Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa to open High Commission in Seychelles this week

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Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa to open High Commission in Seychelles this week

Post  Sirop14 on Thu Jun 26, 2014 12:56 pm

We read at Le Seychellois Hebdo that the President of Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa is spending three days in Sechelles Seychelles - does this mean he will be yet again attending the Independence Celebration - beside the nomination of their permanent HC Residence.
Diplomacy has limitation and those like Sir James who accuse our person of lacking the finesse of Diplomacy.

How many Sri Lanka nationals do we have in Seychelles - he/his country emptied Sri Lanka of hundreds of thousands of his Oppositions and killed then in the Partition war.

My person can and wish to ask both him and President JA Michel is he/both of them after that "Ring or the young Prince George" after that awful and lopsided trial of the Hacking issues in London have every rights to ask those highly dishonest politicians this question - then they con and crap the international community about their good intentions and best benchmarks. Behind that Ring and the person of Prince George there is more.

If/should it be the topic we have in mind and the Father of the young Prince to be very clear HRH Prince William and his entourage will know immediately what we are referring to then, they had better both go back to school or get re - educated. Because what they are after have mechanism which King Juan Carlos was unable to manage adequately, some of the greatest Illuminati of Europe, the USA, Russia - it caused and brought President FA Rene to end his President ship - have they, everybody forgotten. It was the cause of that mega earthquake of 2004/5 and Tsunami

They can and will endeavor to steal, fleece, hijack, plunder and defraud its owners and our respective High Heritage and Sechelles Seychelles community - they will never control it as very many have done/try to and the end results/outcome.

Another great example is the so call "North African Spring" - the many great Heads of state who knew/were aware and worked with the issues we have in mind. Some of then are still alive even if they have been deposed - there are ways and means of communicating with them. Even if they were Muslim States/Nations.

{"This is not off topic what we addressed about the trial and sentencing of President Saddam Hussein and the execution of the judge who sentenced him - what the whole issues was all about."}

Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa to open High Commission in Seychelles this week

New hospital for Victoria and health centre for Anse Aux

Heraldry » Societies & Groups

One read of the media association in that Sechelles Seychelles - In many of the world great/important workings, its/their respective benchmark - the issues that get address are limited and in instance minimal depending of the sphere of the subject/issues - we are addressing these issues because of President JA Michel madness - he is abusing the fact that this practice exist and those who abuse it/them he is one of those individual who abuse of this benchmark and discipline. For instance the important issues of the Library Project in France then President F Mitterrand we worked with/on and then of Britain/PM Blair and in Seychelles FA Rene - it would do well /good form President JA Michel to take his friend the Sri Lanka President in one of the great Library and study/busy their good person. In life we all experience our "coup de foudre/foubre" the need to come back to our self.

We are not to comfortable to link the issues here - however, Lady Thatcher gave our person a "real carpeting" then Professor F von Hayek who advised her and my/our decision to add other higher Interdisciplinary/multidisciplinary to IOIMF - Indian Ocean Interdisciplinary Management Foundation, including then President F Mitterrand, those in Italy, Pope John Paul ll, then President R Reagan, those in Germany and Austria - the view we had been given the core high working of Interdisciplinary/multidisciplinary Management from the Central Europe and USA workings as such to represent, promote and work it in the Indian Ocean and however we held the view if we had to work and function in the Indian Ocean, Africa and Region the need to study, understand and eventually cross pollinate/breed the/their respective high discipline, science and knowledge including their archaic discipline/science. That IOIMF was put in pace long before SIROP, in 1979 Vienna/Austria and had been severely tested. When we say we worked with President FA Rene and Mr Guy Morel and Mr Giovanni Ricci and others - including Mauritius - it required we had a good and excellent understanding of their Higher discipline in term of Interdisciplinary/multidisciplinary management. From this position we have been able to contribute and when requested impute to important issues of the Region, form East Asia, Indian, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, the Gulf Region and Africa { What we cannot address in public about Sri Lanka - the President need to note and his Officials}


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Seychelles and Sri Lanka committed to further strengthen relations

Post  Sirop14 on Sun Jun 29, 2014 1:26 pm

Seychelles and Sri Lanka committed to further strengthen relations

Sat, 28 June 2014

13 3 4
Seychelles President James Michel met with Sri Lanka President Mahinda Rajapaksa and his delegation at State House this morning.

The two Presidents joined their delegations for part of a bilateral meeting, together with Vice-President Danny Faure, the Seychelles cabinet of ministers and a member of the National Assembly. President Rajapaksa was accompanied by his Minister for External Affairs, Professor G. L. Peiris, the Minister or Higher Education, Honourable S.B. Dissanayake, Monitoring Member of Parliament of the Ministry of External Affairs, Honourable Sajin de Vass Gunawardena, High Commissioner-designate of Sri Lanka in Seychelles, Mr. Rajitha Piyatissa, High Commissioner of Sri Lanka in Malaysia, His Excellency I. Ansar and others.

The two leaders then met together to discuss state affairs in a tête-à-tête meeting.

During the bilateral meeting, President Michel reaffirmed Seychelles’ commitment to further strengthen the relations between Seychelles and Sri Lanka, one defined by mutual respect and founded on shared values and aspirations.

“On behalf of the government and the people of Seychelles, I extend a very warm welcome to you. It is an honour and great pleasure having you here with us once again. Since your last visit, so much has happened between Seychelles and Sri Lanka and it shows how close our relations are. I hope that your visit will create the framework for us to be able to move further our relations. The partnership that we have forged shows the rest of the world that we can achieve the south-south cooperation. Sri Lanka has a lot to offer and we can also share our experiences. Min Hin airlines has been a catalyst of this cooperation and we hope that it continues doing well and rest assure that we will do our utmost so that cooperation flourish between our two countries,” said President Michel during his introductory remarks.

On his part, President Rajapaksa said that he is happy to be here in Seychelles once again and agreed that a lot has happened since their last encounter. He expressed Sri Lanka’ interest in developing the Blue Economy concept as well as their participation in the Small Island Developing States (SIDS) Forum to be held in Samoa September 2014.

“We are bonded by historical ties and friendship. As island nations we share and value this relation. Our partnership has been strengthened by establishing different cooperation programmes. Thank you your Excellency for the kind gesture in allowing for the opening of the Sri Lanka High Commission here in Seychelles. We have been able to identified several areas of cooperation, some of which has already be acted on and places opening today such as the Bank of Ceylon, the High Commission, medical centre among others, which are expected to enhance our bilateral cooperation. I have no doubt that the openings taking place and this bilateral meeting will strengthen further our relations,” said President Rajapaksa.

Following their meetings, the two leaders witnessed the signing of six cooperation agreements between the Government of Seychelles and the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. Thereafter, President Michel hosted a luncheon in honour of President Rajapaksa.

“We also greatly value your friendship in our joint efforts and action to mobilize the international community to address more effectively the needs and vulnerabilities of islands, to promote cooperation on environmental issues such as climate change and oceanic development and the implementation of the blue economy concept,” said President Michel in a toast in honour of President Rajapaksa.

President Rajapaksa highlighted the history of bilateral cooperation between Seychelles and Sri Lanka during his toast address. He said that he is satisfied that more agreements have been signed between the two countries today and that his country will do its best to take actions on those signings.

“As island nations in the Indian Ocean, we share many commonalities in values and cultural traditions. Our people to people interactions continue to further enhance these connections… I have no doubt that this unique relationship will be further strengthened in the future for the mutual benefit of two countries and peoples,” said President Rajapksa.

