New family fun park opens in Victoria

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New family fun park opens in Victoria Empty New family fun park opens in Victoria

Post  Sirop14 on Thu May 29, 2014 8:03 pm

A real paradise for children

Children in Seychelles now have a new and modern playground where they can come to play and enjoy themselves.

A real paradise for children but also for the whole family, the ‘Paradis des Enfants’ as it has been named, was officially opened yesterday evening, to coincide with International Children’s Day which falls on June 1.

The new fun park which is a gift offered to the children of Seychelles by the president of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahan at a cost of R45 million, replaces the old Children’s Playground on the other end of 5th June Avenue. The ancient playground had served the children of Seychelles for the last 35 years.

It was President James Michel who had the honour of unveiling the plaque to mark the official opening of the park, in the company of the chairperson of the Department of Presidential Affairs of the UAE Dr. Mubarak Mohammed Saad Al Ahbabi.

Also present were former President James Mancham, Vice-President Danny Faure, Speaker of the National Assembly Dr Patrick Herminie, ministers, judges, leader of the opposition in the National Assembly David Pierre, members of the diplomatic corps, other members of the National Assembly and various children and parents.

On behalf of Sheikh Khalifa, Dr Saad Habibi symbolically handed over the park, which includes indoor as well as outdoor games, shops, eating and playing areas, to the people of Seychelles.

He said that the new facilities will not only represent an outstanding landmark in the city of Victoria, but will remain a symbol of the excellent cooperation which exists between the two countries.

On her part, the Minister for Education and chairperson of the National Council for Children (NCC) Macsuzy Mondon, described the ‘Paradis des Enfants’ as a land of magic and a wonderful and very special gift to our children which are our most valuable assets, born out of an exceptional relationship between the heads of state of the UAE and Seychelles.

She quoted President Michel from his first National Day address as President of Seychelles and from his message for Children’s Day 2011:

“Our children are the future of Seychelles and it is to them that I dedicate my service to the people of Seychelles and to the unity of our country […] Let us give to our children time for recreation and to develop their creativity. Children entertain themselves through play, they make new discoveries, develop their personality and they can also start to learn new values, such as respect for others.”

Minister Mondon also reminded that the Convention on the Rights of the Child gives prominence to the child’s right to play and to leisure activities, that the government of Seychelles has been proactive in meeting the standards of the Convention, and that children are given high priority on our national agenda.

She thanked President Michel and Sheikh Khalifa for the park on behalf of the parents and children of Seychelles, and called on the latter to make good use of the facilities.

“Together with your parents and siblings, explore, touch, experience, feel and revel in the many and varied delights of this amazing fun park. Enjoy it, take care of it, use it with love and respect and become its guardian so that we can all contribute to preserving it for future generations,” she said.

The opening ceremony also featured entertainment by children who also included the Angels’ Choir, and known artists such as vocalist Michelle Marengo, poet Ras Pyek. As a sign of gratitude, children also offered gifts to President Michel and Sheikh Khalifa.

After the park had been blessed and dedicated to God by religious leaders representing the Christian and Muslim faiths, the invitees and generally public had the opportunity to discover the facilities and of course, the children started to play.

The park which is designed to accommodate 1000 persons at any one time will open from 10am to 8pm daily.

The accompanying photographs, taken by our photographer Louis Toussaint, show the ambiance at the fun park during the official opening ceremony yesterday.

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New family fun park opens in Victoria Empty There is a Creole saying - "Laisse couyon dormi" or "let sleeping dog/s lie" - Paradie des Enfant Sechelles - Seychelles.

Post  Sirop14 on Fri May 30, 2014 10:32 am

There is a Creole saying - "Laisse couyon dormi" or "let sleeping dog/s lie" - Paradie des Enfant Sechelles - Seychelles.

Beside the fact that we have grand children and extended families with grand children and children - what may be fore Seychelles Children really paradise and really fun and great - compared to what we had as children and our respective generation - our thoughts we elsewhere.
We were thinking of the pedagogic, therapeutic and educational impact of this new Park our our children, the tourist/visitors, the expat community in that Sechelles Seychelles whatever their colour as long as they are expat -  children.

The positive synergy - this/it will develop in the process and the impact on these children, their parents, society and communities. Their intellectual curiosity, development and embellishment. In serious educational scientific functioning - those involve the emphasis be they children, infants, young adults, later workings adults and senior the stress and emphasis, the need to develop the right balance between playing activities and workings, productivity and positivist - the mind, the body and healthy individual.

