Seychelles President to attend US-Africa Summit

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Seychelles President to attend US-Africa Summit Empty Seychelles President to attend US-Africa Summit

Post  Sirop14 on Tue Aug 05, 2014 9:29 am

President James Michel left Seychelles for Washington yesterday to attend the first US-Africa Summit this week.

There, he will meet US President Barack Obama and other African leaders to discuss investment, peace and regional stability as well as governance issues.
President Michel will be accompanied by the Minister for Foreign Affairs Jean-Paul Adam.

“In the spirit of broadening cooperation between Africa and the United States of America, we commend the American government, and President Barack Obama for the initiative taken to organise this first US-Africa Summit. The organisation of this summit gives us the timely opportunity to move beyond the stale image of a relationship based on aid, crisis management and unequal trade, investment and development,” said President Michel in a national statement issued to the US government.

President Michel said that Seychelles will come to this Summit with a message of confidence, especially in the unparalleled opportunities in Africa, and determination and will of its peoples.

“Confidence in our nation – Seychelles – Africa's smallest country whose development is anchored in people centred development, and in harnessing the vast potential of Africa's blue economy. Confidence in the United States of America as an engaged partner in building a safer, more stable world where wealth and opportunity can be shared more evenly. And confidence in what Africa and the US can achieve together if we join forces to work for security, freedom and prosperity in the world.”


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Seychelles President to attend US-Africa Summit Empty ‘Police body for Africa to help better tackle criminality’

Post  Sirop14 on Tue Aug 05, 2014 9:35 am

‘Police body for Africa to help better tackle criminality’


Collaboration and exchange of information in tackling criminality on the African continent will get a big boost with plans to set up a police organisation for the whole of Africa.

Police chiefs from some 40 African countries including Seychelles, meeting in Algiers in February this year, agreed on the setting up of the African Police Cooperation Organisation (Afripol).

Giving more details on the proposed body, Police Commissioner Ernest Quatre said Afripol, which will be similar to other continental bodies like Europe’s Europol for example, will allow better networking and faster flow of information when dealing with criminality in Africa.

“Afripol will help us to come together to share information faster and know each other better. Each country has its own jurisdiction, the laws may not necessarily be the same but when it comes to addressing criminality we have the same goals the same objective,” said Mr Quatre.

Mr Quatre said the move shows the strong determination of African police institutions to work in a concerted and permanent framework taking into account the specificities of the African region within the framework of police values and ethics.

He noted that criminal organisations have gradually broadened their scope of activity at continental and international levels and taken advantage of difficult socio-economic conditions of some populations, the vulnerability of borders, globalisation, and easy access to technologies.

“Therefore we are forced to join forces together to increase coordination and cooperation especially with Interpol,” said Mr Quatre.

It is expected that Afripol will be operational next year, though no precise date has been set yet and Algeria will be the first to head the regional body which will be headquartered in Algiers.

Meanwhile, in anticipation of this continental organisation to become operational, the police forces of the eastern and southern regions of Africa are already engaged in combined efforts to tackle different types of criminality affecting the region.

At the end of a two-day post action workshop held recently in Seychelles the police organisations of the two regions – EAPCCO (Eastern Africa Police Chiefs Cooperation Organisation) and SARPCCO (Southern African Regional Police Chiefs Cooperation Organisation) – agreed to continue with their joint implementation of the operation codenamed USALAMA which targets various types of transnational crimes.

The workshop found the implementation of USALAMA 1 which took place simultaneously in May this year in member states of both the EAPCCO and SARPCCO in collaboration with the Regional Centre for Small Arms and Interpol Africa through its offices in Kenya and Zimbabwe to be an even bigger success than the first operation in 2013.

All the same the workshop identified certain areas for improvements and said that while no major challenges have come out there is a need for certain member countries to be more committed to the operation, while others needed to be speed up their implementation.

As EAPCCO chairman, Mr Quatre said the country’s police force have benefitted from field trainings and other joint operations and have learned a lot from the experiences of their fellow colleagues from eastern African countries.

“Cybercrimes are on the increase and we were able to receive proper training on how to deal with these crimes,” he said, adding that they also had the chance to talk about their weaknesses and how to improve their personnel in dealing with cross border crimes.

Kenya is expected to take chairmanship of EAPCCO at the next AGM of the organisation to take place later this year while SARPCCO’s chairmanship currently led by Namibia will be handed over to Lesotho.


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Seychelles President to attend US-Africa Summit Empty U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit 5.8.2014

Post  Sirop14 on Wed Aug 06, 2014 11:30 pm

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Seychelles President to attend US-Africa Summit Empty End of first US-Africa Leaders Summit - President James Michel lauds President Obama for initiative

Post  Sirop14 on Sun Aug 10, 2014 12:05 pm

President James Michel has lauded United States President Barack Obama for the initiative to host African leaders to a summit aimed at fostering stronger business ties and promoting the positive side of Africa.

“It’s a new beginning and this first US-Africa Leaders Summit is the start of a new era of cooperation between the United States of America and the African continent. The US has decided to accompany Africa in its development and during the summit US President Barack Obama discussed with African leaders present to see in which direction this partnership should be heading,” said President Michel.