In the afternoon, President Michel and President Rajapaksa attended the ceremonial openings of the High Commission of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, the Bank of Ceylon branch, and the Sri Lanka Insurance branch.


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Sri Lankan President arrives on official visit

Post  Sirop14 on Sun Jun 29, 2014 1:29 pm

The President of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, Mahinda Rajapaksa, arrived in Seychelles yesterday afternoon for a three-day official visit.

President Rajapaksa, accompanied by his wife, First Lady Shiranthi Wickramasinghe Rajapaksa, was welcome on his descent from the plane by President James Michel, Vice-President Danny Faure, Designated Minister Vincent Meriton and newly accredited Sri Lankan high commissioner to Seychelles, Rajatha Piyatissa.

President Rajapaksa and First Lady Shiranthi Wickramasinghe Rajapaksa received flowers from four beautifully dressed school girls – daughters of Sri Lankan citizens working here – Amrita Janro, Sukey Pattiniwasam, Dinuli Gamage and Kavish Goonatilake.

Ambassador Calixte D’Offay, diplomatic advisor in the Office of the President; Ambassador Maurice Loustau-Lalanne, principal secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Erna Athanasius, ambassador for Women and Children’s Affairs; Errol Fonseka, honorary consul of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka in Seychelles were also present at the airport to welcome President Rajapaksa and his delegation.

Accompanying President Rajapaksa is a strong delegation including Professor G. L. Peiris, Minister for External Affairs and Deputy Minister of Plantation and Industries Earl Gunasekara.

After inspecting a guard of honour, President Michel and his delegation accompanied President Rajapaksa and First Lady Shiranthi Wickramasinghe Rajapaksa to their cars.

Today as part of his programme, President Rajapaksa and President Michel will hold bilateral talks and also meet in a tête-à-tête at State House before proceeding to the Capital City building on Independence Avenue in the afternoon to officially open the Sri Lankan high commission, the Bank of Ceylon branch and Sri Lanka Insurance branch here.

Later in the afternoon, President Rajapaksa will officially open the Nawaloka Medical Centre situated on the 4th floor of the Le Chantier Mall and the Mihin Lanka office on the ground floor of the Ebrahim building on Francis Rachel Street.

An official programme has also been prepared for First Lady Wickramasinghe Rajapaksa and it includes a visit to the Seychelles Hospital, President’s Village orphanage at Port Glaud and a visit and tree planting at the Botanical Gardens.

President Rajapaksa and his delegation are expected to leave Seychelles on tomorrow afternoon.


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First group of maritime students leave for Colombo training

Post  Sirop14 on Sun Jun 29, 2014 1:31 pm

First group of maritime students leave for Colombo training


A first cohort of 18 students from the Seychelles Maritime Training Centre (MTC) leave Seychelles today to undergo training in Colombo.

They were presented with their certificates and airline tickets by the chief executive of the Seychelles Petroleum Company Limited (Sepec), Conrad Benoiton, during a ceremony at the company’s training room yesterday.

The ceremony was held in the presence of parents of the students, high Sepec officials, MTC director Captain Bandara, a professor provided by Colombo International and Engineering College (Cinec) in the field of cooperation between Sri Lanka and Seychelles.

It follows President James Michel’s official visit to Sri Lanka in 2012, when he also visited the Cinec maritime campus and had discussions with the board of directors and top management with regard to the provision of maritime studies for Seychellois students.

The students will be following a pre sea training course for engine rating for three months at the Cinec, a prestigious maritime college which has won World Class Global Performance Excellence Award in 2012 among many other reputable awards.

The students will have a feel of how it is to work on a tanker after their course. Their training will feature nautical knowledge; theory and practice of seamanship; safety; prevention of environmental and marine pollution to name a few.

In a short speech Mr Benoiton told the students what is expected of them during their time in Colombo and advised them to turn that opportunity into specific skill areas they want to perfect in.
He acknowledged Cinec for managing MTC and for continuing the programme in Colombo.

He told them this three-month pre sea course will give them very wide exposure of various activities that take place on a tanker so that they will have a universal basis of understanding of what goes on, why such things are done and how much they can contribute from the exposure and training that they will receive during the three-month period.
“Be ready for the challenge – take it!” Mr Benoiton advised the students.

Sabrina Marguerite and Daniel Lewis, two students among the group, expressed their appreciation and pride for forming part of the first group of MTC students to get the opportunity to attend such a course overseas.

Sabrina would like to see more girls taking up the course. As for Daniel he has always wanted a career in navigation and he is ready to prove himself now that Sepec and Cinec have offered him that opportunity to move forward towards his dream career. He intends to be a deck cadet afterwards.


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President Declares Open Sri Lankan High Commission in Seychelles

Post  Sirop14 on Sun Jun 29, 2014 1:35 pm

President Mahinda Rajapaksa, on a state visit to Seychelles, declared open the Sri Lankan High Commission in Seychelles yesterday (June 28) afternoon. The High Commission is located at the Capital City Building in Independence Avenue, Victoria.

Sri Lanka and Seychelles established formal diplomatic relations in 1988. The first resident mission office that was opened today was set up in December 2013. Rajatha Piyatissa has been appointed Sri Lanka’s first High Commissioner in Seychelles. Marking the official opening of the Mission, President Rajapaksa unveiled the plaque and lighted the traditional oil lamp.

Seychelles President James Michel, Vice President Danny Faure, Minister for Community Development, Social Affairs and Sports of Seychelles Vincent Meriton and the Leader of the Opposition Wavel Ramkalawan participated in the ceremony. The two Presidents signed the visitor’s book.

Minister of External Affairs Prof. G. L. Peiris, addressing the gathering, said establishing and renewing relations with African nations including Seychelles has been included as a primary component in the Mahinda Chinthana Forward Vision. While thanking the Seychelles leader for donating a valuable plot of land from the capital for a permanent office, Prof. Peiris said President Rajapaksa has decided to allocate a suitable land from the capital to open the Seychelles High Commission in Sri Lanka.

Opening of the High Commission is a landmark in the bilateral relations between the two countries, Meriton said. Enhancing bilateral relations between our two countries will not only be beneficial to the peoples of the two countries but also for global peace and prosperity. He requested Sri Lanka’s assistance for Seychelles for a non-permanent membership at the U.N. Security Council. Seychelles will be a gateway for Sri Lanka to enter the African region, and Sri Lanka will be a gateway for Seychelles to enter Asia, he said.

Minister of Higher Education S.B. Dissanayake, Monitoring MP of the Ministry of External Affairs Sajin de Vass Gunawardena, Members of Parliament A.H.M. Azwar, Lohan Ratwatta, Udith Lokubandara, Ranjith de Zoysa and Thenuka Vidanagamag, Secretary to the President Lalith Weeratunga and Sri Lanka’s High Commissioner in Seychelles Rajatha Piyatissa were also present.


