Diplomatic issues

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Diplomatic issues

Post  Sirop14 on Thu Sep 04, 2014 7:38 pm

The manner we have tried to represent  and develop be they our forums and portal it/they are due to the complexities of our Government, People and history issues.

(It was indicated late last night by certain leading political personality if that is all we can write/say about this situation. Others join  in from Australia  and Seychelles this morning to express their view that this thread is not adequately written. From the USA those appalled/unhappy and in Europe the situation - however hard we try to explain -  the comportment of the EU Officials - we even got some regulatory issues from AU direction)

We will be brief many of those issue have been covered be they at our Blog sirop/cdu/alliance/dp/snm - our Forums and Portal or other Social media. We had addressed this article because of the impasse currently experience in Seychelles.  Nobody know what to do - how to progress the issues. Particularly the Black Seychellois NGO's and those from the Opposition who are importantly influenced by our black brothers and sisters politic view, where they get their cue/buzz - they have no ability to understand the complexities of global and European workings adequately and the quick conclusion they arrive at to their own detriment and we  have all to share in it. The need to stress over the past 30 years the significant amount of money the International communities, the many nations and government and other Institutions dynamic effort to give then an excellent academic education thereby contribute to the   understanding of the greater world working/functioning. Beside the prime importance of the WWW and the mountain of information available.

This situation is equally active in/among our Seychellois brothers and sisters of black origin living , workings and retired in the EU- they allow the media to mess their mind up or get influence by those who write so call history and their mind gets/become fog and  the conclusion they arrive at. These nations they are very aware even if our community form part of greater Europe workings their/our inability and refusal in instance to study and apprise the issues and situation as normal European would do.

Over the past 15 years have stressed the issues - had we had to work that SIROP repatriation program in mainland Europe, the Yugoslav development would have been very different, the changes in the former COMECON and Warsaw pact would have been very different and the same process for the USSR. We will not enter into the details of how this and it worked. We need, require educated and experience individuals to help us to write this out in manner everybody can read and understand.  The impacts and fallout is /just cannot be overlooked, buried away or forgotten or some other stories be told.

Beside Wikileaks, Wikipedia  and several others have endeavored to develop greater public awareness, knowledge pertaining to some of these sophisticated  and very complex workings which the politician and media would have us otherwise believe. We know and fairly certain a number of high parties in Europe, the USA, Russia they have amassed, piece together much more complex dossier and related information on this topics and their Intelligence Services or such related Institutions for their own internal high management. In spite of all this - the dreadful benchmark and other phenomena of utter corrupted workings. We have gone out of our way to provide some of the high parties and important personalities who contributed and impute in some of those issues at our SIROP link page - the reaction is just unacceptable. At the core of it is  British European input/working and cannot be said, argued that there was/were no important continental involvements and the highest level - those in/from France, Italy. Situation, development would have it that from the word go we had the involvement of two leading Austrian Economist and Academicians - namely Professor Dr Michael Hofmann and Professor Von Hayak.The many books and media articles, documentation explaining their and associated workings, input and contributions.  They were both much importantly involved that the media and the high Institutions would have us believe - and who were those who supported and collaborated with them, the very many leading politicians , their parties and associated media.  This formed part of a greater and fundamental Austria foreign Politic formulation and with it Banking doctrine spanning from Greece, former Yugoslavia to Russia and Ireland. This did not function - exist just in Austria, it was spread within former Yugoslavia political workings and economic, Italy, East Europe and Russia Commonwealth. From Britain and France or Germany - what about the USA, what about the very form the EU High Institutions,  those who knew and observed its workings.  Having addressed of our Seychellois male and female shortcoming the vast gap in intellectual and academic understanding to these workings leading to what happened.

Yet in Seychelles Seychelles the way/manner this get work, a few group visit, accreditation, scholarship/university placement, some small loans and grants, technical assistance and experts and the projects of the kind/like of Eden Island and the other project which had to be shelved.

This thread is not abut China role/involvement or the None Aligned working - it is about former Yugoslavia, the former COMECON and the former USSR - events and development and where we are today.

Again the need to have a National or International review of this SIROP program - using International benchmark and trained human resource would have studied and reported of these important process and their receptive impacts. Those who refuse and their motives.

Seychelles relation with former COMECON Block List the countries

Seychelles relation with former  Yugoslavia  - list the new/independent states

Seychelles relation with former USSR Block  - list the new and independent states.

After the changes the new relation and Diplomatic linkage, consulate and Embassy, economic, education, cultural and professional ties.  They in turn how they related with our greater community in and across Europe or around the world.

Again all those form the above mention former Block nations who have traveled, migrated and taken up work in Seychelles and the  Indian Ocean the way they relate in comparison with our European communities or global.

It would be proper if some of us would take the time and do some work on this topic - particularly as it looks more and more there will be no going back  to pre independence Seychelles population. The disposition of these new Seychellois towards their older countryman in all respect.

These are past and ongoing issues which prevent and make it difficult for Seychelles to work like Mauritius or Reunion. The important efforts to make it work this way.

With the decision to put into place the BRICS Alternative global working - this will become more important and complicated. Their new found values of Justice, Democracy , Freedom, Human Rights, Social values, Business and working values and Education  how they represent and promote them.

One of the most important aspect is the/their  Religion - be it Orthodoxy, other religion (Talking of religion the SDA - Adventist praise their Church, denomination for their indepth, greater understanding of how the Holy Spirit works - if one study the importance then All Communist Block paid on Religious groups and associations, how they view them and what was written about them, their dangers - the SDA Churches in Old Yugoslavia they were underground church , the COMECON and the USSR, they were none existence. Events and what took place - please permit us to make this unchristian statement it was not EG White that/who came and liberated those nations and suddenly SDA Churches flourished everywhere and the thousands and millions who held a Bible in their hands and several Bibles in their Homes - where is that Holy Spirit to guide then, enlightened them and share with then the real issue which brought changes. This situation is worse and more unforgiving that the Political corruption.)


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