Tusk takes office as European Council President

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Tusk takes office as European Council President Empty Tusk takes office as European Council President

Post  Sirop14 on Sat Dec 06, 2014 1:04 pm

Tusk takes office as European Council President

On 1 December 2014, Donald Tusk, the former Prime Minister of Poland, replaced Herman Van Rompuy as the President of the European institution.

Donald Tusk was elected by the 28 EU heads of state or government - on 30 August 2014, for an initial term of 2,5 years. His predecessor, Herman Van Rompuy, was the first President of the European Council, in office from 2009 to 2014.


Poland’s Tusk takes over EU helm

Former Polish PM Donald Tusk Takes Office as Head of Europe

Former Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk officially takes over the presidency of the European Council on Monday. - See more at: http://www.thenews.pl/1/10/Artykul/188962,Donald-Tusk-takes-over-European-Council-presidency#sthash.HydT2W6w.dpuf

Donald Tusk takes over European Council presidency

Comment - Good morning to you Mr Philippe - we have been manned/warned of the pitfall of Facebook, the deviousness of its functionality - this Saturday whatever Christian grouping you belong to - Mr Donald Tusk had taken his Chair and desk - the first of former East Europe high Executive - most important the many facets of Solidarity in Poland untold - the very coming to Office of Pope John Paul ll had the Cardinal elected what had been their choice and eventual Divine wish Poland would not have changed, the COMECON and USSR, Africa, Asia, Latin America, China. Those many Adventist church, Jewish communities we have prayed and share our prayers today - luck if one of them notice and remembers events and development. { Your qualification/training is an Engineer}

We are being impolite to nobody - then Professor Dr Michael Hofmann, Von Hayak and the EEF, then L'ENA, until 1986/7 that infernal Satanic rage epidemic had not spread the way it is today - a few very nasty used it and abused it today it is an epidemic. Also those who refuse to remember and know then Cold War in London - the SDA Mauritian Community who held church at 123 Regent Street/then Advent Center, then Lady Thatcher government and some of them great Intellectual - Dr Noel, Partor, Laurent Fedelia, Since 1983 our community official activity in Hounslow/Chiswick, the big Polish Center, the South London Polish church and since 1997 the Polish church in Islington - their prayers for our community the past 15 years.

In contributing to give you the world the WWW and the many Social communicating platform form a high academic and intellectual scientific point of view had expected/hoped and trusted greater positivism from society and the world - instead. We pointed/talked this issue with a young person in St Joan of Arc Church and he was 25 years old - his view and reaction. It is very very worrying and many, our young relatives hold the same attitude/respective position.


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Tusk takes office as European Council President Empty Richard Nikolaus von Coudenhove-Kalergi - Wikipedia, the free

Post  Sirop14 on Sat Dec 06, 2014 7:59 pm

Richard Nikolaus von Coudenhove-Kalergi - Wikipedia, the free

We have read and posted a forum about President J A Michel working visit to Paris two days ago - his entourage, on account we have been to Strasbourg and Normandy a lot of people very angry. We have not rights to travel safe them.

Today/Saturday, we also/equally addressed Facebook and forum thread about the taking office this Saturday of former Polish PM Donald Tusk of the council of Europe.

On the 29th November the yearly Mass for the SNM/MPR Leader Mr Gerard Hoareau.

Many/those of you who have not done their Home work properly - Leave aside Judge E J Stiven 27 years work in Zanzibar, Events of East Africa, some of His International acquaintance - radical, what was passed onto our person. The Cold War, the view of the Intelligence community/those with knowledge.

In Salzburg we had acquainted our self with a few fiery undergraduate what we talked 1977. In the Family there was a very distinguish personality Dr Dr Beno Ramsauer. The few times we met and his knowledge of events, issues and involvement. By then Vienna 1978 had began to build a number of acquaintances - Vienna Neutral position -

After the debacle of the Indian Ocean Research by UNIDO/World Bank, the three attempted coup d'etat and it failed - those from a Number of Government representative who were checking what we were all about. During the time of 1977 to 1980/81 we had acquired sufficient knowledge, information and contact/support regarding the working of the Pan European Movement/Union. From this position in London we made it very plain our support and future view for the betterment of Sechelles Seychelles i not in a USA, British or French Block but The European Union. This is were we differed importantly with many from the SNM/MPR Executives - and branded a Traitor/Nazi.

However there were/are those within Lady Thatcher Cabinet/government who with their Resources researched and go to know my connections. Given that we/I was involved in making a number of very unusual input/contributions in the workings, development and policy of the Europe.

The question we ask of Mr Donald Tusk having listened to his private Interview and that of French President Francois Hollande - President F Mitterrand knew most of my connections too. He was a young activist once upon a time - we have taken the past part of 35 years promoting the cause and workings of the Pan European Movement and EU workings in Seychelles, the Indian Ocean and Europe. They turn round and treat President J A Michel as a savior and our person as a pest.

Everybody choose to forget who were those personalities we had gone with that SIROP program - they were mostly form the Pan European Movement and their associated entities - they had formed part of those who really knew the changing of the COMECON and the USSR after wards what was written as History compared to the reality. President Ronald Reagan knew of them and his Officials.

In those days we did not have a Wikipedia had we many of then Cold war specialist and experts would not have existed. We had to rely on word of mouth and what was shared as knowledge and information.

Richard Nikolaus von Coudenhove-Kalergi



Le jubilé de l’Union Paneuropéenne à Strasbourg We had made the following comment in 2012, the mega Economic mess in Europe, the many officials not just the EU but the European Union, our two portal project driving many core issues in Europe those using Seychelles government officials,  and Sir James to spread their lies what they can do and cannot. Our threats we /if we pulled down those two sites what would ensue. Then we will see if former President Manchan or Seychelles government will intervene. Equally aware of events in Strasbourg - with all their resources they were not able to impute as one ought to have expected in comparison to our very modest resource. This is what led to the bitter battle with our person the many interventions we made before the Berlin Wall and after the those who took credits and their attitude, the same with changes in USSR, Sechelles Seychelles and the region. The same benchmark applied in banking Global Finance, diplomacy and politic what they led to.

In Vienna the state of things and economy - Dr Hannes Androsh is very aware and the Bank Adria debacle our offers. As and when we intervene the outcome - when we stop what ensue.


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