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Seychelles plans to open High Commission in Sri Lanka this year as Sri Lanka opens its own in Victoria

Post  Sirop14 on Sun Jun 29, 2014 1:37 pm

Seychelles plans to open High Commission in Sri Lanka this year as Sri Lanka opens its own in Victoria

(Seychelles News Agency) - Seychelles has announced it plans to open a diplomatic mission in Sri Lanka later this year. This follows the visit of Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa, who leaves Seychelles later today at the end of a three day official visit.
He leaves behind a permanent diplomatic presence with the opening yesterday afternoon of the first Sri Lankan High Commission in the Indian Ocean archipelago.
The Sri-Lankan head of state opened the High Commission office in the Capital City building in the Seychelles capital of Victoria in the presence of Seychelles President James Michel, Vice President Danny Faure and officials of the two countries.
Rajatha Piyatissa who recently presented his credentials to Michel as the new resident High Commissioner to the archipelago will be in charge of his country’s diplomatic mission.
Sri-Lankan Minister for External Relations, Gamini Lakshman Peiris, said the decision for his country to open a High Commission here follows the visit of President Michel to Sri-Lanka in 2012 which has resulted into strengthened ties between the two countries.

- See more at:

Sri Lanka and Seychelles Agree to Strengthen Relations


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Victoria and Colombo sign twinning accord

Post  Sirop14 on Thu Jul 17, 2014 10:07 am

Victoria and Colombo (Sri Lanka) have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on friendly exchanges and cooperation.

The document was signed on Wednesday at the Colombo Town Hall by the Mayor of Victoria Jacqueline Moustache-Belle and the Mayor of Colombo A. J.M Muzammil.
It is the first time that Victoria signs a twinning agreement with Sri Lanka.

Victoria, for the district of Bel Ombre, has entered into this MoU with the aim of strengthening bilateral ties between the two cities and, in particular, to enhance mutual understanding and friendship between the peoples of Victoria for the district of Bel Ombre and the city of Colombo thereby expanding friendly contacts between them and promoting cooperation in various fields for the common prosperity of Victoria, Bel Ombre and Colombo.

Mrs Moustache-Belle is being accompanied by the member of the National Assembly for Bel Ombre Galen Bresson and district administrator Pharisianne Lucas, who were both present at the signing.

In a speech for the occasion, the Mayor of Victoria thanked the Mayor of Colombo for having accepted to enter into this twinning programme so that both countries can activate their friendship at this angle of cooperation, where she said it is within the community that you actually reach the people and make a difference.

“Twinning is an activity where citizens from all walks of life have the opportunity to participate. Through the signing of this agreement, we are opening doors to our peoples, to bring them closer together, to better understand the culture and habits and this can be done through the exchanges that can be created through the twinning,” said Mrs Moustache-Belle, adding that both Seychelles and Sri Lanka share similar historical heritages which give both countries a lot in common.

The Mayor of Victoria went on to say that both Seychelles and Sri Lanka belong to the Commonwealth, where it is a common platform to enjoy and harness the potential for stronger cooperation and exchanges.

Seychelles and Sri Lanka are also small islands developing states (Sids) and through our historical ties and present affiliation, the two countries share a lot in common.

She said both governments have already established exchanges and training in various fields like health, renewable energy, aviation, legal affairs to name some.

Referring to previous MoUs signed at national level between the two governments, Mrs Moustache-Belle said at the level of the Mayor’s office and at the level of community, she was proud that both countries are now making history by signing of the first twinning agreement between Sri Lanka and Seychelles.

“We need to strengthen and exploit the harmonious cooperation in all ways possible for the benefit of our two cities. This can be done mainly in the field of tourism. Bel Ombre will be able to learn and benefit from the small tourism establishments that Colombo has and likewise Colombo can tap into the knowledge of Bel Ombre,” she said.

Both the Mayor of Victoria and the Bel Ombre MNA also held meetings with stakeholders in the fisheries and tourism sectors of Sri Lanka.

Speaking on the tourism sector, Mrs Moustache-Belle said Seychelles has been very successful in the development of its tourism industry and that most of our small establishments are owned and operated by Seychellois.

“I am certain through the twinning there will be a lot of worthwhile exchanges that could take place. We proudly boast a sustainable tourism industry alongside the protection of the virginal beauty of our well sought after environment,” she said.

In the fisheries sector, Colombo is very advanced. Bel Ombre is a district with the most substantial community of fishermen in Seychelles and the Mayor of Victoria also seized that opportunity to inform her Sri Lankan counterpart on this very important sector of the Seychelles’ economy.

“It is therefore of great importance that exchanges take place, it can be both for the technical knowledge as well as the traditional practice. I am confident that both parties will have rich knowledge to exchange and exploit,” she said.


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Seychelles and Sri Lanka to boost ties in education

Post  Sirop14 on Thu Jul 17, 2014 10:09 am

Seychelles and Sri Lanka to boost ties in education

Seychelles and Sri Lanka are set to develop deeper ties in the education sector. This follows a five-day working visit to the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka by the Minister for Education Macsuzy Mondon, who returned to Seychelles on Sunday.

This year’s national theme being ‘The International Year of Small Island Developing States -Seychelles a Determined Island Nation’, the minister’s visit to Sri Lanka sought to explore further avenues of cooperation in the education sector between the two island states.

During her visit, Minister Mondon held discussions with the Sri Lankan Minister for Education, Bandula Gunawardhana and the Sri Lankan Minister for Higher Education S.B. Dissanayake.

Both ministerial meetings were an opportunity for Minister Mondon to follow up on aspects of existing education cooperation agreements between Seychelles and Sri Lanka while also discussing prospective new areas of exchange between the two countries.

With the ministry’s increased focus towards ‘Quality Education for All’, during her visit to Sri Lanka Minister Mondon also visited various key educational institutions of interest, namely the Mattakkuliya Institute of Advanced Technology, the University of Vocational Technology as well as a teacher training institution, the Pasdunrata College of Education.

Vocational Technical, Information, Communications and Technology and Teacher education being priority areas the Ministry of Education in Seychelles wishes to further develop, the visit to the various institutions provided the minister first hand insight in areas for further collaboration.

The Sri Lankan Minister for Education also invited Minister Mondon to visit the Mahinda Rajapaksa College, a newly built modern secondary school in Sri Lanka named after that country’s president, Mahinda Rajapaksa. It is considered as one of the most prestigious schools on the island.


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Hon Dr Harsha de Silva

Post  Sirop14 on Wed Jul 23, 2014 11:36 am

Dear Hon Dr Harsha de Silva,

Good Morning trust the weather is very nice in Sri Lanka

Have been reading the issues addressed by Mr Christopher Gill on SFP Blog space - was a good friend of his father in our/my youth.

In the first place the historic twining of Colombo and Victoria/former L'establisement due Roi its name in colonial France.

As children grew up with the Fonseka family and had a very close friend he serve in the Special Marine - after the return of Multi party was given the directive to do away with my person/have me killed. I protested and alerted the international community. Former President Sir James Mancham was implicated.

Have read briefly you academic finish - hence can address this issues - in 1979, the Seychelles exile in Britain, France, Canada, South Africa, Australia and USA - government in exile, political factions efforts to change the government by Force, decided to address World Bank/UN/UNIDO officials about the situation - then Cold War. We/I had addressed my/our concern with other High Official of this world Institutions.

They rebuked us/my person - they had been aware of certain very important Colonial upbringing and connections from East Africa, the way politic was being done then and South Africa. The UN is not there to change government or help get rid of them - specially the World Bank/UNIDO - however should you have a great or outstanding economic vision or idea we will help and assist you to implement and achieve these goals.

I had been working by SGS/Control Co Vienna and had been made a Fellow of Prof Dr Michael Hofmann - Interdisciplinary Management Institute Vienna. Was also doing Market research for SGS Service Head Office Geneva by UNIDO - also promoting Financial Products stocks and Shares/Investments.