The President was speaking to the local media after attending the leaders’ summit on Wednesday -- the last of the three-day meeting from August 4-6, 2014 in Washington DC.

Mr Michel added: “I believe that with new global issues, the US has moved away from crisis management and giving aid to working in partnership with African countries. And this is what I, personally, have been advocating for some years now. In a globalised world, we need to work in partnership and create opportunities. President Obama’s proposal that American businesses invest in Africa and help African countries develop their raw potentials in different areas has been welcomed by the African leaders. These include areas like infrastructure development, agriculture for food security, and the ongoing African Energy programme. These investments will deepen US economic engagement in Africa, fueling growth that will support broader African prosperity and emerging markets for US businesses.”

President Michel added that during his intervention he placed a lot of emphasis on the blue economy and hopes that the US with its expertise in oceanographic researches can help Seychelles map out its blue economy plan. The same can be done in the region which can become a model for the rest of the world.

“It is this same concept that Seychelles will be bringing up during the third International Conference on Small Island Developing States from September 1-4, 2014 in Samoa. During my intervention at the US-Africa leaders summit I also placed emphasis on the plight of small island states of Africa. Africa is not only the mainland Africa but is also made up of African islands. These islands should not be marginalised as we develop the concept of partnership,” added President Michel who noted that because the islands are small and don't have the economies of scale, they should not be left aside.

Mr Michel explained that he is happy to note that Seychelles’ position got the backing of other African countries like Sierra Leone and islands in the Indian Ocean as well as Cabo Verde.

He added that it was a pleasure for him like other African leaders to meet President Obama and discuss pertinent issues.

“President Obama has personally congratulated Seychelles’ policy on climate change and environmental protection. He has also expressed the wish to one day come to Seychelles with his family. This will be something big for us,” concluded President Michel.

Meanwhile, in a press conference on Wednesday evening, President Obama called the meeting “an extraordinary event” that can be “a forcing mechanism for decisions and action, so we agreed that the US-Africa leaders summit will be a recurring event to hold ourselves accountable for our commitments and to sustain our momentum.”

The summit gave the United States a chance to reinforce its long-standing connection to the continent at a time when Europe and major economies such as China are expanding their foothold in Africa.

While the summit yielded a handful of high-profile announcements -- including new public and private investments in economic, agricultural and health development totaling US $33 billion -- it also featured the kind of behind-the-scenes diplomatic interactions that could produce meaningful benefits later on.

"First, we made important progress in expanding our trade. The US $33 billion in new trade and investments that I announced on Tuesday, will help spur African development and support tens of thousands of American jobs,” said President Obama.

"With major new commitments to our Power Africa initiative, we have tripled our goal and now
aim to bring electricity to 60 million African homes and businesses, and as I reiterated that we will continue to work with US Congress to achieve a seamless and long-term renewal of the African Growth and Opportunity Act," he added.

President Obama said during the leaders' session, it was agreed that Africa’s growth depends, first and foremost, on continued reforms in Africa, by Africans, and that the leaders pledged to step up efforts to pursue reforms that attract investment, reduce barriers that stifle trade, especially between African countries and to promote regional integration.
Mr Obama said the US government would increase its support to help build Africa’s capacity to trade with itself and with the world. "Ultimately, Africa’s prosperity depends on Africa’s greatest resource, which is its people, and I have been very encouraged by the desire of the leaders to partner with us in supporting young entrepreneurs, including through the Young African Leaders Initiative, now known as the 'Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders'.

"I also think there is an increasing recognition that if countries are going to reach their full economic potential, then they have to invest in women and their education, their skills, and protect them from gender-based violence, and the US government has announced a range of initiatives to help empower women across Africa," Obama told reporters.


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Seychelles President to attend US-Africa Summit Empty Kenya is a valued partner for Seychelles, says President Michel

Post  Sirop14 on Sun Aug 10, 2014 12:06 pm

Kenya is a valued partner for Seychelles, says President Michel

President Michel and President KenyattaPresident James Michel met the Kenyan President, Uhuru Kenyatta, in the margins of US Africa Summit on Wednesday.

The two heads of States discussed maritime security, fisheries, tourism and trade. President Michel said the meeting opens a new chapter to the cooperation between the two countries.

"Seychelles and Kenya have strong historical links, we are neighbours with common borders and we can develop strong partnerships in the Blue Economy such as in the fisheries sector as well as encouraging the private sector to develop its shipping lines so that trade can increase between us," said President Michel.

President Kenyatta said he strongly believes that Kenya and Seychelles would develop stronger ties for mutual benefit of the two countries. He said Kenya is keen to increase cooperation in maritime security as well as agriculture, education and tourism.

The two leaders spoke about the creation of a joint commission which would orient new partnerships for cooperation.

"We have a long standing friendship between our two countries. Kenya is a very valued partner of Seychelles and we naturally attach the highest of importance to our relations," said President Michel.


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Seychelles President to attend US-Africa Summit Empty Re: Seychelles President to attend US-Africa Summit

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