“Could this really be true? It looks as though President Obama is preparing to mount your photo in his office”

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“Could this really be true? It looks as though President Obama is preparing to mount your photo in his office” Empty “Could this really be true? It looks as though President Obama is preparing to mount your photo in his office”

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[size=150]“Could this really be true? It looks as though President Obama is preparing to mount your photo in his office”.[/size]

Over the past 10 years there have been several articles published in Nation and they have been written by the office and staff of former President J R Mancham and the role of Lady Mancham - she is a former new paper reporter.

Recently we had a young female relative who traveled to London with SeyUni colleagues for their official graduation ceremony and what we addressed on Facebook. Over the past 30 years in London, then Sir James Mancham residence in Putney - by the bridge they have the Oxford and Cambridge yearly race. Then Wondsworth Town Hall and then Ms Fonia McTaggart. The setting up of UKSCA at Clapham Junction old Town Hall building, the police Station next door and the issues of then Princess Diana - her Old Kindergarten place of work not far. This young person was a former athlete and ran in the National Stadium and how that Stadium was build - Sir James Mancham had opposed/boycott that project. She took me and my son in 2004 fishing by Dr Tony D'Offay Island the plane landing and taking off.

We had written of our battle to get a University opened in Sechelles Seychelles a part of that SIROP program. Beside the University issues of the Gulf Region linked importantly to/with that program, impacts in the Arab world and our region. That SIROP program impacted great many aspects of modern Britain Universities workings, curriculum and teaching/lecturing discipline, including your Oxford, Cambridge, Eaton and others. Among other very important national project in Britain impacted and influence by that SIROP program the great British Library - PM Blair to compete with President F Mitterrand Library project we had been involved - linked to that SIROP program. We also explained to her the issue of Waterloo International Station by lady Thatcher and PM Blair decision to rebuild St Pancreas - how we impacted and influenced his decision. "Mr Guy Morel gave his life upon the opening - such Arcadian workings in Britain" Importantly linked/synergizing the building of the London eye is that Sechelles Seychelles EU Community coat of arms project.

This is where we want the attention of the White House occupant, President Obama's very distinguish attention.

From an Illuminati, Templar, Fraternal, Masonic working - when they or the discipline of big finance in introduced in its discipline they are not necessarily talking of big money they are talking of something very different - it is a philosophy a way of looking a complex-or workings of the above - you may be as poor as a dog or rat - still to have the capacity to entertain in mind/thought great philosophy and this impacted on greater Illuminati etc workings. Those 59 biggest USA Banks which failed, In Japan, across Europe and Latin America 2008. Shortly after President Obama inauguration had addressed a thread - just in case of what he must be very mindful during his Term of Office what had/have tripped past White House occupants.

The meltdown occurred - because the vast many important global Finance big institutions were based upon sets of intelligence/intelligent concept and they found their roots in the core formula/dynamic and physics/chemistry of that SIROP program. Its highly important Illuminati source.

Mankind almost landed in a third world war - that was no certainly Sir James Mancham who saved "their toast and beacon".
If anything he formed part and parcel of the very cause of the global melt down - those angry/enraged with the mega global benchmark - those who deemed they were the sole entity/party to set up human/high corporate workings benchmark including the policing, Justice and its interpretation and high accounting /accountability and reporting.

Very many of those those important personalities paid a very heavy/dear price, the media and social network full of it/this miss deeds..

We believe it is necessary to stress - the very distinct Masonic as against Illuminati and the interpretation of Illuminati and Masonic discipline back in 1986/7, their control and Management on global workings right across the board. What make/made that SIROP program very unique in modern history - as part of the future development of society and civilization if we may use this term - communication. Not your internet or your telephone - it was human intercommunication - the mind functioning in the Cold War world and what was to be. A small group held the view it was very dangerous to introduce such a science/mechanism geared to manage the very high workings of the program and was/must bot be available for every tom Dick and Harry to use and apply. Those form the Masonic Establishment battled/raged and they began applying that discipline/very corrupted " the birth of the Satanic rage/crack vibe phenomena, what this entailed and the fate of humanity those who had foreseen this in 1986/7.

This was used to create the ground work for the global application of benchmarks be it for high finance, Accounting, Justice, Diplomacy, Policing, Education, Media, Science and the Church.

Again we need/require the attention of everybody - this quasi abnormal benchmark had existed back in 1978/9 and was deployed by the Moonies and its Followers. The encountered mega public and media, authority confrontation. Sir James Mancham was then exile in London by Putney Bridge and did not have the very important position and connection in the Moonies Global Network as he has today - began to acquire past 15 years after the return of Multi party in Seychelles - had he been elected the quasi communication he would have planned had in mind to set up in Seychelles in comparison to the Communist system of President FA Rene. That very corrupted Benchmark of then Monies 1978/9 would have been applied plus the hybrid after events of 1986/7 in London that SIROP program deployment.

Over the past 25 years - he had known my person and the issues mentioned above. When many used and abused us to ,make a very great deal of money/wealth and fortune he used and abused my person to extract over the past 25 years some of the core chemistry of the corrupted benchmark and the issues of the alternative version. He gained his importance and fame by Rev Moon because of this knowledge. Events over the past 25 years world wide and what the poppy media get to write that is what they are really.

This abnormal communication have impacted education - children development how it impact child conception, embryo environment and birth and the male or female development and growing up and their very understanding of the world and its function.

Get a group of children form any where in the world today as poor and rich as they come - perform intelligence analysis based upon this highly corrupted benchmark to test they human functionality the results and outcome. The very surprising outcome.

If children form the poorest environment can perform such feat how about adults, with given knowledge of their field of work and expertise. This phenomena is right across the UN many institutions workings, Drug management, Poverty management, the very long list of UN workings. The world Bank and IMF. This trend is getting worse.

Every nation appreciate and respect when one of their become famous and important. We in Seychelles and the Indian Ocean should be not different irrespective of race and ethnicity and religion. There is the need to weigh/take note of the context and many associated issues of that importance and fame.
Very many time have address the topic of Drug abuse in Seychelles and the Region - the government and nation institutions because they have been educated such not to understand how that infernal satanic rage/vibe, mad cow communication mechanism is impacting humanity and including the /church function. When abused it is and can have impacts and consequences far worse than drug it can bring global and environmental abnormality on a very devastating scale/proportion - drugs cannot do this. It can bring epidemic, it can bring famine and pest on a national and regional scale - those scientist and experts who will refuse and been trained not to make the distinctions. This is where doctors and experts and failing society - the millions of individual impacted and affected by that Satanic /Crack vibe corrupted benchmark particularly in the media, TV and Radio have have to consume drugs to find a cure and rid their person. mind and body of this plagues.

Today in Europe, the USA, the UN, Africa and African Union - the mass application of this highly corrupted benchmark - it has led to the many wars, conflicts and instability of societies. It will be the destruction of mankind and civilization as we know it - unless a remedy/solution in found. The criminalization of this benchmark. You can access any individual bank account without the use of a PC or web related platform,or even close by, any details of their life and secrets. You can extract all the details of the place of work however important and secretive/dangerous and Criminal how they use and abuse this. You can steal a complete person or group of person identity and use and abuse it as you choose and those ruthless politicians applying this method. The many abnormal Church spreading like mushrooms upon what their so call christian principal is based/ work with. What about the vast floods and forests of super experts and know it all.

Sir James Mancham oppose a global review of that SIROP program because we would have insisted his role be studied in detail and reported - entered into history.

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