Pre 2008 global meltdown corupted benchmark still being used/applied by Saga Insurance

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Pre 2008 global meltdown corupted benchmark still being used/applied by Saga Insurance Empty Pre 2008 global meltdown corupted benchmark still being used/applied by Saga Insurance

Post  Sirop14 on Tue Dec 16, 2014 3:15 am

I/we decided because we have to Travel more than one occasion to the continent beside UK to purchase a yearly multiple Travel insurance. We went to the post Office because before they were privatized - if you had a House content Insurance they offered free Travel Insurance. Was informed this had stopped 2 years ago and their quote for our/my age group is £95 thank them and look for alternatives.

In the past have used a couple of former Consumer friendly company - meaning they do/did not bombard you with what we have come to term " Infernal and excessive Satanic rage/rave, crack vibe, CJD/Mad cow and anti social practice/mechanism".

We could have used a European one also - given the EU Regulation/directive on competitiveness - may be next time we will do just this.

We/I decided to purchase one with Sago of Folkestone/their Office is there. Since having paid for this four hours ago - the highly excessive/annoying and unfriendly application/use and abuse of that " infernal satanic rage/rave, crack vibe , criminal mechanism on my person and environment - they term this their best benchmark and corporate practice."

Needless to say Saga is in a very Conservative fife/region and their associated connections political, corporate and otherwise - and those Conservative business/politic who consistently use and abuse that " infernal satanic mechanism or rage/crack vibe how they use it to threaten, bully, intimidate , threaten your person into believing all kinds of garbage and crap.

Then you have the Conservatives/government Ministers joining in.

That antisocial/satanic rage/rave causes death, accident, diseases, and all kinds of fall outs and collateral issues and they are supposed to be an Insurance company and their business is to avoided such incidents, events and causes.

What we find is very distasteful and certainly stressful, their approach of using that infernal satanic rage/crack vibe mechanism to scan all your personality, connections and private issues. Some of them from a judiciary and legal prospective nothing to do with their Insurance management.

Having said they are using pre 2008 global meltdown benchmark - how many recall the Post Office benchmark before the 2008 global meltdown - they bullied, threaten ed you with police, council and judiciary if you did not accept their corrupted benchmark of excessive satanic rage/rave, crack vibe and cjd mechanism - very antisocial. The same mechanism being used and abused by the big banks, Insurances and Multinational - Political parties and their institutions, the council, Police and large legal Groups. (The racist aspect, exclusion aspects and mechanism being applied and associated)

The governments, so call experts, media explanation for and of the global meltdown - we have stated because of our high responsibilities and work twice had been involved in the global market meltdown global wise and economy - work and lend to some of its management. My person had written to the UN , the USA many institutions and officials, the EU, France, Germany, Italy, Regulatory bodies that this practice what highly criminal, corrupted and utterly unacceptable - those high officials and their regulatory bodies who refused to do anything and they just spewed lies after lies and the mess was getting worse - then same mechanism that one uses to bud the economy and market can be used/apply to cause a reversal. It was applied and the ensuing events 2008 December/January.

Out there there are supposed to have armies of highly Trained bodies who can monitor and help avert such issues and they could do nothing. Beside in today's global economic and high management workings their exist high Interdisciplinary science to research, study such interventions, use, abuses and corrupted practice.

In Folkestone whilst we stayed there we had to use and used four leading firms one of then Roots and Alliotte, the court case in the Royal court of Justice for damages and compensation for that Kilburn - Brent SIROP incident, we addressed the European court and Ombudsman. Beside other law firms in Dover and Maidstone. The politicians, police and other bodies know and are very aware of these publication and the many grass root and ethnic communities , governments across the world and other institution who have read and studied what we have written and yet the practice still goes on in Britain - for instance Saga company. ( Some of these Firms have buzz back and warned them of the consequences)

By the way from an economic and business prospective my respective work and responsibilities have lent and contributed to Saga corporate growth, benefits and workings. This is another debate.

This practice has nothing to do with British culture and corporate benchmark /practices.

Fromm a scientific prospective - this/these benchmark was developed and put into place to con, manipulate the mind and life of those who issue their service and products. It is a highly criminal and abusive mechanism - they talk of Gypsies, Traveler and the such highly criminal practices/approach and we have real experience because we have lived and worked in Kent for the past near 25 years. Such large corporate entities,bet they supermarket have not such right to use and abuse this infernal mechanism on anybody whether he is white, Black, Chinese, Indian, mixed race, Lesbian or straight or Guy or including their their christian belief.

There those of you who will read this comment in Britain and say our person is going overboard. You first have to experience it on your person , environment, its utterly dreadful impacts on your life, work and thinking process. and they know this and are very aware. It bogs you down and box you in and control you.

There is one other important issue, when you have family, children they notice this , they become aware of these issues and such corrupted and criminal practice. How it impacts and affects their relation and workings. Health and well being.

From a Policing issues this is highly dangerous and Criminal - what those who judge they have certain Rights and to apply and put into place such mechanism and benchmark - they refuse to look at the highly negative impacts rather they just do not care and be bothered. - the side effects or collateral depending upon you work, responsibility can cause to death, destruction, environments fall outs and affect not just you person but a whole chain of other issues - then what the media writes , the politicians carp and the lies they tell and some of the regulatory bodies and Institutions. ( Then there are the other arguments they use that of that Masonic associated workings - this is a masonic regulatory workings/practice. )

Beside - we are very stress d and will have to travel in a few hours time.


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