It is not pleasant to be rebuff by Senior UN/UNIDO/World Bank officials - I/we did not share what we knew of the UNIDO/World bank workings internal and external - had contacts to USA, South African, Israel, French and special Austrian involved in Intelligence, beside those British based in Vienna - their cover. The way information is shared/handled.

To help you understand the situation need to go back Indian Ocean Cold War 1970's.

With the help/support of some high Officials was given access to special UN/UNIDO/World Bank data, project and policies. in those day such information was platinum or diamond - today they are trash garbage in quality and contents - availability.

I/we raised a terrible question - what about the UNIDO/World Bank/IMF setting up the equivalent of the CARICOM - if we could put such a platform in place it would compel the ruthless military and ruthless dictators to conform - comport to move not democratic but values even wit their very extreme Communist, Marxist and Socialist ideology - with countries like Mauritius, Reunion, Sri Lanka, Regional Indian ocean Economic, and business Communities, Europe and rest of the world - we are talking of then USSR, the COMECON, then Warsaw Pact, the OAU with heavy military implication, the Gulf region, North Africa, Asia, India and Pakistan. They retorted back - never in our lifetime it the USA, Britain, France, USSR, South Africa, Australia do not allow/agree to it.

I had been working for a leading Austrian East Europe Consultant Group/State owned - Austro Plan they handled some of the most complex Project/Finance and Trade issues between then Neutral Austria and the Communist/Soviet Block. Seychelles very powerful partner and friends. They undertook their Intelligence work and many other issues. I had acquired sufficient knowledge and insight beside the Indian Ocean Region/Africa.

With the help/important support of the Brother in Law of then Madagascar President, French, South African, Austrian, Academicians and Kenya - decided to put together a Project title Indian ocean Industrial Investment and Promotion Center - I/we discussed with a number of high government Austrian Officials - given the manner people worked in Vienna, the USA, South African and Israeli and French. It would not be quite like the CARICOM but would have many of the requirements, collective and platform, greater economic and Financial, political working of the region, Europe and the world. It took me six month - put a first draft together and asked those to read and provide their views. Did a second draft and final Publication. I/we circulated copy to the UNIDO, the World Bank/IMF, several Office of the Austrian government - their East Africa Desk. Leading Banks, Special department Vienna University for High Management, Seychelles Consulate, USA, Israeli, South African - Intelligence and Embassy. had a couple of distinguish media friend Cercle diplomatic de Vienna. Most important copy to Seychelles government. They replied and acknowledge receipt - then Minister Dr Maxime Ferrari and Secretary Mr David Thomas. Beside those who had helped me at the UN/UNIDO/World Bank Vienna.

Something went wrong - as such a project concept would - beside the worry of the USSR, spies and agents and killers, including Chinese and others - not amusing. I quarried or had other quarried Seychelles government position because I had stated/insisted that this Project be based in Seychelles/Victoria - not Mauritius or Reunion or Madagascar. I had been briefed that UN/UNIDO/World Bank Officials who had read and studied the research had agreed to given me due training/placement in World Bank IMF New York it required the approval of Seychelles government. They dragged their feet - many knew the idea was very good/the South African and Israeli Intelligence and Officials specially, including the France and Austrian.

It was announce that a Mr Fayon had taken over the Portfolio under Minister Ferrari - he traveled to Vienna and we got to discussing the issues. showed him the letters and correspondence. He had know my friends, acquaintance and many other in Seychelles - hence promised when he returned he would look into the issues and reply - which he did. Three/four months later he died in a very strange way. Seychelles government had reply stating that their policy is to support/back such appointment/posting after one had served one yer in the government in Seychelles - it meant going back, I did not accept the idea/offer. I had family and son.

Beside consolation offers from UNIDO/world Bank to go to Africa - I realized what was afoot/taking place was informed - Seychelles High Officials, those of Mauritius and others had taken/hijacked, pirated the Idea and concept and repackaging it to set up the equivalent of the CARICOM namely the COI Commission of Indian ocean. I was very very angry and decided to loose everything and joined the London/Paris based government in Exile and change the government by force - the rest is history.

The South African, British, French, USSR, Cuban, OAU, Australia, India, Arabs Israeli - intelligence and officials, World Bank/UNIDO/IMF, South Africa Economic nations knew/were aware of development and the Austrian - the Italians because of our Illuminati workings then. I had been taken for a ride and stitched.

Four military attempts failed to work out - had to take political asylum in London/Britain - among some the important work began building extensive working connection with the TAMIL and Sri Lanka NGO, Refugee/Exile movements. Do you recollect the incident when Lady Thatcher government had the Tamils on a Prison ship and they took their trouser down and showed it to the public and politicians/media..

It was then I put together the idea of setting up a new Colony on BIOT using one of the Island, for the Refugee of Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Seychelles, Iraq and a few other place under a UN Mandate, having know the view of UN/UNIDO/IMF officials - the many of Lady Thatcher government officials, intelligence who got to know - how one communicate such issues and the British Illuminati. The Program required some £250 millions, setting up the very basics - she had trashed the details out. Mr Gerrard Hoareau and other had wanted we create a diversion by landing Mercenary on BIOT - I opposed this idea/view/argument.

The objective of this Message to prove how Seychelles government work and have been working the past 36 years. We are going to link the website SIROP and the blog linked beside the portal project. Given your academic interests, responsibilities and achievements and the direction Seychelles and Sri Lanka is going some time to study the issues and it would be nice if you gave us you views.

{ In 1997/8 had used a Sri Lanka - Harley Street - London Company Formation to set up two companies SIMCA Mondo Trading - Heraldic Merchandising and FB Mondo Finance then moved to another company based in Godalming - events and outcome - particularly the earthquake/Tsunami of 2004/5, the loss of some 250,00 lives and some $150/180 billion above Economic destruction - the utter brutal/highly ruthless corrupted workings and benchmarks and the outcome/cover-up, lies)

Yours Sincerely


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Re: Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa to open High Commission in Seychelles this week

Post  Sirop14 on Wed Jul 23, 2014 3:10 pm

Having addressed the issues above in public and this is just the tip of the iceberg as they say. Our Sri Lanka debacle. Beside we respectfully did not mention we belong to those who are trained in the discipline of "Painting the Eye of Budha" from an Interdisciplinary/multidisciplinary High Management prospective.

Now - the details of the concept we addressed dog out/mauled and trashed with then Lady Thatcher, the British Masonic entities and her officials - that was 1982/3 these debacles went on   about until late 1986

Among the core concept of a UN Colony/global community on BIOT - not to start a War but to build a different Regional Indian ocean, Asia, Gulf Africa dynamic African Union never dreamt and EU still is mess not knowing if the COMECON  would Fall and the USSR. only Central Europe.

The Idea of this International Community Nation/mind you we have had a lot of dealing with the Esperanto lot and my contribution to this project. As and when changes did come in the Indian ocean ex Communist that New nation of exile/refugee would have been the Flag ship of International workings a show case. lady Thatcher was provide with all these details and issues.

Why are we saying this President Obama think he was invite ot the white House for a Pick nick -

The Hon Kong issues have been one of the most bitter and contested big family private battle /corporate battle ground for ages and many generation - we contribute that the Author of Taipan wrote some of his best work.

