Today we have been reminded of 1965 Point Larue - the call for Unilateral Independence in Seychelles

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Today we have been reminded of 1965 Point Larue - the call for Unilateral Independence in Seychelles  Empty Today we have been reminded of 1965 Point Larue - the call for Unilateral Independence in Seychelles

Post  Sirop14 on Thu Aug 21, 2014 7:43 pm

For some very strange reason came into contact with the son of an Irish Family, 21/8/2014 -  then Sechelles Seychelles, Point Larue - his father  had served in Rhodesia among others and the heated debate of Independence and events in Africa. The debate not just among the Seychellois Planters but the larger Expat Community, be the British, Irish, Italian, Australian and others.

Some of then had served in the Second world war, their views of what was to come.

A great deal have been written by many of then political situation , then SPUP and FA Rene, his supporters and then James R Mancham DP and his supporters from many prospective - our call that nobody want to write about those Seychellois planter who were strongly in favor of a Unilateral Independence process,  supported by many Expat Settlers/ retired in Sechelles Seychelles.

Events in Africa of Independence, loosing all of one life time work, in Seychelles the loss of Lands, Estates and Properties, the concern that they would be killed on imprison by those associated with SPUP and the Communist - they debated, talked about it the process of losing everything. The talk of compensation if/should a proper agreement with Britain be in place. These people knew that it was not so much about Freedom it was their Lands and Estates those were after. They were educated, travel and read/informed, they knew their ancestral French experiences in the Colony, be they India, China or Vietnam.

There were talk of getting adequate arms if they would have to defend themselves, where and how, again past experience in Africa and elsewhere those who had worked and served. Those among them who were in the position to take such responsibility and organize.

The wives and Children we affected and concern of the uncertainty and psychological impact, the Police and higher British Administration knew and sense these issues.

Point Larue, just as it became a fermenting place for SPUP activist and their Club Chez Nous - the large mix communities of long establish French Seychellois Families, Burmese, Chinese, British, Scots, Irish, Australian, later American.  When they got together the talk and debate.  We are fairly certain those form SPUP did /must have got wind of those debate and issues - yet over the years as typical of them nobody wants to write about it.

Both Mr Andre Delhomme and Dr Stevenson Delhomme were in the know and aware - those who quarried how much support and help they would /could get from France or eventually Rhodesia and South Africa.

Those who advocated they kill the SPUP ring leaders as a solution forward - it was fairly open talk. Again when it came to the crunch, issues the British government became scared even if they imprisoned FA Rene and others - there would be riot and that refrained them- the Planters had radical approach.  Again those form SPUP who knew and picked up the issues.

Another concern was the economy how it would work, supported and survive in such a process of Unilateral government. These were not thieves, crooks and uneducated, they were educated, travel some of them and serious personalities and responsible citizens. ( Sometime to muh education impede such action - those who are driven and act on impulse, events)

Some of the leading Merchants Families were also involved and what was talked and conversed about/over.  Those who sold ammunition and explosives.

In government Office, civil Servants  - those in Senior positions their talk and views, concerns.

Take the position of Mr Norman Mancienne - he was very radical and his workers often had open conflicts and fight with SPUP, he would have been prepared to do /undertake anything. What he talked and the Police knew about it, the way he swore at then and insulted them.

The Idea that they could use Praslin as a safe pace and mount a counter offensive against an eventual coup by the SPUP - everybody have forgotten.

The one big challenge "who would carry the kan" who would dare come forward and stand as would be PM - Dr Tony D'offay had been a strong favorite, Mr Robert Frichot must  have know of those issues. There was another White Seychellois Planter name mentioned. The debate of how Westminster/London would respond/react. The British Navy involvement in crushing or helping such a process. It was not so much an issues of Treason as to trying to save their/one skin and family knowing what was to come.  

We will drop the coin - because of Judge E J Stiven many long serving experience in the Jamaican Police, Administrator General and AG n Zanzibar and other senior Post, Constitution of East Africa and Zanzibar - those who  had wished he would take this responsibility or some major responsibility. Judge Souyave name had also been put forward.

Those form the USAF Tracking who knew and had talked about those issues/possibility. They had anticipated positive help form some of the people working at the USAF Tracking Station, FEBA and one or two from Cable and Wireless.

Those from then Seychelles Police, a number were aware and those who would have had to take responsibility and Office - those young Seychelles police Officers. Captain Michel was those who supported such move/action. With due respect to the Mon Chougy children and grand children - his view at the time.

