them.

Just as you cut a Tree, destroy a car, painting, destroy or get rid of books , cloth  and furniture they have impacts on very many issues affecting our life, work, family belief, culture, values, positive and negative feelings.

Before image had such a powerful impact on the mid and life of individuals and society - one reverted to paintings, books, objects, furniture and collection.

Here we are talking not of nasty or depraved videos 90% are Family and classic collections.

We want to address the political impacts which make up our daily life - the media associated influences and the politicians - when in many instance you would have had a terrible time, fed-up or angry would take a video of your liking and watch it/them and the effects.  This over 23 years and more.  They influence and help/contribute to your life development - when you decode to thrown them away their/its impacts.

Come the issues of money/wealth - how many recall Families issues and children back 23 years ago - the average Families - even buying a videos mattered the money had to be use and spent wisely and for other things more important and when you did buy or rent a video at least from our side it was to be appreciated.  These form part of your character/personality building and view of life an society.

How many of you know very well and remember - the family fights, disagreements, raw and bust ups - you decided to take a video and watched them -  it,  how this have helped more than all the specialist and expensive Restaurants, big cars and big house and cloth the very longs list.

Some of these are associated with our childhood, Families, culture, heritage, travel and work. Notion of the  greater world and society we live in.

We want to address my/our extended Christian/SDA Families and relatives - they are utterly dishonest. How many time they have hit a very low point in their life, their wife or husband or children and they have reverted to watching a video of their choice and how they have helped and provided an answer and contributed to their life and overcome and difficulty and then because we are force - have to say it was the Lord and God's doing.  

What we are saying is not to be confused with spiritual videos and Christian topics. These are being thrown away too.

It is this same approach, dishonest among adults Christian/SDA which lend me to say - bluntly this - many of my life work and contribution where other write and hold lecture would have preferred to keep it unknown and quiet - private - over the past 5 years the issues we have had to address.  Had I been in  Europe not Britain the state of the SDA Church and their faith likewise in the USA and elsewhere - many will turn round and say have you gone made.

No - one day we may yet take some time and explain what have been going on - to be very brief, the political events in Europe, the former East Europe and other parts of the world affect everybody on this planet christian or not - those christian who are hooked on a given set of belief, refuse to look beyond the horizon and their own mind - they refuse to acknowledge the workings and existence of nature and its powers /try to understand it.

Friends we are not talking of perverts and nasty videos here - they are mostly classical topics, history, life of important individuals they have served as lesson and guidance in part and moment of our life.

I/we come back to my respective responsibilities what we /I have been writing and protesting - in instance these are Community related topics and materials, where other communities they save then and learn to treasure them - those in  and around our life who they must have items they treasure and save - we are not to do this if anything we are to have noting under  many given excuses.

Had I my own place - a place for our community and future generation they would have been stored and /to pass on to the next generation of Seychellois, Illois, Mauritian and inhabitants of the Indian ocean In Europe.  As this required money we again refer to these video - the many instance you /one have been lost for cash/money and not a cent in one pocket hoe taking hold of a video -appropriate have helped encourage and lend to finding a solution - when you or anybody decide to throw such material , information away. one do so after die thinking, deliberation and debate regarding the consequences, impacts and effects - what will  ensue and become and take place after wards - they we go screaming and bitching and yelling to God, the church and christian brother and sisters for help and prayers.

Most important depending what kind of video,  some have helped and contributed to saving our very life, in many situation and dangers, served as warning and lesson - when suddenly we fall ill and life begins to turn negative what we will say and conclude and tell our relatives and friends and work associates and neighbours. They have helped us to understand history, our environment workings, basic psychology, basic living principals and the such. Basic Police issues and who the greater world works and the society we live in.

When you keep them at Home or a place to save their serve a purpose and important objective -

We are addressing this issues here/in public because those who cuts us out, create exclusion, stop of from visiting our relatives , friends and acquaintance and create hate - daily oppression, harassment, threats and bullying - those who will descend upon us /my person and son afterwards knowing this country society and living - so that those of you who have children and have experience similar incidents and moments if you want come back and share/tell you view before it is to late.

This said - the world is getting darker, engulfed by darker and evil powers - those who will revert to bombarding us with the Satanic /demoniac rage, rave, antisocial -call this education, culture Britishness, holy Spirit at work as part of education , entertainment, again the very long list, turn our person in junkie, depraved, illiterates and idiots, imbeciles. .


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