The debacle of Lady Thatcher Hong Kong return to china was because she had failed to grasp what the equation of the International community on BIOT would have been all about short sighted. Given that those leading British Colonial guru and experts who had formulated  the Hong Kong Project of East Africa and drawn the line of East of Suez  and the Red line. We even battle who would build the first church on Diego Garcia - BIOT and the raw/issues. What about the Masonic Fraternity - that was bad the raw. Those form the Tamil who knew of the Issues - the cak for the financial Institutions, a whole load of other issues - Lady Thatcher almost blew up - check out with her Cabinet and Ministers them. The media went in circle. Most important the Project of East of Suez and the Hong Kong of East Africa - many great past Administrator, military experts, economist, intellectuals, Bankers.

With the like of Von Hayak, Prof Hofmann and a few other we were in contact and working/involved - the world had the opportunity to put in place a very very different order.

The formulation of that RIM association would have been very different

The formulation of the BRICS alternative World bank would have been very different and currency - we would not have had that mega globla crash - because we have/did not provide all the details of the objective of that multinational community on BIOT would be and all about - it was to be a lab as one may say of beginning refugees and exile from several Nation then cold War and using all of the world  resources to build a new Order and nation functioning.

Those in British who failed as they failed utterly in East Africa and the generation like our person come and risk their skin for the cats and dogs and watering cans. The world would have been very very different  - Bill Gate would have been around because we have been with him for a very long time.

The DAVOS lot either they enjoy to much that CERN impact/feeling they need to set down and think very hard that BIOT International refugee/exile project involving the Sri Lanka, the Vietnamese, the Iraq, Lebanon, the Seychelles , the Illois, the South African do not think for one moment we do not know what was coming in South Africa then any Irish who wanted to join, those from Spain, African exile/refugees - those in London from then Communist countries would would have joined such a project.  The very UN working would have been importantly affected and impacted and the IMF.   That gulf War would not have taken place and load of other Regional super mess.

President FA Rene knew a great deal of those issues - with his former Priest Education/Training may be if he just refuse to pay me one cent ask him to buy me a Priest Frock in London, France or Rome that would be enough. Then  we talk of Illuminati.

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Following the announcement during his National Day Address of the creation of a high level forum

Post  Sirop14 on Wed Jul 30, 2014 10:15 am

State House Press Release
Following the announcement during his National Day Address of the creation of a high level forum, President James Michel has invited fourteen distinguished citizens to form part of the National Forum, which will hold its first meeting on Thursday this week.
The forum will be chaired by the President.

The members are as follows;
-President James Michel
-Vice-President Danny Faure
-Bishop Denis Wiehe
-Mr Daniel Belle
-Mr Marco Francis
-Mr Jude Fred
-Mr Bernard Georges
-Mr Edmond Hoareau
-Mr Michel Madeleine
-Mrs Marguerite Mancienne
-Mrs Mahroohk Pardiwalla
-Mr William Rose
-Mr Nirmal Kantilal Shah
-Mr Patrick Victor
-Mr Jean Weeling

On June 18th President Michel had said; “The government of a dynamic society attaches great importance to democratic values. ……. It is conscious that democracy needs to evolve. It looks for all means, in consultation with the people, to strengthen the country’s democratic institutions. This is what defines my government. It is a government that remains alongside the people. A government that remains connected with its people.”

The President said during the speech that he would set up a consultative forum to contribute to remaining connected with the people.
“This high level forum, which I shall chair myself, will include certain individuals – irrespective of their political affiliations – who have distinguished themselves by their knowledge, their experience, their goodwill and service to the nation. The role of this forum will be to deliberate on all issues which directly impact the national interest, and to make concrete proposals which government will consider seriously. Its members will be entirely free to debate any issue that concerns the future of Seychelles in any domain – national unity, inclusivity, political, economic, social, moral, cultural, etc,” said the President in his National Day Address.

“Consultations are the key to national unity. Consultations assist government in making good decisions. Through consultations democracy emerges victorious. It is this, and this alone, that motivates me to make this decision.”

Posted Facebook 30/7/14


Shortly after the first batch of exile had returned home addressed Lawyer Daniel Bell, Mr Christopher Gill a number of isues about that SIROP program - their respective reactions - over the past 7 years the blogs, forums and Facebook issues.

We have equally written to Lawyer Bernard George numerous time about some of the SIROP program and gain  their reaction

Over the past three times I/we have been able to Travel to Seychelles some of the meetings we/I have had with Judge Hodoul and Lawyer Daniel Bell.

The need to respect every individual on this earth - we have had some very terrible events all over the world associated with that program and the reaction of those individuals.

Least the issues of North Africa Spring - the intellectualism of those individuals - that SIROP program influenced and impacted that North Africa Spring - they hold the view they are much wiser than everybody else on earth = when in modern Justice and legal working that infernal mechanism of communication  - even a mad cow can interact better in many instance.

What we are saying it is not good enough beside the utter corrupted working and  Mr Christopher Gill have tried very hard to shed some light on them.

A great deal about that SIROP workings was unknown now not just Seychelles across the world those who take their time to study and monitor the issues we write.  The UN, African Union, the EU officials and institutions and those of the USA, China, Russia and the Arab states


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Seychelles National Forum first meeting 31/7/2014

Post  Sirop14 on Thu Jul 31, 2014 11:42 am

Three days ago read the Blog of Mr Christopher Gill - the Tourist outblick/outlook and Sechelles Seychelles Economy.

Then came the sudden announcement that the CEO/owner of Chez Deenu have passed away - read what those have written and made a very brief comment. {"In Seychelles all the Farmers who complain of thieves having to install video camera in Banana plantation, vegetable patch, among the pigs, fruit trees etc and they they come and steal - and in shops, the same apply to all those politicians in Seychelles who have been stealing and fleecing that SIROP program and those 21,000 - 25,000 exile/refugees, their rights and heritage - yet we have come again to share and contribute - the vast majority of you who think and take our person for utter fools. Just like those thieves who say let the bloody idiot plant,  we can go and have fun then when they/when it is ready we came and take it/steal them - it is our rights as thieves - just as everybody have rights. "}

Today as those from that "National Forum" seats the many issues which have forced, caused President JA Michel government/SPPF/PL to make such an announcement - decision.

The mounting criticism from the Blog of Seychelles Freedom Party, beside former New Democratic Party activists Mr Ralph Volcer, the Opposition like Mr Phillippe Boulle and several others - we do not get to read many of Seychelles media would be wrong to comment.

Beside the call of total boycott of the Election process and SBC Institution by the United oppositions.

The statement by former President FA Rene on National reconciliation and former President Mancham calling for a Justice and Truth commission as they do in Africa.

From exile those on  behalf of the 21,000/25,000 exile/refugee asking and demanding a Review, accountability  of that SIROP program as is the norm under/by UN, the EU, African Institutions and the IMF/World Bank for the past 15/20 years.

This morning we want to remind everybody in Seychelles, around the world  and the International community - President FA Rene took the decision to allow the return of Multi Party because of the state of Seychelles economy them 1986/7 - his stressing, if those exile/refugee return with what would they be given to eat, roof themselves and feed their families and put cloth on their backs - he will only consider such move/process if there was an adequate Economic program/package to support this and implementable  and guaranteed - how we argued, trashed out and conclude the size/money aspect of this Program.  We did not negotiate this with President JA Michel  and as such do not know and have his view on this National issues.  Equally important the need to remind everybody it as not an easy negotiation, on the side of President FA Rene, the world Block of the Communist, Socialist, the UN, Africa, Latin America, Gulf Region, Asia, China, USSR and COMECON connections, Military, Financial, Scientific and Diplomatic Resources. Thousands of lives have been given/sacrifice made those who were involved and fought on both sides.

