Rethinking the Oceans represents serious work deserving to be put into international public domain

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Rethinking the Oceans represents serious work deserving to be put into international public domain Empty Rethinking the Oceans represents serious work deserving to be put into international public domain

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Rethinking the Oceans represents serious work deserving to be put into international public domain

Seychelles founding President Sir James R. Mancham took the audience attending the launch of President James A. Michel’s new book, Rethinking the Ocean – Towards the Blue Economy at State House on Wednesday evening by surprise when he concluded his address by singing Charles Trénet’s song, La Mer.

Sir James said he hoped the song will have a calming effect over the political turbulence which has prevailed within the country following the court judgment confirming that President Michel had been legally elected as President of Seychelles for the next five years.
He said, in all fairness, President Michel has worked very hard since he became the elected President in his own right. At that time the country was almost bankrupt and so was Air Seychelles. We had run out of forex and all our wide-bodied planes which were on lease from a company in Ireland were being recalled. In fact, the country had practically no reserve left to keep the government going.
“This is, of course, certainly not the case today,” Sir James said.

“Despite these great pressures, President Michel found the time to be at the forefront of the Blue Economy concept and has today produced a book which should be read by anyone interested in the future of the oceans. For this President Michel deserved our congratulations,” Sir James said.

Sir James had been called upon to make introductory remarks of and concerning the chief executive of Paragon House, Minnesota, USA, Gordon L. Anderson, who together with his wife, MaryJane, were the guests of honour at Wednesday’s launch reception.

Sir James said he had met Mr Anderson when he was attending a conference under the theme of ‘Global Violence, Crisis and Hope’ at the Hilton Hotel in New York City, USA – only one month after the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Centre. At that time, Mr Anderson was not only taking part in the conference but also marketing a collection of best-sellers, mostly to do with peace and conflict issues which Paragon House had published.

“I was looking through some of these impressive publications when Mr Anderson came forward to inform me that he had been impacted by the keynote address which I had delivered at the opening of the conference that morning. At that time, we discussed on how we saw the world and how we believed it should move forward in order to bring about a better world order.”

“We shared the view that all religions in the world should put aside their differences of dogma and theology and concentrate on their common interest in peace.”

“We believed that religious leaders should not be the taillight but the headlight of any reconciliation process. We shared the view that one cannot be victorious by the sword alone and that faith looks to the future whereas fear only sees the present. Finally we agreed that peace cannot be legislated – peace must come from within.”

Sir James said that after these discussions, Mr Anderson said if he ever had a book in mind Paragon House would certainly consider its publication. Few months later, he submitted the manuscripts which resulted in the publication of his book War on America – seen from the Indian Ocean which was focused on the episode of the September 11, 2011 when the United States of America was surprised by deadly terrorist attacks fuelled by hatred for the United States of America that Americans could not understand. Why should anyone want to attack a peace-loving democracy not interested in war?
Sir James said he wrote this book to help Americans understand how people in other parts of the world were impacted by a United States foreign policy that often seemed arbitrary, self-serving and inconsistent with the ideas of democracy.

Mr Anderson found Sir James’s comments to be informative and constructive for anyone interested in creating a more coherent foreign policy that would lead to a more peaceful world and prevent a recurrence of terrorist attack on America.

This book was published in the year 2002. Some five years later, Paragon House published Sir James’s autobiography, Seychelles Global Citizen – and five years later his last book, SEYCHELLES – The saga of a small nation navigating the cross-currents of a big world.
“Paragon House has a nationwide reputation in the US as a serious publisher. Every day they receive manuscripts from individuals and institutions all over the world. Very few of these qualify for publication. Their decision therefore to publish President Michel’s book Rethinking the Ocean – Towards the Blue Economy is therefore, above all, an acknowledgement that this is serious work worthy of being put into international public domain,” Sir James said.

In fact, Mr Anderson has commented on the cover of the book thus – “Rethinking the Ocean is an important contribution to policy discussions for a sustainable and prosperous world. President Michel and the Seychelles are implementing ideas to harness more of the ocean’s resources while retaining pristine waters and beaches. These ideas should be taken seriously everywhere.”

Comment -

Across the many so call historic facts Sir James Mancham states he helped to changes Sechelles Seychelles using fax. We would love to get a selection of school children of that Seychelles and ask them to think very hard how this can come about/possible. When an Individual of his caliber/repute goes on the International stage and stress/maintain this claim - we/one need to ask a great deal of questions.

Over the past 20 years the former President of Seychelles have changed his spiritual conviction and we believe this is very good. Even the Duchess of Kent changed her Religious belief. We are talking of the wife of the Grand Master of the Commonwealth Masonic Lodge.

By the same token he ought to understand when the scripture talks of "the poor fool who provide/give wisdom to the head of state in this case president J A Michel - the poor person in Seychelles in known a Bakiki. "

We have lived in a land where the media is one sided and controlled and the world have just gone along and accepted everything. Those who have played utter dirty and power politic. It is time for my person to come forward and state, tell the world a great deal of president J A Michel knowledge - he has acquired this from our person, we worked and provided former President FA Rene this service too, hence/for this reason those who supported we writing that SIROP program/contents - the supposed/so called Illuminati of Seychelles - and across the world we have worked and supported the working of countless EU heads of States, Latin America, Africa, Gulf Region and Asia and the mighty USA, China, Russia, India. This for some 35 years

Today's' communication technology, even a child who have never learnt to read can be brought by to perform feats of action only a highly educated person would have done - achieved a few years ago. To all the mothers of all the colors and ethnic in that Seychelles who watch Seychelles TV and listen to the Radio it is an unforgivable insult.

Again - why the last presidential got/became so very nasty and farcical - we had complained enough to the world and demanded an end of this farce and the Opposition leadership know very well what we are talking about.

Just as the regime stole the lands and properties of those who build that nation and they purport they have achieved great feats, how over the past 40 years they have practice using/taking of knowledge of other and applying them, then claiming it is their ideas and work - recently the Seychelles opposition have raised/debated and highlight this practices.


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Rethinking the Oceans represents serious work deserving to be put into international public domain Empty George Soros warns Britain leaving could be end of EU

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George Soros warns Britain leaving could be end of EU

Comment -  Until the important impact on social media of the WWW those who attributed any/everything important in the world with Masonic Illuminati - in our case our alternative debacles and that SIROP program, rebuilding of Britain economy then von Hayak and Prof Hofmann , the Soro we worked some of the issues with, later Germany Reunification, Russia privatization and our great and beloved Mr Donald Trump - So Sir James Mancham we are not exactly all that green beside the lump of manure Judge EJ stiven have left in our ears or somewhere/part of it. ( All those who gang up /conferred to send us to Guantanamo Bay and the Terrorist Legislation setup the real agenda - the many issues we have addressed the International Courts, the involvement/inclusion of Seychelles government and President J A Michel and his Arab friends. )


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