Russia downgraded to junk status for first time in decade

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Russia downgraded to junk status for first time in decade

Post  Sirop14 on Tue Jan 27, 2015 10:34 am

Russia downgraded to junk status for first time in decade

Russia’s credit rating has been downgraded to junk status for the first time in a decade due to the collapsing oil price, the tumbling value of the rouble and sanctions imposed because of its intervention in Ukraine.

Ratings agency Standard & Poor’s said the downgrade was caused by the country’s reduced flexibility to cut interest rates and a weakening of the financial system.

The ratings agency said the Central Bank of Russia “faces increasingly difficult monetary policy decisions while also trying to support sustainable GDP growth”. It added: “These challenges result from the inflationary effects of exchange rate depreciation and sanctions from the west as well as counter-sanctions imposed by Russia.”

Comment - There are those in Britain/London who take great dislike when we address our former COMECON - Warsaw Pact and today East Europe and Russia. The persistent lies of their media about what really took place with led to the collapse of the Warsaw pact and USSR. It was not Britain who took these Initiative it was us in the Indian Ocean - then they dare the Commonwealth changed Sechelles Seychelles. Since the Conservative have come in Office they have been using some dreadful Masonic mechanism on my person to have me killed, hurt and the very long list and those having to pay for it instead.

When any nation small or great or entity gets/become involved in such a highly important world issues they have responsibility, they need to be part of, monitor and communicate and share their respective issues/views and concern. Beside the current Russia and former East Europe community and Impacts on the Region business and politic.

We form the Seychelles have a very long modern history/Cold War knowledge of both today's Russia and China. These are very rich experiences., knowledge, and ongoing developments/they are very dynamic.

It is not up to other Nations tot come and tell us how we look and see these issues, specially those posses with that "infernal satanic rage/madcow phenomena and machanism workings".

We had been thinking of those we worked with in Vienna - the Jewish entities back in the 1978/9/80's and those very important Russian Jewish issues. How we the Seychelleis have been treated - when we say Seychelles Franco Seychelles as distinguish between our Seychellois Chinese, Indian Or African. Their respective capacity and ancestral /high heritage workings. The rich history of the Jews in France before the first and Second world War and our respective ancestors in France. (There are those who ask and wonder why we have been stressing our connection with so many important Jewish personalities and families in Britain - because of what we know and they go back to Russia/ex USSR)

When one read Seychelles government crap/media everything is rosy between our Israel/greater Jewish workings and Seychelles. Far from it - we from a Franco Seychelleois prospective the many very important and high issues we have been involved and taken part - because we do not have the media capacity/resource to inform the world what these issues are and have been everybody take to believing otherwise. If face we got a real telling off by President F Mitterrand - not to pally too much and some old French Families in Britain.

There is a very important relation equation to Russia current situation. The Russian Intelligence Service and President Vladimir Putin who just refuse to see and acknowledge it. We repeat in case they cannot listen and read - over the past 35 years we have learnt to distinguish between our Chines cold War and current workings/relation and that of USSR and today Russia. Not what the British/French or other media writes they just to not know or refuse to write.

We go back to the issue of our Vienna visit in 2013 the issues we were working over/with and their were not talks of separation and no talk of War - had we been able to achieve what we were working on there would not have been a division and the state of War we are in. The mega Russia financial and economic situation - we are writing these openly because of what we have been involved and taken part in as nation and community the past 36 years regarding USSR/Russia.

Take the Chinese high Speed Train technology started by Chancellor Schorder government and then President Mitterrand/Chirac. the issues - the Chinese have no qualm. anger when we say we have contributed and took part in the process what we have address and today China capacity in High speed technology/trains. Our Russian counterparts, friends and acquaintance would have taken very deem/offensive view - who the hell are you small people with no weapon or army to come and tell us this - s they treat their own minority communities - We ask all our Russian friends and enemies to read the many fable of de lafontaine - specially "the Lion and the mice". It is not right nor fair to have used and abused our French/Sechelles Seychelles , royalty, republican workings and other ancient workings and then just ignore them - We may be scattered across the world but we have a very unique workings just as those Russian who lived and worked in Seychelles during the cold War how ere related and treated their respective workings. Or those Russian in exiles we had to work with and encountered.

This said - during the months of November and December we undertook certain work to get the EU high institutions to look into Seychelles workings deeper /closer and had this made progress some lt the important Russia and Ukraine issues and the current financial issues would have had to come out too - we would have told/spoken bluntly/openly.