Over the past 21 years only 250/300 individuals/families form the exile community have returned/dared to return - events, development and their situation/plight.

As against some 15,000/near 20,000 of Migrants from all over the world who have benefited form this SIROP program - have come to stay and work there, set roots.  The important impacts on the people and national workings - politics, regional and international.  The most important of this concerning development/unprecedented are Indian Nationals, Sri Lankans. Some of the grave incidents and protests.
That SIROP program had foreseen the need to employ and import labour to help implement but under a very different criteria and regime/management criteria. We had equally shared these issues with all those who helped concept, debate and promote this program.

With/in spite of  the massive USA and NATO Military Budget over the past 21 years to control, the expansion of Muslim impacts/radical Islam in the Indian Ocean and the World  - as a direct results of those 15,000/20,000 migrant - the immigration politic of the government , this have allowed an aggressive of Muslim growth/Islam and supported by Rich and Powerful Gulf Region nations - in turn their stronghold, and control of the Seychelles economy, politic - existence.

In comparison, the ambition of the Indian community, be they from India, Srilanka, Mauritius equally to take over and control of the Seychelles economy, politic, education, medical, government administration in the region and internationally - including the UN, African Union and EU workings. Supported by their International Business and affiliated/associated networks.  Bilateral nation/government workings is not a one way street.

This is the reason we have addressed this thread/issues - quote
"Over the years, namely in the 1970s and 1980s, Deenu expanded his business and made new friends such as Merlin Parcou, Adelbert Denousse, Paul Sinon, Yakub Chaka, Umesh Dhanjee, Dolfuss Delorie, Billy, Babe & Mickey Mancham, Mickey Rene, Oglivy Berlouis and many more. Deenu entered the local business circle and often met up with some of his friends socially at the ‘Seychelles Club’ facing Gordon Square (now called Freedom Square). They would usually meet on Sundays between 10am and 1pm for drinks and happy conversation before Sunday lunch."

There are several who will be sitting on this new National Forum 31/7/2014, who were young adults then and their respective parents were involved importantly and took decisions. Their  views we not even questioned as their knowledge and experience - due process.  The kind of politic which was being advocated and played out - the playing field and ground rules.  Due importantly/impacted by that 5th June coup d'etat, the uprooting, ethnic persecution, economic persecution, religious persecution of those very many Planters and Families who refused to support the Communist/extreme socialist ideology - their fleeing into exile. Beside their properties and hard work being stolen, nationalized and confiscated - their space have been filled by Indian, Srilankan and Mauritian. The importance on Seychelles economy.

Institutions like the UN/IMF and EU care little unless bombs start falling and more than thousands lives are taken below that they have a wired, corrupted benchmark for dealing with complain and protests and manipulate them in their own way and judgement. We had known these very well in 1985 when contemplating a Military change of a Program like SIROP.  

In case anybody dare question the legality of our Rights - then we ask them start a case the the International Court of Justice, the ICC or the European Court or indeed Seychelles Court or African Union Court.

<These exile have a Rights to form a Separate Government in Exile, they have the rights to call and demand the UN and International community given then/provide and set aside a place/Island in Seychelles where they can settle and run their own affairs.  For  a long time we have been pressed to go down that road.  They have all the legal and international right to monitor everything that is being done in their name and any second or third parties involved and nations.>

Prior and until Independence - Deenu as we preferred to call him had been a major contribution from the Tamil business working of Seychelles.   Those who knew and know the real issues as against media hypes. Those working in the Custom clearance and the Dock.

From 1977 to 1991 all of the Merchants Families when through a very terrible and painful experience, just as they did in Africa, all those forced to flee and abandon their business - the One party System and Central Plan Economy and Central purchasing.  Their income/revenue and profit was drastically cut - some barely existed.

In writing that SIROP program - the SNM/MPR under ground those in contacts with those Seychelles merchants Families as we were too.  We needed to position and prioritize their place and role in this Program and future change. As such one of the most important of the Families, the Jivan, the Danjhee, Meghjee, the Valabjhi and Pillay - Deenu.  Today all the older and senior members of those Families have left us - their children, sons and daughters.  This topic is not about the other Merchant Families.

Not with Seychelles government but their International Regional workings then 1986/7/8 had worked our, negotiated and debate their contributions and involvement - they did not have the cash and resource, India, Bangladesh, Srilanka regional and International workings, those in USA and Europe and Africa.  Such issues would have had to be studied and researched and reported if we had had a proper review of that SIROP program.  Not based upon a person preference - using international standards, studies and report across the world of Indian subcontinent business involvement and integration/impute in other nation or communities they have gone to live - model the arguments and concepts.  That SIROP program had as concept to radically change the business community workings in that Seychelles  and a new Business space/Town using the Reclamation Project put into place.  We had know very well of Indian support for President FA Rene Regime/government - the None Aligned issues.  The above were part of the Reason we got/was supported by those in India to date we have refused to publish the details/contents.

The major faults those exile /refugee when had return in 1992/93 and their attitude and position vis a vis that SIROP program - the con, the lies and deceit they spread, their blasted inventions - they were made to pay the ultimate price.

What the media have addressed about the fortunes of Mr Deenu is one sided - we had been in contact with him, he had know of Judge EJ Stiven and some of the important British and European connections - he knew these people were not "crap and cacafouy" he knew and we had share with his some of the important economic aspect, side of that SIROP program and he had had time/the possibility to refer to those entities and acquaintance form former Seychelles club who were in exile and in Seychelles.  From and with such important knowledge and connections just as President FA Rene and former President Mancham have used those/such  information, knowledge to build and better their personal and Family fortunes. Particularly  in the Property Development and Construction Industry, then Laxmambhai and Associates.  Then they say the Commonwealth and OAU changed Sechelles Seychelles One party system and those in Britain who supported and used Britain Institutions to spread this lie and deception - their objective we divide and rule methodology.

One of the item in that SIROP program - beside economic linkage/leverage mechanism - that Seychelles Stock Exchange.

One of the important party we had been in contact back in 1985/6/7/8 was Mr Deenu with regard to the setting up Seychelles Offshore, Banking and Stock Exchange.  The Jivan and Danjhee Families were not so dynamic in their wish /involvement and contribution to this subject - we had trashed and made notes of those involvements and their views and how Mr Deenu view had wished we developed that Seychelles Stock exchange - he knew of other world Stock Exchange Indian and Sri lanka for instance.   Mauritius and Seychelles were set to put in place their about the same time - what this/it requires. .

Like/as all business entities be they Seychelles, Mauritius or world - they know how to plead, ask/seek help form those who can help work-solve such issues when this is done how they all choose to forget and write and invent other stories.

There have been several attempts at getting that Stock Exchange going - of note those exile/refugee who had wished to get involved and they dragged their feet and government had to jump in - then President FA Rene and those Indian entity who would have been happy to take over and start their won Stock Exchange - Mr Deenu was very well aware and the involvement of Dr Ramados.

It is very sad and grieving to conclude the involvement of then PM Blair government - how he allowed those Indian Lobby and interests to distort and spread lies and he benefited. Near 10 years ago even with President FA Rene in office the concerted efforts by India and with India to take over Seychelles economy and as such politic. PM Blair was very well involved. How he used and abused the British Terror legislation to threaten , bully and intimidate anybody for out exile/refugee communities from protesting and challenging them and those involved.