This said -the issues which had been preoccupying our mind - the threats of/from President JA Michel to take over my ancestral Family property by force as they did at Montagne Posee - know as dans Gaza, the involvement of those Arabs and the Heads of Qatar.

President JA Michel is the Principal of University of Seychelles  and the Head of Qatar - family the many Universities, Institutions and higher education in his country and the region - as such Western education system, values and society - knowledge.  When you get personalities and individual supposedly with such high understanding of educational values and intelligence as in knowledge - then we become concern and loose our cool.

Had we had a One Party system - Communist era, Sechelles Seychelles and those children would never in their life time seen and experience such children Park - the way and manner politic and demagogue, education, indoctrination, propaganda works, brain washing and programming - their Socialist values.

These children parents must know this - they were educated, program, indoctrinated and drilled in the One Party system and communist- socialist Values. It would have been valuable to do a sample study on the parents those who live and worked in the One Party State era their view and feelings - response.

Right across the world - we are all very aware the explosion in the children mind in term of synergy, buzz and that infernal rave/rage/vibe which human have propagated and the media and now the animal/bird and reptile  world. The world was not like this 25 years ago.  We have explained time and time again - the decision in the face of changing economic, political and society order - a new human communication science/discipline was developed in 1986/87 how those who wanted control decided to demonized and satanize and criminalized it and the outcome - the impact on conception of infants, babies, embryo and later as infant and their growing up. The blasted mess we have in the world today.

That is not the issues - the issue just as in the Arab world, the respective restrictions right across the nation, belief, society and institutions. The need to to understand , everybody, the Policing authorities of Seychelles, the Education, the Sport sector, the Church Institutions, those involved in educating and protecting children - what have led/contributed to this project. In the bees, ants and many creatures, sea creatures - they study, evaluate and watch, check out those issues - including pigs, cows, sheep and hens even/knowing they are going to lend in the butcher house. What took place to bring about the change of One Party system in  that Seychelles and the Region, Africa, Asia and the greater world. How children across the world think, play, learn and live react - their adults.

We have time and time again  endeavored to stress and many of our fellow country man/male and female driven home we are not alien, we are not some recent human invention - we have source/origin and our ancestors who build that Sechelles Seychelles and the Indian Ocean - in turn their European heritage and connections. Their Science and education science - in as much many of those equipments are build in china or India, they were originally invented by Europeans, not Arabs or African or Asian.  In the great intellectual debacle - those who care to spend extra time discussing such complex intellectual and thinking process. Just as grape vine and other fruit trees as /which we take for granted grows everywhere today and sold in all the supermarkets - their origins and their impacts on our mind and human functioning - sub consciousness. The many hybrid and cross breeds of fruits and edible plants or root crops.

This morning - forget the fact that we as exile/refugee live and reside in Europe , the vast functioning of Europe in term of Fun Park and the such - those Arab Heads from Qatar who hold the view - the children of Seychelles are some experiment, some animal  in  cages and ought to react as such when given a new toy or play space and say "Hewala - Praise" their en-slavers , slave drivers and masters/exploiters.

As the children of Sechelles Seychelles, the expat community children, visitors take to that  Park - need to look back, the process to change that Sechelles Seychelles, the underground movement, the Opposition and the exile/refugee very important role - that Park equipements, concept did not originate form Seychelles, those who have an idea and wish - the ideas, equipments, management, servicing and many studies relating to education, consumer, sport, work, political and medical impacts long done by others.  Had our nation not experience the era of One Party system - Communist and extreme socialist values, that other Sechelles Seychelles  and its Old values. In those days East Africa, South Africa, Australia Children Park we are talking 1960's.

As these children become acquainted with their new toys and play space - they will all one day grow up and what they will become - the competitiveness of the world, their environment and society, aggressiveness, brutality and criminality, abuses, exploitation.

Over the past 25 years in Britain, Europe and elsewhere including the Arab world - the political issues we have worked and been responsible which have driven, synergized, inspired man, group of then to develop and put into place better, more modern, larger crowd attracting Parks, Rides and amusement Centers. Their impact on Economy.  When you or anybody work such issues you just do not ignore them - you may not yell and brag about them, their are place and due mode to register, manage and communicate their issues. Those Arabs - with their Petro Dollar think they have invented a new world order - they are very very wrong even if their wealth/influence quadruple.

We have stated we are not given to bragging and yelling - it is not necessary. In 1985 the French Economy, the President F Mitterrand, Jacques Chirac, the many high officials and the Europe situation - economic and the world, then France archaic, fraternal, Templar and masonic workings.  Having said /written how we contributed and helped British economic recovery with the like of Professor von Hayak and Professor M Hofmann and many others.  President Mitterrand was very aware of our abilities to help concept, drive large economic and financial projects and bring them to reality and manage them after their completion.

