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Sechelles - Seychelles issues sarrounding NATO 60th Anni - France Empty Sechelles - Seychelles issues sarrounding NATO 60th Anni - France

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Assembly in emergency sitting over piracy -Attacks by pirates in Seychelles

After talks with the leader of government business Marie-Louise Potter and the leader of the opposition Wavel Ramkalawan, National Assembly speaker Dr Patrick Herminie has called an emergency sitting of the assembly today at 9am.

The main topic of debate will be the issue of piracy off the Somali coast, which has spread into the Indian Ocean – a matter of serious concern to Seychelles.

It is 23.23 pm British time, JA Michel and his entourage is winening and dinening the Governor General of Australia, Sarkosy is celebrating France reentry in NATO, chancellor Merkle is celebrating her success of Obama visit to Baden Baden along with other issues and the Obamas are in Phrag? Prior to writing this thread we watched two program German TV the last days of Hitler Empire in German and unedited. Then the debacle of Gerhard Schroeder coming to power, the Agenda 2010 debacle which caused his downfall among other issues.

Most important which revolved around France joining NATO, the naming of the New Secretary General – the debacle and issues of the Prophet Mohamed caricature – again those who can refer to our archaic/fraternal – Christan heritage/mechanism what led caused the debacle of the Prophet Mohamed caricature in the first instance.

The drama which played out last night in Baden Baden – for those of the Sechelles – Seychelles Community in EU, German who know what Baden Baden stand for, those who had expected by the end of the evening for NATO to have confirmed its New Secretary General – this did not happened and why.

We had very strong feeling not to watch the TV at all today, just to check the news briefly after not just the events of Baden Baden - but the abnormal commotion which took place most of last night involving our person and a number of leading personalities to do with this Historic event.

We got to the news just as chancellor Merkle was standing on the German side of the Strassbourg Freedom/Europe bridge to greet the sleepy Heads and government representatives for the ceremony and discussions, the weather and the mood of all those this morning until – the event of Italian Prime minister Berlusconi – instead of walking to greet the German chancellor – he was on the phone and walked towards the flag post and the river – all the German TV station their somewhat awkward or rude comments about his phone call. The camera following him everywhere. Chancellor Merkle got tired of waiting and walked inside – from the other side President Sarkosy walked for the French side to meet the Obama, Merkle and other Heads of states half way on the Freedom/Europe Bridge started in 1998 by Francois Mitterrand and others.

The debacle of the photo session and as the got onto the French side Strassbourg – the Military honor again Berlusconi was not around and those who commented with all kind of strange views.

Then they all entered the building for the NATO Summit – what took place behind their back on the French side the many building set on fire including the Europe/Freedom Bridge where a few hours earlies all the friendly smilies.

At the Summit the news which kept coming out that NATO may have to keep the current Secretary General until July – then if they are still not decided whom to nominate.
We were leaving out many important aspect of this thread and events. Those from the greater public who are aware of our Seychelles important Italian fraternal/Archaic connection what was going on. ( Given also that in Italy the massive demonstration which had started – the news that the phone conversation was that Berlusconi was working hard to get the Turkish President to change his position on the appointment of the Danish Secretary General for supporting the Prophet Mohamed caricature. Meanwhile Strassbourg was burning – safe for the few around Sarkosy, Merkle and Obama knew of the last minute attempt to get the Turkish government to change their mind this involved President Obana on a one to one meeting. At this Summit there are hundreds of diplomats, experts etc and military the most crucial issues those who understood and grasped what really took place.

From the fact that the German TV's were puling Berlusconi pants down those who again understand our Seychelles EU community or Seychelles government Italian fraternal /archaic connections and heritage – remember this is 43 years after De Gaulle had pull France out of NATO, Italy role in Europe as a European nation and civilization. Had Berlusconi got out of the car and gone to Chancellor Merkle, what would have been the alternative outcome, would the Europe/Freedom Bridge have burnt. President Obama was informed that the Bridge was being burnt and other building set on fire by the form the French side. What kind of Omen is this.

Not having learnt form what had been taking place on the streets, the arrogance of the former Secretary General of NATO and Chancellor Merkle and President Sarkosy having twice to intervene and remind both of them certain specific Human Rights issues in the French Constitution.

Just about everybody interviewed as to what and who caused the mega world financial and economic meltdown they mostly agreed it was the politicians doing. The massive protest in London for the G20, NATO Summit – Obama first visit to Europe and his visit to Slovakia. The state of the former East European Economy and lives of the people there – the very politicians who gave the wrong signal and example to the big banks , the big multinational to use dishonest bench mark, corrupted approach had not learnt nothing. All those who commented that these politicians were walking Europe and the world into a 3rd world War.

