Boris Nemtsov: tens of thousands march in memory of murdered politician

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Boris Nemtsov: tens of thousands march in memory of murdered politician

Post  Sirop14 on Sun Mar 01, 2015 7:51 pm

Boris Nemtsov: tens of thousands march in memory of murdered politician

Mood of quiet dismay as crowds mourn Vladimir Putin’s adversary who was gunned down near the Kremlin on Friday

They came with placards and plaintive cries of “shame”, a vast column of mourners snaking through central Moscow to commemorate the latest Russian opposition figure to meet a wretched fate.

But as tens of thousands trudged through the bone-chilling Moscow drizzle to pay last respects to Boris Nemtsov, the adversary to Vladimir Putin who was gunned down a stone’s throw from the Kremlin on Friday night, the mood was more one of quiet dismay rather than explosive anger.

Ukrainian lawmaker Goncharenko took part in the violent events in southern Ukraine's Odessa on May 2, 2014, when far-right activists blocked anti-EU protesters inside the city's House of Trade Unions and set the building on fire that resulted in 48 deaths.

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Comment- 20/21 hours Moscow Friday, the Assassination took place and we had been writing and posting the issues of the failed Senate in Sechelles Seychelles and the planned BRICS Parliament - when we first saw the headline of the assassination.

Over the past 25/26 years have written many article and treads explaining the linkage of events and incidents be they Russian, Ukraine, Chinese and other high parties working with Seychelles.

We realized that a situation/incident had occurred as a result of that Senate Article we had addressed - how and those who get triggered by that infernal "Satanic/rage/mad cow - CJD mechanism across the world"

We had noted either a leading German politician posting on Facebook Saturday or the European President Martin Shultz - again given our Seychelles issues there have been so many Terrible Russian related incident just did not want to create attention - We have been having our fair big of hell this Sunday 1/3/2015 from the pack of Conservatives. Fro 26 years this ha been going on and nobody care/bothers so many other issue we adopt the same approach we do not bother either - unless it become grave. Such is the situation.

Yet the media reaction, we read President Putin Reaction , the media coverage in Britain, France, Austria and other Google news.

Let me say this how many remembers when we addressed the Philippine thread related to that Senate project and the mega storm and near 1000 killed some two/three days later, the devastation.

We have also read the former Mi5 Head comment - just to give you people a great example of the world expertise workings - this person is supposed to be very versed and know almost all the tricks in today's world of espionage and counter espionage and the such - particularly that satanic rage/mad cow mechanism - yet his conclusion and reactions. How about the 10,000 who joined in the march who have no clue and knowledge of these workings and fall outs mechanism/issues. Not even President Putin picked it up - one thing picking something up and giving a different reaction and comment he did not even pick it up. Nobody in Paris either or London. Other in Exile Russian politic did .

We had not been aware he had worked for president Boris Yeltsin - in which case he ought to have know many of our important issues - we take the approach, when you have worked with our issues and been involved then pretend we just did not exist we adopt the same practice and what ensues.

By the way former President Gorbachev is aware of those issues and hence his warning

First lady Natalie Michel must seek Rs 100 million from President JA Michel


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