THE first ever association representing Police Officers from the Gypsy,

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THE first ever association representing Police Officers from the Gypsy, Empty THE first ever association representing Police Officers from the Gypsy,

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We trust the Gypsy Roma Travelers Association of Britain will share with these good Officers our story in Kent the past 22 years trying to have a little place in Kent and at the same having a home in France as our ancestors have done for the past 1000 years.  The story of Caple court country club - today if you do not wear a bow tie you are not allowed entry in the premise. {"The many Roma Travelers Family who came to give us a  helping hand back in 1993 - 1997, Dover Castle and the Illuminati in Folkestone and Dover"} They had wish we go out with one of their families - in Old France/  Mauritius/Seychelles and Reunion we do not do it that way - she had a Senator 5 berth Caravan and she found somebody and had a baby ob the site - all the families came.  The Asian Family from Kenya who ran the local Grocery shop and he had worked for Alitalia in East Africa and the Sicilian Family who rand the Cafe by the seafront and amusement center.  The Austrian /German young business partner who started a company to manufacture very expensive loud speaker and turn table. Not far form were they sell the bread pudding and on top the old SDA church in Folkestone.  - Kent constabulary - we helped the building of that special monument and the monument Man of the North - all the Travelers who knew the issues then - the construction of the channel tunnel  and the big construction companies - the Gurkha company - Princess Diana Regiment.  The family in Folkestone who went to Sechelles Seychelles every years and stayed at the Coral Strand Hotel, the Flag Ship of the British Holiday to Seychelles - he ran a News paper shop and we talked a very great deal until 1997. We talked about Beau Vallon and everybody. Cercle Francais in Folkestone ran/chaired by a Mr Coltard - the many Mauritian Families who knew us, the many solicitors and law firms who knew us and our issues. Life for you my youngest sibling did not know about the Roma and Travelers connection she told everybody in Sechelles Seychelles we were doing Gri Gri all the time. "My daughter those who had got her Married and as if we had not children - we prayed and the Lord sent the Husband to Siberia for good. Those from WANGO specially. Just a polite note to the Police Officers - President Bill Clinton had promised he would help get my person to migrate to the continent what ensued - the CIA got their major Budget since/after the cold War $22 billions and things started going pear shape.  Those form the Special Service British and French who parked their car on the ledge and monitored the issues - w had two unit one a Swift Minuette - renamed Princess Diana and we used as a payers chapel - the issues of Temple Solair in France and Belgium and WACO mega mess. We had purchased with the help/involvement of many the emperor 1 bed moblie Office ex Societe General des eaux of France  - North Westholst Construction - with working files, crockery and love one pictures and preservatives. Talking of preservative the Hutu and Tutsi massacre in Burundi. Most important the discovery of the Viking long boat in the middle of Dover Town and a very large catch of roman Gold coins. Those Roma and Traveler who remembers and know what we are talking about here the science and discipline involved.  Sir James Mancham submitting plan for his Resident Glacis Sur Mer.


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