The issue of Charlie Hebdo is not just the brutal killing of those French Journalist for Islamic fundamentalist reason there are deeper issues and the French people not their government need to investigate and know not the French media because they really write - "what they say in French when anybody do such things."

We have read the article above and those form that same institution who know we have the capacity and had the capacity for the past 25 years to influence/impact not just Russia, but many European, USA, China, Japan and the long list of nation Rating - In London the Masonic/Illuminati and those form its Stock Market and Exchange who know and are aware of those issues - how they work and manipulate our working to their benefits and ends/advantage. ( Then we have the practice, they use their nerds, they use those neighbors to spy and use/apply that infernal satanic rage/cjd to spy, cream your information and the long list then say they have a right to do this.) Because we lack the man power and resource, if we had the man power those neighbors would not dare one moment - as the practices every where in Britain - "you harass you can expect to get it back" and the escalation and court case, police issues in the past.


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Seychelles President Restructures Government

Post  Sirop14 on Tue Jan 27, 2015 11:22 am

Many judge it inappropriate to post this here but it is very relevant. During the cold War those who said what they said and wrote what they wrote

Seychelles President James Michel has announced today the composition of his new Cabinet as well as the appointment of a number of Chief Executives in government ministries, departments and agencies, while other Heads and senior-most staff retain their position.

Four new ministers have been appointed by the President whilst two ministers have stepped down.

In the new structure of government, the President retains the portfolio for Defence, Legal Affairs, Information and Hydrocarbons.

Vice-President Danny Faure retains the portfolio for Information and Communications Technology (ICT), Youth and Public Administration. He has, in addition, been entrusted with the responsibility for Civil Society, including relations with religious denominations and organisations.

Together with the President and the Vice-President, the following Ministers constitute the Cabinet, subject to the approval of the National Assembly:

Minister of Community Development, Social Affairs & Sports and Designated Minister, Vincent Mériton
Minister of Foreign Affairs and Transport, Joël Morgan
Minister of Education, Macsuzy Mondon
Minister of Finance, Trade & The Blue Economy, Jean-Paul Adam
Minister of Health, Mitcy Larue
Minister of Tourism & Culture, Alain St Ange
Minister of Land Use & Housing, Christian Lionnet
Minister of Labour and Human Resources Development, Idith Alexander
Minister of Home Affairs, Charles Bastienne
Minister of Environment, Energy & Climate Change, Didier Dogley
Minister of Investment, Entrepreneurship Development & Business Innovation, Michael Benstrong
Minister of Fisheries and Agriculture, Wallace Cosgrow

President Michel urged all ministers to remain connected to the people and to ensure the highest levels of service delivery with probity, professionalism and humility. He reminded them that theirs is a position of trust, that they have a duty to “make things happen” and that they are at the service of the people of Seychelles. The President also said that it was expected of them to always display the highest standards of integrity and commitment to duty.

Mr. Pierre Laporte has stepped down as Minister for Finance, Trade and Investment.

President Michel, in his capacity as President of Parti Lepep, has appointed the outgoing Minister for Natural Resources and Industry, Mr. Peter Sinon, as Deputy Secretary General of Parti Lepep.

Thanking the two former ministers for their hard work and their many achievements at the service of the people of Seychelles, the President emphasised that Messrs Laporte and Sinon will continue to contribute towards the development of the country.

New Principal Secretaries

Ag. Principal Secretary for Finance & Administration (Office of the President): Pamela Payet
Principal Secretary for Early Childhood, Primary & Secondary Education (Ministry of Education): Merida Delcy
Principal Secretary for Planning, Human Resources, Infrastructural Development & Post Secondary Education (Ministry of Education): Dr Linda Barallon
Principal Secretary for Finance & Trade (Ministry of Finance, Trade & The Blue Economy): Patrick Payet
Principal Secretary for The Blue Economy (Ministry of Finance, Trade & The Blue Economy): Rebecca Loustau-Lalanne
Principal Secretary for Home Affairs: Michel Marie
Principal Secretary for Climate Change and Energy (Ministry of Environment, Climate Change & Energy): Wills Agricole
Principal Secretary for Environment (Ministry of Environment, Climate Change & Energy): Alain Decommarmond
Principal Secretary for Investment, Entrepreneurship Development & Business Innovation: Marise Berlouis (Ministry of Investment, Entrepreneurship Development & Business Innovation)
10.  Principal Secretary for Fisheries & Agriculture (Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture): Michel Nalletamby

