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EU countries to hold emergency migration summit as Europe hit by renewed political crisis

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EU countries to hold emergency migration summit as Europe hit by renewed political crisis Empty EU countries to hold emergency migration summit as Europe hit by renewed political crisis

Post  Sirop14 on Thu Jun 21, 2018 10:02 am

EU countries to hold emergency migration summit as Europe hit by renewed political crisis
EU countries directly affected by the refugee crisis are to hold an emergency summit in Brussels this weekend as continent-wide political tensions escalate over ...
The Independent

EU leaders hold crunch summit on migrant crisis
Leaders from ten EU countries will hold an emergency immigration summit this weekend after the issue threatened to break Angela Merkel's coalition.
The Times

"Merkel muss weg": CSU-Minister sorgt für neuen Ärger im Asyl-Streit

Bayerischer CSU-Minister soll Merkels Ablösung gefordert haben

SPD wirft Union Regierungsblockade vor

Comment - Yesterday instead of watching the match between Iran and Spain listened on #RT the outcome of the Brexite vote in the Commons and MP Grives statement on the psychosis and mindset, highly abnormal human functionality leading and resulting to the kind of politic that is being played out - We had warned and been writing for the past 10 years of the infernal @Satanic rage, mad cow and CJD phenomena being excessively applied in debate, media and all other aspects of politic and the quality/benchmark this would inevitably produce. The important thematic, links and over the past 30 years synergy, leveraging issues of that SIROP program and the British National and European politic, Economy and Democratic developments.  

In Austria those politicians and big business entities and media using that SIROP program to leverage and work their respective thematic and then after wards deny invent some other explanations  -again those who know and aware of the practices and then ask what and why the unholy mess.

In the past when we would have written and address burning topic it needed/required less continuous writing to get some form of attention from the high Officials and others - what we have written to the Italian PM and others on the crises in Italy and that SIROP program 3 years ago the mega crises that hit Europe and the so call great European experts they conclusion and the solution the functional and workings of that SIROP program which drove and cause much of the debacle. The amount of Tax payers money billions of Euro they threw /wasted away and again they ask/wonder the Citizens are utterly angry and despaired.

That SIROP program is still alive those using and abusing it  - Europe politician are supposed to be better than African and Gulf/Arab Nation workings. Yet development is proving otherwise.

The vast amount they are spending on trying to find a solution  for these exile and refugees those EU entities in Mauritius and Seychelles and Africa using that SIROP program - we are not being given a cent of help or acknowledgement.  They ought to communicate with the like of PM Blair the mechanism build that SIROP- program how it reacts and counter reacts if overly abused and manipulated.

Given the totaly unacceptable situation in Seychelles the high amount of Drug usage and the impact on the civilian minds and the politicians reaction - the many attempts to get President Danny Faure to impute in that program and then they write the colorful article about the 25th Constitution Anniversary - it would require  very little to set up an office working for that SIROP program in Mauritius South Africa or Ethiopia and Europe and the major impacts on the refugees and exile./migrant politic,  the politicians do not see it that way little wonder the citizens are get very angry and frustrated with them .

We want to add this Forum thread with this comment - the last thread on the mega Chinese construction which acquired Anglorand in 2015 then President Zuma coming to Office then  African Union our capacity to leverage such major global topic and multinational workings and the nations involved then what their experts and other experts write how it happened and what caused it to happen - ask any young person studying business, economy and finance when you have such a situation and the other party turn round and tell stories and invent the damages you one can inflict if one so chooses. In the case of that SIROP  program the mega fallout, the three major global meltdown associated with that program and major political and social impacts - banking meltdown . In China and Russia those very aware in the know. Those who monitor our communications and the situation of the South African election and that SIROP program the current SA President knowledge of that SIROP program -

EU deal gives Seychelles trade boost, $ 12 million to enhance systems
Victoria, Seychelles | June 20, 2018, Wednesday @ 17:14 in National » GENERAL | By: Daniel Laurence Edited by: Betymie Bonnelame | Views: 752

Interview with H.E. Marjaana Sall, ambassador of the European Union to the Republic of Seychelles


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