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China develops national open-source operating system

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China develops national open-source operating system Empty China develops national open-source operating system

Post  Sirop14 on Sat Mar 23, 2013 10:51 am

China develops national open-source operating system

China is working a home-grown operating system as part of a five-year government plan to get more Chinese people using open-source software.

The Chinese government is working with the software company Canonical, which is behind the open-source Ubuntu operating system (OS).
The collaboration is expected to produce a system similar to Ubuntu but tailored for the Chinese user.

The first version of Ubuntu Kylin, as it is being called, is due to be launched next month and is intended for desktop and laptop computers.
It will differ from the standard Ubuntu system in its use of Chinese characters and in the way it uses Chinese date conventions. It will also include weather indicators and integration of various Chinese sites such as Baidu maps, the Taobao shopping service.

The move is an attempt to stop China being reliant on Western software and to get more Chinese people the opportunity to modify computer coding themselves.

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Comment: Just a many of you get very upset, angry and ready to take any action - our anger, rant as many of you call/put it - has been over that PC and its Obuntu - supposedly for Seychelles and Africa working, in Europe we use mostly Window, and Mac - we bought from that Greek Teacher near Holloway Rd, Hercules Rd, the Cyprus media, Cyrpus Community Center, Cyprus Woman Center, the LVSC and Ex Fire brigade State which currently House many resources for the Community - several Black Groups, Artist and IT Learning and Resource Center. The many invitations to our North London, Islington Seychelles community to come and share/use the Resource and place to meet and work.

With the decision of Seychelles Government of giving he Licence a principal Broker to that Nigerian and Ghanaian broker, the situation in Seychelles and how they are treating Seychellois who would have wished to become Brokers like in Mauritius. - what is not being address about the depth of Corruption in African Stock Exchange and market, as against the so call improved economic development of the African People and Obuntu for those who know the issue 1991 onward the development and politic, best practice of Obuntu - Social responsibility - in short those who are striving to bring some sanity to African mega situation and the reality - we have explained and address our concern elsewhere - this morning in the News and Surprise for President FA Rene and those involved in their efforts to clear the situation of yesterday on Seychelles Freedom Party.

Those form the Occupy Movement we had stated openly our concern. Currently the issue of Friern Barnet People Library - Ambassador Rasool use to live there and his Family and several old Seychelles Families form East Africa. We have been doing some work/supporting for the past 3 months.

China which is a very major global player in Africa, decision to take Obuntu and develop it for China specifically - we are cheered by the news, encouraged as such less mad - to use the terminology.

Occupy movement


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