Come the Saga of Anglo Rand - all those in Seychelles government/SPPF/PL then who had taken the information we have/had made available on that SIROP program in relation to South African and set in place national Policy.  The concept and manner Anglo Rand would have set up a Seychelles Stock Exchange - by then Bobby   ---- the current person entrusted to put into place a Seychelles Stock exchange was in Seychelles and his company then.

We had gone over the issues with Mr Deenu and those Indian Family Merchants.  Some 5/6 years almost gone by and the Licence to run Start a Seychelles Stock exchange given to those Nigerian and Ghana and the arising issues, terrible benchmark of African Stock Exchange, terrible politic, Judiciary and Policing.

The need to note - we had written and the international community police who kept record of our communication - warning them of the abuse of the SIROP information and benchmark and we would call them to account, the global Financial meltdown and the major loss the Group experiences and the have lost large part of their Accounts. Mr Deenu being a shrewd business did take note - not a politician.

There are many issues we need to address properly and the limited resources - we want to underline and stress an issues here - show the comparison of the Indian Merchant Family before Independence, the 15 years of One party system and the change which came in 1991 - that SIROP program  and its impact. Beside the very brief issues we have addressed - how the Indian community used that program to build their Economic and Financial and Political structures and Powers base and the punishments that have been meted to the Seychelles  nation the indigenous and those 21,000/25, 000 exile/refugees. Further the need to say however very modest that SeyUni those from Seychelles government/SPPF/PL who spread the notion and belief other Seychellois had no business to understand and know the complexities of greater economic science and discipline - the help of this Institutions today and those who are making whatever efforts to this end.

Note -Sechelles Seychelles Senate
This is going to cause a great deal of anger and annoyance/ rage in instance - it need to be be handled and trashed out - back in 1981/82/83 when those ex Ministers from Sir James government presented a Second House/ bicameral Parliament workings of a military coup had been successful - the argument - the Opposition role which would have been SPPF, the Minorities, the Merchants Families.(These papers landed in Angers with the SVP - Catholic Church and French Government)

We took these up in that SIROP program 1986/7/8 in greater details, we exchanged ideas with the UN, IMF/World Bank - even the crappy Commonwealth and Francophone. The respective government involved and affected - their communities in Seychelles - as such they former part of those entities who supported a Senate, second House in a future/eventual change.

Mr Deenu, some of the Jivan, Dhanjee and Meghjee Families were very well aware of the details and implication - how they were building their respective Powers base, Community, cultural and economic clout/powers and other national issues - with him gone, those who will have to take up this topic and carry on.

Those form the Seychelles Freedom Party, SUP, SNP who refuse to see the arguments and defend their own views - like it or not then 1986/7 our respective with our exile/refugee leading Families and individuals - everybody will have to face and come to deal with this most burning issues - intelligent people plan and set resource in place before things explode in their faces as it did Zanzibar and a few other places. Those politician and many other who judge they were brilliant and knew everything/they control everything.  Again in any national Review or International review those issues would have been debated, trashed out and included in the Report/findings.

Among others these are issues we would have shared wish to share with those from the African Union and EU commission in 2013 and earlier this year - beside the UN/IMF - World Bank.

From all the mega mess and "rot-up" - we have in  place the BRIC'S alternative World Bank and other Institutions they want to set in place and the impact, relation with that SIROP program.  After the betrayal  - that mega super Market at Anse aux Pins, the crooked purchase and acquisition of the Kayol Property - Capucin by the ex Laxmambhai former partner - countless economic and political issues Mr Deenu and our person relation became distance.  We became involved in Seychellois Racine and other Grass Root national issues.

Not just a Mr Deenu, Dr Ramados and other who take our person for granted whilst in their country, culture and others they are aggressive and ruthless when dealing with conflict and opposing views.  We trust those who would be sitting at this National Forum will take time and study some of the issues we have addressed here however brief.  That SIROP program was not just any dumb program only 30/7/2014  the statement that USA is definitively out of the recession and President Bush Junior announcement of the Book he has written on his Father President Bush Senior,  the very many untold issues in the public, safe what Father and son can and would have shared - known..  Those intelligence Service of the World who have all the Resource to monitor individuals and Nation workings.

The radicalization of Muslim in Sechelles Seychelles - their taking over the country economy and Fiscal control,  the USA and NATO Budget the past 21 years to control and curb . .

We knew that some of the issues addressed had been picked up by certain high parties in the USA - including the Bush Family. This Morning in the media the remark/comment by President, Bill Clinton: ‘I could have killed’ Osama bin Laden - in recent involvement Clinton Foundation in Seychelles. Please refer to our Forum over the issues of the $22/23 billion first after Cold War CIA Budget. Leave the politicians alone - their respective Benchmark - from the point of view of humanity and world working - in Europe good Universities they are allowed to research as much as they want into this subject, debate and write their report - we went out of our way to impress President Bill Clinton it had not been the USA or the CIA which had changed the COMECON and the USSR leading to collapse of Warsaw Pact, Communist in the Indian Ocean and Africa. In theory most undergraduate will agree when you start arguing on false and dishonest point of departure to expect big trouble. "That SIROP program had been impacting many issues related to the Gulf Region and Indian Ocean" those who swept it under the carpet - using the "infernal satanic rage/rave mechanism was all very good and well to drive and synergize issues and in doing so what everybody unleashed - those and then radical Muslims did not - had known very little about that infernal mechanism possibilities and capabilities - the French Masonic entities and the government of President F Mitterrand was very well aware. Those in Britain held/had other views - how they could use it to manipulated and control agendas and events - those who care to make an academic study of the issues. In Kent were we were based those who used that infernal mechanism to instigate/trigger others to undertake Terror and Terrorist and Criminal actions - shortly after the incident we wrote to President Clinton, the Senate and the CIA and the Pentagon and the UN. Today across the world the countless incidents daily and loss of lives involving that infernal mechanism of Satanic rage/rave we warned and wrote about. The CIA and the KGB had know of its existence and had been using during the Cold War in moderation. As an ex President with enough time to ponder on events and past - he of all individual ought not to play popularity game - instead come out and explain/share the other side of the coin. Specially that today the balance of Political, economic and scientific power have shifted. Nation that continue to exist and defend their issues on lies and dishonesty will not last. My/our French ancestors build that USA and its Institutions - their European Institutions. Beside my person share a great deal of issues and information with the White House which their Officials and experts just did not know and how they treated my/our person after wards.

Has president Bill Clinton forgotten the highly important issues with that SIROP program and the Irish nation - be they in USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada , South Africa how they get/got treated in Britain - the Irish migrants/Communities, how the Seychellois since the issues of Waterloo, Mauritius - Sechelles  Seychelles was  ceded to Britain in that Treaty - the horror we have lived it did not stop after our independence  - then Britain, at least the Irish could migrate and fight. The Highly important Irish equation we had build in that program and President FA Rene and his Government /officials knew all the details, the UN knew all the details and the Commonwealth. Suddenly everybody forgets - it never was. One day we will spell what this meant and implied.

Bill Clinton: ‘I could have killed’ Osama bin Laden

K. D. PILLAY (a.k.a. Mr. Deenu)... - Today in Seychelles ...

Profile of Mr.K.D.Pillay


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National Consultative Forum meets for the first time

Post  Sirop14 on Fri Aug 01, 2014 6:53 am

‘Preparing Seychelles for the future’

It was surely a great moment of history and a testimony of living democracy as the National Consultative Forum put in place by President James Michel met for the first time at State House yesterday morning.

President Michel announced the creation of the forum in his National Day address on June 18 this year with the objective of enhancing the interface between the government and the civil society in key social, economic, political as well as other areas.