The idea of a Disney park in Europe - France importantly and the issues of then Fast Food, Macdo and the rest debacle.  We ask the police across Europe and USA get a Team together and you Mister super Arab with all you tons of Cash - research - that Project had been dormant, there was not the synergy/dynamic to drive/driving the issues.

Having written of linkage and again - those super Rich Arabs who did not have those Universities in their respective countries in 1987 - they were being educated in Europe and the USA and now they hold the view they had always had those Universities and knowledge.  They were going back in their country and implementing ideas program and pumped into them by European Universities and Intelligence/society and Institutions.

Among one of the powerful assets of that SIROP program - we had studied and decided to use some of the Communist - one Party State economic working mechanism - the linkage mechanism equally used and apply in capitalist economy. What it entailed a given project/program is linked to another irrespective of the country, with the due high management mechanism in place to drive them/it. Then depending the number of sub project and program - their receptive linkage.  The you have situation where by for discipline functionality - projects/program which are more friendly to a given nation or Powers become more/easier to work as a conflicting country and nation. The need to develop the due high management discipline and mechanism.

With that SIROP  program - we had linked a large number of international and multinational program, - projects, their conception and inception source - hence lady Thatcher and those in Europe the talk and coinage of the global village and the small world. Among one of the project and program was the Euro Disney Project, we will not give more detail because those who will judge is insider knowledge and abuse of Power and in France the Law, you are not even allowed to buy shares and trade upon the knowledge - many of the personalities involved are alive, many of President F Mitterrand are still alive, - the garbage the media wrote, the TV and those who had to work, drive the economic, big finance and police to make it reality and what they write as history - had we not concepted that SIROP program - that Euro Disney Park may not have been build or may be several years down the road. This in France how had attributed credit to that SIROP program and Europe - suddenly everybody gone mad/banana.

This is a science - those who study and apply such scientific working are high government, corporate and academic and military level.
Our children and parents will never be told this and those Qatar Arabs and the Muslim community in Seychelles and the Region and their Marketing and People never told. Our European ancestral workings have discipline, science which can prove and disprove - just as you take a grave cutting go and plat them anywhere and those who study this process and the correlation.  The challenge and problematic of today highly corrupted workings and benchmarks - those who enjoy and abuse the corrupted media workings to make their profit, cash in and apply their criminal benchmarks. How they steal others work and achievements and then what ensues and take place.

The biggest malaise and problem is from the British side - their respective benchmark in this respect - for instance we addressed how we worked with Austrian leading consultants to develop the project to save the Sahara and the massive underground water project and irrigation - when we landed in London those who judge and deemed this was a mega Terrorist Project and as such my person was treated.

Should we write our bitter and horrible experience regarding that Euro Disney project in London - yet their construction company and many who went to take up franchise their - this is the terrible attitude of the British nation - every where they have been and operating today.

Then their media lie, then they use military issues to bully and terrorize others in submission  and a great deal worse thing more. Then they take the credit and program the mind of those idiots and lack the capacity to research they concepted and help put onto place such project and so the vicious circle grow and expands.

This and the above said - the highly sensitive mind of children, for the good reason under Communist and socialist education/propaganda they rigidly control children mind.  These children will get to learn in the playing process many of the highly important issues we have been linked and contributed to the Arab world development, Indian, China and Asia.  There are two side to this coin. What these children will become in 10/15 years time when they start to work and vote. The kind of nation, politic and society they would want to have and embrace.

Regarding aspects of "Laisse couyon dormi" or "let sleeping dog/s lie" - Paradie des Enfant dictum - We have worked in high interdisciplinary military issues of the past 30 years with highly complicated global issues as such the need to respect such workings. At the time of the Disney World Europe debacle - we cannot stress enough the importance - of the USA decision to remove President FA Rene by force commitment/resolve - including his whole Cabinet and this includes then Minister JA Michel - why we intervened - what it took and imply, you the Seychellois nation, - the bitter price we had to pay for this. The pair just laugh their Head of silly and rubs their hands. We can and will stand in any half civilized Court and attest to this. President F Mitterrand knew about it, some of his high officials and so to the Grand L'Orient de France and the other Masonic Lodge in Paris, Rome and London.

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France and the Americas: Culture, Politics, and History :

François Mitterrand et Georges Bush à Eurodisney


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