New Special advisers

Special Adviser (The Blue Economy) to the Minister for Finance, Trade & The Blue Economy: Philippe Michaud
Special Adviser to the Minister for Investment, Entrepreneurship Development & Business Innovation: Dr Steve Fanny
Special Adviser (Fisheries) to the Minister for Fisheries & Agriculture: Finley Racombo
Special Adviser (Agriculture) to the Minister for Fisheries & Agriculture:  Antoine-Marie Moustache
Other senior positions (Secretaries of State, Principal Secretaries, Special Advisers, Chief Executive Officers) remain unchanged with the exception of the following new appointments:

CEO Welfare Agency: Marcus Siméon
CEO Seychelles Commercial Bank: Syed Naqi
CEO Seychelles Pension Fund: Lekha Nair
Adviser to the CEO Pension Fund: Willy Confait
Ag. CEO Seychelles Fishing Authority: Vincent Lucas

The new appointments take effect on 1 February.

Comment - We have read the list and changes/appointments - my/our immediate concern is for Minister Jean Paul Adam, this look like they want him to commit suicide - "thy have given him a loaded gun" if he fail his end/outcome. Given that we have risen to a "new level of super manure being polite" - It was my person who importantly influenced/synergized the issue that Minister Pierre Laporte became Minister for Finance - take me to court those who wish/can - Specially in that Sechelles Seychelles Court. The rule in such high Interdisciplinary >multidisciplinary Intervention - once the appointment has been made/respective party in Office you have to give then due space allow them to exert their Office, not to manipulate but make interventions if they require or requested or if the situation is judge to be getting out of hand/control. We had gone back and hinted to the Minister of finance as we do in "Europe and world wide" a few issues and particularly the issue of that Senate and the revamp of the SIROP program and EU, African Union high workings - offer of Finance and support for Seychelles economy. He was not able to get his colleagues/other Minister to comply meaning - Seychelles government, EU authorities know what we are doing in EU and they were expected to be supportive - not block everything and those in Seychelles be they Mr Phillipe Boulle and Mr Pesi Pardiwalla lawyers, who may know of the issues. Now when we talk of suicide - we have this blunt advice to Mr Jean Paul Adam, when we/my person came forward to President FA Rene with that SIROP program, those Seychellois in exile who had said the only thing that would work is a military coup - please refer to the details available in public about that program - our then Sechelles Seychelles Illuminati, Masonic, Templar and Fraternal workings/Vatican, then USSR, China and others - president FA Rene and those who are alive today let us/me be know, you take such high responsibility, if you fail you will loose your life/your life will be take and much worse. The UN, the USA, many high parties, the Commonwealth, the Francophone the French, USA, German Italian and Netherlands, Austria, London/Britain Ireland, Scotland masonic/Illuminati entities. It was the person of Mr Jean Paul Adam Father who had know of us and our abilities who shared and supported the respective development, presentation and outcome of then 1991. Beside we will like to inform everybody again our contributions that Minister Jean Paul Adam took the high responsibilities he has - whatever the critics again from an Interdisciplinary/Multidisciplinary High workings our engagement and involvements. Now this said President FA Rene is still alive - We need to sort out that SIROP program, King Fayd of Saudi Arabia is gone and those new entities. The new parameters in development in the Gulf Region. {We trust those of you who will visit the club tonight will have a good drink over our respective comment} We will be equally blunt - we have contribute to the building of that new University Campus in Vienna - we plead and pray to everybody ask/push Minister Jean Paul Adam to get to meet with the Primarius of the Faculty of High Interdisciplinary Management - he know most of the issues of Prof Dr Hofmann and Professor von Hayak - we will be following development and will ask/request other do do it also. The Austrian cannot stand lunatics any form of lunatic/or super tep in German .


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Russian government prepares to endorse anti-crisis plan

Post  Sirop14 on Tue Jan 27, 2015 2:54 pm

Russian government prepares to endorse anti-crisis plan

Economy January 27, 9:31 UTC + 3
President Vladimir Putin stressed on Monday that the implementation of the anti-crisis plan should ensure social stability in the country

MOSCOW, January 27. / TASS /. Russia's government is expected to approve on Tuesday an anti-crisis plan that has been finalized and presented by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev to President Vladimir Putin.

To approve the plan, the head of government is to sign a particular decree and the cabinet of ministers will then work with the parliament to discuss and adopt the necessary legal framework to implement the measures.


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Re: Russia downgraded to junk status for first time in decade

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