The story of my first shop

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The story of my first shop Empty The story of my first shop

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The story of my first shop

Comment - We are talking of the "Sick man of Europe then Britain" those who are not scared and prepared to tell the real state of Britain then 1979 onward the decolonization/independence process, loosing its major source of revenue be they business or earnings. With regards to what the media and institutions write - as serious economist and working with Europe and world leading institutions , personalities you do not stop at what those who write British History - you have to develop you own view.  Then Mrs Thatcher and the many other high/important personalities alive then and those who write as if the build and invented everything. We want o challenge Sir Richard today with his vast empire had we not come/take exile in London he would not have had that empire and the success - just to remind everybody - the Lacker Airline debacle we/my person was involved in that debacle and those still alive from lady Tachter office where Sir Richard got the inspiration for Virgin Airline. The many untold issues. The one side Press version. In the working of High Interdisciplinary Management - there exist the discipline to look back in forensic discipline what took place at a given time using a number of tools. Our capacity to impact countless highly important issues of Britain then  and yet what the establishment wrote and write - high personality like the duke of Kent is very much alive - like our person or not. It is this false explanation, what parameters, setting is/are required to get serious going - the synergy/dynamic involved - those trained and experience with the capacity to develop such parameters and those who use and abuse them then what they write.  By the way MP Ken Clark is still alive, Ken Livingstone, MP Hezelstine, Mr Neil Kinnock , the Steel and very many others. Some the the chartered accounting group then and today.  What about the world and involvement of our Italian Illuminati/masonic entities then and the French - the Jewish involvement. MP Sir James Goldsmith who knew a great deal of our person his Family and our French connections. We were in close contact with then Prof Dr Micheal Hofmann Head of Interdisciplinary Management  University of Vienna/High Management Faculty - beside prof Von Hayak, other.  The masonic threats/we should are not to talk and write about those issues and share them around. We have also had other opportunities to discuss and share the view of how Sir Richard Branson started his empire.  By the Way the Kashogi  and Al Fayad is still alive some of the Lonhro people, some of the Hong Kong maga Scots Family Joradin, the Mackinon Mackenzie/Inchape today it requires a great deal of capacity before one can make such positive interventions and contributions.  Just a few we have associated and help to build the mega business and mega multinationals today oh what about the TESCO, the Sainsbury and the M& S , What about the Maxwell the Family Robert Maxwell our involvement and contributions to revamp Fleet Street, events.

We forgot to mention our time with Country Life all those who know our person 123 Regent Street and Enton Hall, the SDA and Midland Bank on the corner. {If Sir Richard understand and know such terminology language and meaning - we had just decline an offer by the Mobutu Family to go and manage/work on a very large Estate in Zaire.} As we had declined UNIDO/World Bank offer to go to Africa and acquire filed experience before going to Strasbourg and seeking exile/refugee status in London. The South African embassy and Intelligence Service and Israeli.


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