In Old Seychelles, we did not have great communication yet these Planters the manner they kept in contact with issues in France, Canada, Australia and South Africa, Mauritius and /reunion or outer Islands, Diego or India , Srilanka, Asia.  In Mauritius those Planters with close relatives and in Reunion  they must have been aware and concern - yet again in all the debacle and history writing their receptive comportment and positions. Certainly later in 1973 in the course of talking and visiting some of hem - the electricity and tenseness in the air. Individual like Guytan  Duval.  We also had Mauritian married to Seychellois and Reunion families.  

What about the divided Community of Seychellois form East Africa and Rhodesia - they knew that J R Mancham could not be Trusted - he would sell them out as they said. Like it or not those trying to make a pact with SPUP and FA Rene and others.

Those from then Cable and Wireless

Those from the Dock and Custom/Port officials

What about those Legal fraternity then - the comportment of lawyers.

Given that Seychelles is Catholic 90% then,  those who would have confessed - judge they had to confess - the Catholic church beside the Church of England must have sense and been aware - yet over the years their attitude of those people loss, suffering and pain.

It is not logic that the sons and daughters of those Planters did not take their/their issues, fears, concern and trepidation to the College and Convent and as such the White Brothers would have known and the Nuns and their duty not just form a Catholic prospective by excellent educators to be aware and sense /know such issues.

History and the world is brutal - just look at events and the sufferings which followed and took place - all those who have fought o find a solution, so many have been killed and given their lives and money invested - today Sechelles Seychelles we have 21,000 of its original inhabitant in exile, they have lost everything, in their place some 25,000 - 30,000 new migrant and the country in a terrible state with a presidential election coming in 2016 the serious uncertainty of the outcome.

Had those then involved 1965 acted what a different world Sechelles Seychelles would have been.

The same apply today with our situation in Seychelles, the many events since 1991 and our situation get worse. The global corruption who care about Human Rights as long as they can make $millions of dollars and amasses fortunes.

The fight between the Chinese, India, Russian, Arabs and South Africans, African Union for control and dominance of Seychelles its people and resources more then ever.

We are going to post some pictures of Point Larue today and a link to Wikipedia of then world events at Wikipedia to give those interested and idea what was causing the minds of many to think the way the were/did  and British Colonial situation, the BIOT issues and many other issues - including Rhodesia. Life ways and History ways of coming back to us to remind and warn us.

1965 Wikipedia

Image of Point Larue today part of the Air port, the Island and the Nageon Family sea front - then Judge EJ Stiven Place ex  Judge Nageon QC.,  East Africa, Mogador.

Who Owns Diego Garcia?
Decolonisation and Indigenous Rights
in the Indian Ocean

After we addressed the above issues what others may say strange piece of Journalism - the below article.

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Today we have been reminded of 1965 Point Larue - the call for Unilateral Independence in Seychelles  Empty Re-opening of Supreme Court 2014 at Cathedral Immaculate Conception - forthcoming Referendum in Scotland 18/9/2014

Post  Sirop14 on Mon Sep 15, 2014 11:23 am

We had been expected to travel to Sechelles Seychelles 17/9/2014 beside the requirement/need precaution to get clearance from the UNHCR/UN, European Institutions and the USA, British government, French government, the Vatican, as we have done three previous times - Letting the Seychelles Media, Corp Diplomatic and Oppositions - beside the Police and the Church know we are travelling to protect our person - the Referendum in Scotland 18/9/2014 how in the past three occasions we have Traveled and the events and issues it impacted across the world and the blasted lies of the Establishments, the Media and the experts. "Beside the strange death of that leading Mauritian Tourist expert, two or three other strange incidents" extremely concern to Travel to Seychelles to visit my Family and meet up acquaintances. Yet the thousands of human what have you who have come to travel to Seychelles every day and week upon our personal efforts - this is the world of Justice, so call Democracy and reality. So call Human Rights protection.

May we add the following for those who just do not know, the Scots Government Building in London - Westminster their Support and help with many of our political debacle and that SIROP program.

The very many leading personalities and politicians, lawyers and Judges we have had associated issues in term of Interdisciplinary/Multidisciplinary high workings - In Scotland and across the world. Where is our lost Friend Miss Fiona Mactaggart - then Wordsworth Town Hall, later as Minister and the biscuits and refreshment issues - then Sir James Mancham House Deodar Road Putney.

In Seychelles Judge EJ Stiven Estate - the dogs, Resting Place and Legal and Judiciary acquaintances, that of East Africa and Hong Kong.


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