1986/87 -"The Mercantile Bank Limited" How this /these benefited their Mauritius operation

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1986/87 -"The Mercantile Bank Limited" How this /these benefited their Mauritius operation Empty 1986/87 -"The Mercantile Bank Limited" How this /these benefited their Mauritius operation

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The last time somebody very close to us came back form Mauritius 10 years ago the issues of bikini, then Mr Ali Parkar company Starknite wear. ( selected one of those bikini and hoisted in on a pole left it there until it rotted)

We have addressed the law firm De Speville, the Chartered accountant de Chazel du Mee and Glover and co. Poker face all round.

We stress we had wanted to travel to Mauritius last year or very early this year instead. Importantly to talk discuss with those relevant about that SIROP program and the Seychelles Truth then National Assembly Commission etc.  The 25 MNA vote to pass the Bill creating a Seychelles Truth Commission etc. ( This Truth commission are not those 6 bikinis those in Mauritius decided/judge best for us 10 years ago , keep us focus)

One of the important aspect of that SIROP program impact is its capacity to impact, leverage and synergize/influence Mauritius banking, financial  system  from its inception in 1986/87 We will add the current list of Mauritius Banking Association missing BCCI and the long saga of BCCI in Mauritius and those involved

There was another bank - the coming to Britain of HSBC, their acquisition of Midland Bank - the bank which held the account of Mr Gerard Hoareau SNM/MPR  the Horner Brothers then helped them with the Bank introduction, Mr Gerard Hoareu, Sir James , Mr Edmond Camille and other knew I had been involved was playing a role that HSBC was working numerous of the financial issues they were then London ,( Very important nobody from the former exile/refugee SNM/MPR Executive had never mention in public anybody planning to change a government or Seychelles government they had to have an Economic Plan big , the UN, the World Bank, governments who would support them and other financial Institutions, Investors between 1979 the many version of this economic plan of the exile/refugees, as against the Communist central planning and Economic management, Banks -  the Police need to look study into them they were the cause for counter debate, other government to become involved , their agencies and Intelligence Services and Institutions,  those who would ask what legitimate right they had and for the money involved others  prepared to do anything ) those in Ireland London  and Italy who knew and the USA embassy in London  - what the police and Irish have not told the world - that bank was on the corner of the New Gallery near where they switch the Christmas light on every year.  Our then Italian Illuminati important connection, the Mr Giovanni Mario Ricci among others. The decision to take on board Mr Purves as Head of HSBC UK - in Seychelles we did not have HSBC only BCCI  and as part of secondary Bank to help finance work that SIROP program in the Indian ocean Region and Asia we had choose HSBC, their important ~Asian connection we had done numerous work with them before they came to London - excuse us for being scant. We had known of their existence in Mauritius under another Name then 1986/87 -"The Mercantile Bank Limited" How this /these benefited their Mauritius operation and yet the politicians and the media what they have written in Mauritius, the Police, the Anti Corruption and the equivalent to the FIU in Seychelles

Over the past 5 years their situation in particular with the meltdown of 2007/8 what we wrote to their Head  and the mega abuse linked to that SIROP program, meanwhile events in Hong Kong and Shanghai leveraging , syergizing the Chinese banking and Financial System. Compared to the very important dynamic of that Bank before, it venturing in the USA, building its Europe presence - the volume of global business it lost and they why and yet the media garbage, At the root/cause of the issue the political elites be they in Europe, London the USA or Mauritius. In Mauritius the need for them to be watchful they have made important stride in the banking industry Africa related - like those big banking nations like the USA, Japan who refused to take note with the meltdown of 2007/8 the issue 59 of it big and old bank /financial institution went bust , events in Japan and Europe.

Little wonder the like of former first lady Sara Rene talk/state in public they, her Family is  very poor and have very little money - Yet they /President FA Rene is well  aware of a great deal of those events along with this regional and international Associates. Over the past 10 years the Chinese knowledge of this topic and that Seychelles Chinese Embassy knowledge of the issues.

## How many read the article of Ile Aurore proposed development 9/8/18, the initial development plan involving Anglo Rand SA and Pinnacle people. Then Blair government in Office in UK, the Irish FIU, the heat they were applying on my person - that SIROP program leveraging this development it had been the responsible for the original reclamation project then President FA Rene government - PM Blair with his friends in Seychelles had wanted to bust my person at all cost and what has turned out in the National Assembly, the very FIU Policing Body, PM Blair knew all about them. The manner /way those in Britain did politic with small nation back in 1980's including Seychelles - that SIROP program the International court, the European court and the Human Rights Court involvement , what was written as history. The mega abuse if we dared protest the threats and intimidation and all the rest. Approach any main media see what they do and react we have been compel to address our own issue in pubic. We have had 15 years experience with that Ile Aurore topic and events in SA and Mauritius and Seychelles President J A Michel government and the EU involvement and the bust up with the ex Ministers of SPPF Minister Pat Pillay- with Britexit the efforts on my side to work a solution out in Europe, We have a tent we have been using for a very long time -the possibility of using that Tent on the Continent - we are not providing all the details and the sudden topic of the SNM/MPR Leader Assassination media, those who use exclusively the Illuminati discipline for their knowledge, ought to have been aware and that Ile Aurore topic and in Mauritius the outrageous situation , those like Dr Ramgoolam, Opposition person Mr Paul Beranger, former PM and President Jugnauth and former President Cassam Uteem, those leading big families in the know. Yet we have that Truth Commission, the garbage those with power - then write in the papers, TV and tell the world . We have worked that SIROP program with several government in Ireland and the North , they, their resources are not grasping what is going on and taking place.

( Before all those get a wise as a pregnant cat  the old people would say - we have been watching the debacle of the Brexit and the Pound Sterling development  - this article even if it is half cooked those taking the issues and raving things  and the impact on the Pound and what the so call experts and media will then write  - the EU high institutions need to understand this important phenomena and before Britain exit Europe )
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