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Nos liens, ancêtres, decendents, endroits qu'ils ont arrangés dans le monde - leurs établissements

  • Nos liens, ancêtres, decendents, endroits qu'ils ont arrangés dans le monde - leurs établissements

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    Wed Apr 22, 2020 8:59 am
    Sirop14 Canada : un homme armé fait 16 morts dans la pire tuerie du pays
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    Wed Aug 05, 2020 6:02 am
    Sirop14 Jeffrey Epstein, billionaire and former friend of Duke of York,  'charged with sex trafficking'
  • SIROP - CARICOM nations, Communities in Britain and the USA

    We have decided to add a SIROP -CARICOM forum discussion space. It is not just the socio political development which have compel us to do this. Particularly events in Britain with Britexit how it will impact them in their respective country and communities in Britain, the USA, Canada and Australia yet. The need to draw/remind everybody the state of things before that SIROP program was initiated in 1986/87 their national and regional politic and economic workings , their respective communities, Grass root workings in our case Britain. That SIROP program contributed importantly that they become empower, emancipated. The changes and events among them, those persons from those country of this origin who became member of British parliament and what ensued - the distorted media coverage, how they viewed our failed efforts to rebuild that Seychelles we would have wanted. Today's African Union and our role. The important role of Sir James Mancham. Not forgetting the debacle of 1978/79, the challenges to put inn place a similar system in the Indian Ocean to compel the USSR/China, the OAU including Seychelles to develop very different political, social and economic benchmark the COI thematic, evolution. Among one of the most important linking issues, the situation /relation between those countries communities in Britain before the changes in the USSR, Seychelles and after, Russian relation with those nations and their communities in USA, Canada and Britain. In advocating the Britexit those parties who chose to forget what really took place instead the the future of those communities in Britain in particular. Their relation and views, bilateral workings with the European Union equally in their respective CARICOM country.
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    Sat Feb 16, 2019 6:39 pm
    Sirop14 Haïti: des manifestants brûlent un drapeau américain

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