As Mr Michel reminded yesterday in his opening remarks, the forum is to serve as a body for high level discussions concerning issues which have no established outlet for discussion and which can impact on the future of Seychelles as a whole, not just during the next few years, but for generations to come.

He reminded that the forum serves as an avant-garde think tank that crosses political boundaries, and that seeks to prepare Seychelles in the best way possible for the future.

It is the first time in the political history of the country that the President gathers around him distinguished persons of integrity from all political, religious, professional and social spheres of society on a common platform.

The National Consultative Forum will also be a venue to advise on remedies to certain grievances of the past and consider future major constitutional reforms.

The President thanked the members for accepting to be part of the forum and expressed his appreciation to them for having responded positively to his call for a frank exchange of views and an open dialogue.

He said he was happy because there is no greater calling than to serve Seychelles, and that we are all united in that noble mission.

“National interest comes first. There can be no greater cause than this. And we are all united in that cause. We are all committed to the greater good. To the moral and spiritual upliftment of the people of Seychelles. To the material wellbeing and the happiness of our nation. To national unity. To reaching out and building bridges. To healing old wounds. To building a resilient, God-fearing and confident nation … This, I believe, sets the tone for our agenda. As I alluded to in my National Day address, there are no taboo subjects that cannot be addressed by the Forum. I want to emphasise that we are absolutely free to discuss any and all issues that directly impact the national interest and to make proposals concerning the future of Seychelles in any domain. I assure you that my government will take them into serious consideration,” President Michel said.

Among the issues discussed during yesterday’s session were quality of education, bureaucracy, environment protection, moral and spiritual values, good parenting, law and order and the need for the Civil Code to protect the family. It was also felt that there is a need for citizens to better understand their individual rights.

The need for competitiveness and productivity, especially in the tourism and related areas, was also raised. Members stressed that this should be accompanied by the strengthening of financial services.

They also spoke of the need to overcome political differences and to develop trust and stronger bridges between government and the private sector. It is also felt that there is a need for greater balance in the news coverage of the Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation (SBC), which is dominated by reports on government related activities.

The Consultative Forum which is chaired by the President himself is also composed of Vice-President Danny Faure, Marguerite Mancienne, Mahroohk Pardiwalla, Bishop Denis Wiehe, Dr Nirmal Kantilal Shah, Patrick Victor, William Rose, Marco Francis, Jean Weeling, Daniel Belle, Bernard Georges, Jude Fred, Edmond Hoareau and Michel Madeleine. Mohamed Afif is the forum’s secretary.

The forum will convene once a month for the time being, with each meeting dedicated to a selected issue. Its recommendations will be presented to Cabinet for final advice and endorsement as is the case of those from other consultative bodies.

President Michel has however described the National Consultative Forum as “unique and unparalleled”.


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Haemodialysis unit gets ISO certification

Post  Sirop14 on Fri Nov 06, 2015 9:23 pm

Haemodialysis unit gets ISO certification


The Seychelles haemodialysis unit is the first in Africa to introduce and adopt the integrated quality management system comprising the ISO standards – ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 18000.
This group of three standards ensures quality, environment, health and safety and among the world’s most recognised quality standards for the past 50 years.
This is the first step to the unit getting European accreditation.
Ambassador Maurice Loustau-Lalanne, Health Care Agency chief executive Suresh Menon and director for Seychelles Hospital Dr Loren Reginald accepted the three ISO certificates from AMSA Renal Care chief executive Partha Banerjee during a ceremony last night at the Berjaya Beau Vallon Bay Hotel.
During the ceremony, former Minister Peter Sinon, who is a dialysis patient, gave an account of his experience at the unit, saying the service is of a very high level and the staff are well trained.
It was expected that the Seychelles haemodialysis unit would become aninternational accreditation centre 10 months after AMSA Renal Care (Seychelles) Pty Ltd took over the management of the renal care facilities on April 1, 2015. But it took just eight months for it to get the recognition.
Working in close collaboration with the Health Care Agency, AMSA Renal Care (Seychelles) Pty Ltd confirmed it has completed 10,000 dialysis sessions with a zero mortality and zero infection rate till date.
The first private-public partnership in health is creating history in the Seychelles health care system as AMSA Renal Care (Seychelles) Pty Ltd brought major improvements over the past months into the management of renal care and dialysis unit at the Seychelles Hospital.
This is thanks to the introduction of several protocols for infection management. A full-time nephrologist has been stationed at the Victoria and Praslin dialysis centres while medicine used for patients has been lowered by 50%. The Seychelles Hospital has also received holiday patients from France, Italy and South Africa assessing the dialysis facilities.
In July, 31 dialysis unit staff received certificates upon completing their training at a world class Dubai Heart Centre on ‘Basic Life Support’ and ‘Advanced Cardiac Life Support’.
These improvements have been brought to the fore because of the hard work and dedication of the dialysis staff who AMSA has adopted.
Mr Banerjee said AMSA is ready to start another dialysis centre with 10 beds/chairs at the Anse Royale Hospital with state-of-the-art machines and equipment.
“We will now target European accreditation as all our staff are BLS & ACLS trained and our unit is ISO certified. ISO is the prerequisite to get European accreditation,” said Mr Banerjee.
Mr Menon has described it as “another important day in Seychelles’ medical care”.
“Every country in the world looks for quality in a health care system. People of Seychelles deserve no less than the best. The committed workforce of the Health Care Agency has ensured that the first private-public partnership in health care system continues to create history in the Seychelles health care system,” said Mr Menon.
He also thanked the staff of the dialysis centre, Dr Reginald and Amsa’s dedicated medical professionals like Dr Subramaniyam and Dr Mahesh Kumar as well as their team who have given their best to achieve ISO standard within eight months.

Deputised here by the Abu Dhabi government which also pays his salary, Dr Menon told Seychelles NATION in an interview earlier this year that the Seychelles health care system stands to gain a lot from AMSA Renal Care, the world’s leading renal care providers based in Dubai, UAE.
He explained that AMSA Renal Care is providing dialysis sessions to all Seychellois at a capped price of US $200 per session compared to the US $269 the Ministry of Health was paying for every session.
“This is a very good deal under the five-year contract. The government will make a US $69 benefit on every dialysis session but the quality of care will be much better.... Another reason behind the decision to award the contract to AMSA Renal Care is that the ministry forecasted an increase in the number of dialysis patients because of the alarming rate of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases which help to damage the kidney,” said Dr Menon.
Dr Reginald said the haemodialysis centre is the first unit of the Seychelles Hospital to receive ISO accreditation, adding that it has acquired new standards.
He added that it is the vision of the Ministry of Health to have other units reach this same high level, but it will take a long time and will cost a lot.
“We should use the haemodialysis centre as a stepping stone to help the other units reach a higher level,” said Dr Reginald.


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Sri Lankan community celebrates 69th Independence Day

Post  Sirop14 on Sun Feb 05, 2017 7:02 pm

Sri Lankan community celebrates 69th Independence Day


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Seychelles high commissioner to Sri Lanka accredited

Post  Sirop14 on Wed Jul 12, 2017 4:39 pm

Seychelles high commissioner to Sri Lanka accredited


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Re: Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa to open High Commission in Seychelles this week

Post  Sirop14 on Wed Sep 26, 2018 6:26 pm

Sri Lanka President Sirisena to undertake three-day state visit


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Re: Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa to open High Commission in Seychelles this week

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