We encountered two young adults with issues 18/8/20014

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We encountered two young adults with issues 18/8/20014  Empty We encountered two young adults with issues 18/8/20014

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We encountered two young adults with issues 18/8/20014

18th, August 2014,

Cross of Lorraine

Yesterday after visiting the Catholic church across the road from our place, the Polish Church and the Law Center - the situation, undercurrent and dishonesty of the government in telling lies about other aspects of the economy what is driving and making it work as against their propaganda.

I/we were approached by a young white lad with tears in his eyes net to the former shop of a French antique acquaintance in Islington - he explained to me his situation and I/we asked him of his parents and he explained - we then told him we have young relative suffering similar fate - they are put on medication, they get bounced form one Hostel to another and what they become. Their lives destroyed and ruined. Who are those involved and then what the media and so call experts say and write. We/I decided to help him - beside I did not tell him of the church issues, those I/we had come across in both Catholic church their respective private plight and the Law Canter and my own knowledge of the problematic and society in Britain the past 30 years from all walk of life.

Instead went to Camden Town after asking around for a Ring with the cross of Lorraine for sale in the passage. Took the underground - Camden is busy as usual and spoke to several stall holders selling rings in all there parts of Camden nobody stock it - one look it up on the Internet. We took the time to discuss the economic situation too. We also came across thousands of young lads and ladies with challenges and issues. Families with children and with issues too.

We want to address the Seychelles and Mauritius, Chagos/Illois community - compared to the other Ethnic communities we have our distinctive crap negativeness and positiveness and community and individual ills. We have come across very many form our community with important family and personal challenges. Gone out of our way to help - then discovered we either did not have adequate personal energy, discipline and strength to cope with their issues and found our self being turned into negative person - dragged in or down under with them.

This/there is nothing to be ashamed about. Even the CAB and many Advice centers they never cope adequately. We try and go out of our way to help often when in our very own family we have children suffering and being abused in all sorts of manner by society. When anybody or group of individual take the time to think there are cause/roots and reason for these family and young person issues and challenges every case/situation is different. Sometime we meet young individuals and think everything is fine then a little incident and we realize their are issues.

What we forgot to mentioned - to catch the Train we had come across another young male adult and the police car parked watching him on the Station platform and as he boarded the train - he was mixed ethnic. All those who saw and witnessed the issues. The same in Camden Passage with the young white male person the onlookers and those who over heard the issues.

We have spend the best part of 20 years addressing the issues and problematic of that "infernal mechanism/sickness, ills of satanic rage/rave, Mad cow and anti social - yesterday in the Google news the issue of PM Cameron addressing them in public" It was the politicians in the first place who advocated it was a good system an must be applied and spread. What it can turn the youth and young adults and even very mature human into. Mix it with a b it of hate, Racism, booze, drug or illness and you have a major situation.

In Travelling you get to know areas and communities most affected and impacted in London/Britain and on the continent.

There is one very nasty and vicious, criminal aspect those in society and small villages or building who target such young adults form across the communities be they white , mix or black. To start manipulating and abusing them using this infernal system for their ends and objectives. Once they have become sick and ill what they say, write and class then and do with them.

There are many be they from the Mauritius, Seychelles and other communities the church who judge we were idiots, stupid and badly educated for writing and addressing those issues in public and across the world. Particularly our own family situation in Kilburn before 1991 and then Kent since. Having said the above not just my family, the many families in Britain and London subjected to the same criminal and abusive practice and workings. Safe in my Family because of my work, many connection - the aggressiveness, brutality and ruthlessness of those involved - their criminal and greedy agenda.

Some of the racist issues and provocations and hate/rage - this is not new and we have also addressed them - however since we turned 60, those using our children, their friends to invoke all kinds of negative energy dynamic in our person, to cause and create poor health and ills - specially those those children today begin delving in Freemason, Occult, Witchcraft and abnormal, para-science very young and those who know and use them to this end - then what the media say , the politician the NHS, the Priest and many others - when one become ill/sick and sickness phenomenons and abnormalities. Those who push those young adults to threatening, intimidating their parents, they must die or be killed/snuff and they can take over and inherit/take whatever control. Those neighbors who use and abuse these children to this end to cause and make their parent sick and ills their objective and reasons.

Just as those who take those young male and female adults and let them go down the road of medication, turn them into some experimental instruments and objects - what it/they hope to achieve then deny this exist and what they are doing and get very uptight and on the defensive when challenge and the issues addressed in public.

We have been involved with interfaith issues for the past near 38 years in Europe and some 30 years of grass root, ethnic , voluntary workings - beside some 35 years experience in the field of Interdisciplinary science.

There is a great deal about our community, Mauritius and Illois community we could have addressed in public have refrained and the few issues we have addressed those who have taken a very dim vie of it and their respective position.

For instance many leading politicians including past PM hold the view that irrespective of our mental status you must produce in society, contribute and work - they do not care what manner and how this is done. Whether they destroy a person completely - young adults, turn him/her into an informer/grasser/ratter and nerd as long as they can use and abuse that person, manipulate him or her to achieve their desired objective. Political and other wise, to destabilize Family relation/workings, functionality. To cause hate and racist issues in a building, road environment, place of work, the long list. We do not wish t enter into the issues of "setting up a person process".

I/we have addressed the issues of getting the UNHCR and other governments to help/assist that I/my person get resettled elsewhere - those who judge I am running away form responsibility and reality.

On the continent - given my knowledge of life can and would travel be it to Russia, to Yugoslavia, to Southern most Europe nobody would find this strange - but in Britain they do. They want to box my person in, create a situation and environment of unstable and negative environment therein I and my family must live for ever.

In Kent alone the past 23 years those who have used and abused my person in many large projects, development, business issues, Train privatization and the very long list - when you/I try to put my foot down and insist fine you do this but I ma entitled to payment then they get bonkers, loco and make and invent - Police issues, other issues, political and diplomatic, antisocial issues to intimidate and threaten my person. - because if they paid me or I got paid for this kind of work would have either enough money to purchased a quiet and private place to stay or would migrate. Most of the time they choose forget the collateral fall outs. Every year it is the same repetition Then the Church from the SDA, Catholic and other denomination say to pray - forgive them.

The challenge and problematic is that we are getting old and the younger generation form our community, members of our family who refused to learn and listen to the story and experience of those from the Mauritius, Seychelles and Illois of recent, who came to Britain - they have not taken to address their plight in public or write about the. had it all to be publish it make a very grime view of life and individual families in Britain/London.
Last week got some help form a Roma business family - they are allowed to purchase a rig/caravan and travel relatively freely across Britain and Europe. Their view we need to get/sort out our situation - it cannot go on like this - their respective culture and way of dealing and sorting such situation. The manner some White English female in instant elderly have reacted and comporting.

Beside the economic issues of this country and that of Europe, current political climate in Europe and the world - the very abnormal and corrupted practice. We underline and stress to anybody and those out there who can help my person to migrate to the continent we/I would gladly accept their help and support.

On Facebook those acquaintance who daily make/take the time, pain and efforts to share, help and encourage others. In spite of their great efforts, sincerity and time, love - they cannot change or help change such situation and circumstances. We only have this one life and it is getting shorter every day. The need to change many of our/what we have come to call life in England/Britain the past 30 years. To those who choose not to understand and pretend they cannot or do not understand - this is another issue.


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