What has this to do with Seychelles – a very great deal - “We the exile communities did not do a deal with JA Michel to change Seychelles from the one party State to multi party system – we did this with FA Rene and his then government and many international associates and other political partners.

We say it very bluntly - the people on the streets who do not wear ties and have massive body guards and police escorts they know and remember very much what are the events and sequences of events which led to change in Poland, the COMECON, USSR, other parts of the world, France, the Berlin Wall and Germany Reunification. Yet on the other hand those in suits and with all the body guards and massive police protection who have forgotten or do not even know what took place. They the one having to decide the fate of Europe and its citizens. The very important relation, links that SIROP etc Exile return program of 1987/88.

We have contributed to several threads on the Issues of BIOT – Diego Garcia in relation to the conflicts in Iraq – the wars and that of Afghanistan, Pakistan and India.

Most important the fact that we have kept underlining that our Seychelles EU community used its ancestral archaic/fraternal – Christian heritage, mechanism, to brig about – get President Ghadaffi to come forward and present his vision for an OAU change to African Union.

We have written countless times of the important and relevancy of that SIROP etc exile return program in the Indian Ocean the important impacts it had politically and economy on the Indian Ocean region – what was then the COI and later the RIM Association and Asian Nations.

The reason we had not gone to the UN with this program – knowing how the UN and the International communities work and the USA had promoted this program on our own accord a quasi first time in History of the Region. The outcome.

We further argued that to achieve this and these we had to network wit very many international agencies, voluntary bodies, institutions, church and government – the outcome and results. Those from the Indian Ocean who benefited, their governments and the OAU then – the use of what we have termed again and again our ancestral archaic/fraternal /Christian heritage. The fact that Somali nation do not have that possibilities and privilege – the very many issues they have assisted our communities in Exile form 1978 onward in Europe and elsewhere how after we had got multi party returned – those Seychelles politicians including FA Rene government forgot those Somali who had helped – events and development for the past 15 years. Why thing have deteriorated and degraded to what events are today.

We will break the rules once again – our Seychelles EU community ability to influence very important events and affairs – our contributions that African Union be Housed in Ethiopia – Addis Ababa and how the African Nations and their Leaders forget very fast.

There a few from the Somali Europe communities aware of this development and the ice that was put on our Seychelles EU Somalia relation. Some of the discussion we have had with exile and refugees leaders in London as to why the state of things in their country and most important the Pirate issues.

Why are we writing this – there are those who know in the world who the real President Obama is and why he was elected.

President JA Michel may have had many years of privilege coaching by FA Rene in term of International and regional hard politic – he has not learnt enough. Given many mistakes. For instance the issues of the WDM and not standing up to the USA demand that Seychelles sign the so call Anti Terror Legislation – what this have led to given certain development.

Those of us from the Sechelles – Seychelles community in EU or other parts of the world who can and have the ability to discern reasonably clear USA Military and other interest hidden or other wise. The many hidden agendas, actions and efforts by the USA to destabilize or change a government or system they do not like – the lie and cover up , their lies at the UN and before the International court or the such. Since the return of Multi party in Seychelles there have been three attempts to use very silky agendas to bring about new political power in Seychelles – the wish and desire of the USA – objective. There is a very grave danger that the development in Somalia and the way those politicians in Seychelles and those supporting Seychelles being manipulated, gunny sacks put over their heads to see and say what other wish them to see and say. - lend to very negative outcome in Seychelles – FA Rene is a hardened Military experienced individual not JA Michel – he will and can grasp what we are saying here. Already we have been unofficially hinted that not just our friendship with the Somali people has had ice thrown on it – the under current and enmity growing with every new incident.

IN our last thread on this issues we ask and urged JA Michel to take a step back and quietly think of past events in History and indeed Seychelles role in the OAU. To remember the gross injustice the world, the OAUJ/AU, UN and EU have done to Somalia and that we have alternative capacity, resource and abilities to change the course of events and development – we repeat do not do like President Saddam Husein – with the $trillions at his disposal – which he thought could save him – when it was too late then asking for help and later blaming other for not intervening early enough and the outcome of History.

Amids all what we have written and events of this day our personal needs and requirements. Those who have been laughing not just behind our back in various direction - in spite of our abilities to make very important global historic contributions. Those of the like we have mentioned above at the beginning of this thread.

We trust and hope somewhere in EU, Seychelles and across the world though we did not get the opportunity to have a glass of Red wine to make France reentry into NATO those of you who have – as the Israeli nation say to life – we also wish you the same on this 60th Anniversary of NATO and France return to NATO. Meanwhile the NATO visit to Seychelles what we have written.


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