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Emmaus Dover 29 years Empty Emmaus Dover 29 years

Post  Sirop14 on Tue Nov 10, 2015 8:15 pm

Having written what we have on my daughter's Facebook after the accident and the second of her boys landing in surgery - we have Facebook and many other social platform those who act very strangely, the Masonic fraternity who enjoy programming those less educated and able. The outcome.

On the eve of this important presidential election in Seychelles want to stress something and question another-
In 1991 we had had some 9 years working experience with L'abee Pierre people, then Lady Thatcher government and herself how she/they hated when our Seychelles exile/refugee communities linked and worked with many important French entities and at that L'abee Pierre, the British police, intelligence Service, Masonic Fraternity all those who just hate those Seychellois exile/refugees. In the first place we had not mucked up Seychelles those who had in their high responsibilities. Including the change over from One party system to multiparty - FA Rene is a former Priest knew everything about L'abee Pierre, Vincent de Paul, Don Bosco working s and links to our exile/refugees.
So that in 1991 when we found our self running away from Britain face death threats and our child life landed in Folkestone and Dover, the SDA church very important the Catholic church I contacted.

The issues of Ashford, then 1991, Seychelles, the Royal and the Conservatives then. Finally the splitting of the Family my getting a caravan from the Jewish Family - then Gypsies and Traveler community in Ashford/Kent. All the time writing to SVP in London, Paris and Angers about our situation. Those from Kent police who visited me in freezing winter in my caravan no heating. The short spell I rented a place in Folkestone. Cercle Francais in Folkestone Mr Coltard.

In 1992/3 found a site for my Caravan at Caple le fern - the triple C club. The acquisition of the One bed mobile Home from SGE/North WestHolst Construction and the local Farmer towed on the site. Forget the Google, the Yahoo, the Obuntu, the Window OS and very many other issues - my application to Dover Authority for permission to set up Seychellois center in Calais, our High Commission then, the European Union then. We had started that FECAS-ECSVS. Our involvement and support in the Channel Tunnel construction. The Police, the Council and events on that C3 Caravan site. Our contacts with the many French authorities, L'abee Pierre people, then President Clinton Presidency, events in the Indian Ocean.

We had heard in the grape vine that Emmaus was going to set up shop in Dover - time and time again what we have written those who had wanted me to go to Bruxelles and work in the NGO sector. Very strangely Emmaus Dover is situated under the Hills where the Triple C club was and today the new owners.

The bust up on the C3 site, the court case two, the biggest for £21 millions Royal court of Justice. The many times we had visited the Hammond building and they represent several nation Consulate/Diplomatic. Emmaus is just across.

First the theft of the Minuette caravan and all its contents, the police were involve - Mossad and the FBI were involved. Knew what was going on. Finally in 1997 the ransacking of the big mobile home then Conservative government of John Major all those involved. By then Emmaus was firmly implanted in UK. There was no possibility for me to leave Britain/England was forced to return to London all those who know the Saga - the Royal Family saga/debacle.

My question had we found/ manged to get a place with Emmaus Dover then after we had lot both Units - we would not have landed in Islington and the Hibury Hotel - Princess Diana would not have been killed and so too Dodi AL Fayad.

In France have been stressing to those from Emmaus our Seychelles community position and work in UK how we have tried several time to set up a shop or Housing Association or project for the unemployed. The NGO and Voluntary sector well aware. We have visited Emmaus in Portsmouth, the Cathedral in Chichester and Havant for 9 months.

For the past 10 years the issues of a merchandising business the Earthquake and Tsunami of 2004/5 the small place we have in Kent. This is not about my person it is about our Community and the new/young generation those who are hell bent that we have nothing - the many exile/refugees community what and how they are reverting to doing what to survive and exist. Even if my application is successful - our community will have to go on in UK and I believe the best approach is to work with Emmaus in some form to set up a charity shop. With the support of Emmaus France and others.

We want to take this opportunity and state this in this England all those who take not just Seychelles,Mauritius issues and control it like wise French it is not right it is not wise.



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