Historical ruins restored

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Historical ruins restored Empty Historical ruins restored

Post  Sirop14 on Sun Jan 18, 2015 12:59 pm

Historical ruins restored

The restoration project on the historical ruins at the La Plaine St André Au Cap is completed.

With the mandate to restore the ruins, Sham – a company from Reunion – took some six weeks to complete the work on the old and traditional kitchen found at La Plaine St André with the help of some students at the Seychelles Institute of Technology (SIT).

During a gathering to mark the completion of the project, the chief executive of the Seychelles Heritage Foundation, presented to one of the owners, Richard D’Offay, a token of appreciation in the presence of member of the National Assembly for the Au Cap district Murielle Marie, representatives from Sham, students who took part in the restoration project and other guests.

“The ruins have always been an attraction of our culture and traditional side that I believe we need to put it to live. And this project has made it happen. The completion of the restoration of the ruins is an achievement, a success that has brought a remarkable change and difference to this place,” Mr Nanty said while addressing those present.

To the students, he said: “The work that you have done and based on the report from Sham you have talents and interests in such work. I do hope that you continue and why not Seychelles can have its own company that specialises in restoration of historical ruins and monuments.”

Mr Nanty also said he believes there are still projects that can be done at the La Plaine St André that can preserve and protect Seychelles’ tradition and culture.

The students and everyone who were involved in the project received a certificate from Mr Nanty and the students took the opportunity to show appreciation for the experience they have gained from the Sham representatives by presenting them with gifts.


We came up with this info Le Sham's  - when the project was announced, the contributions of our EU workings/Portal issues, France and Reunion.

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