Holocaust: Israel summit falls apart in Netanyahu 'racism' row

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Holocaust: Israel summit falls apart in Netanyahu 'racism' row Empty Holocaust: Israel summit falls apart in Netanyahu 'racism' row

Post  Sirop14 on Mon Feb 18, 2019 1:35 pm

Holocaust: Israel summit falls apart in Netanyahu 'racism' row
A summit of central European leaders in Israel has been cancelled because of an Israel-Poland row over the Holocaust. Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis said ...
BBC News

Poland pulls out of Israel visit amid Holocaust row
Poland has pulled out of a planned trip to Jerusalem and scuppered an international summit the same day officials were due to arrive, after Israel's foreign ...
The Guardian

Comment - In Britain the resignation of 7 Labor MP over antisemitic issues - we are addressing this comment from the prospective of our French ancestors in the first and second world war and our community in the Indian ocean, the Cold War era - The significant role of that SIROP program in helping to change the COMECON and the USSR and yet the Israel nation how they attribute this, report this historic event , that program made it possible for 250,000 Jews to leave Russia and 87, 000 to leave Ethiopia yet - forget the crazy/mad politic of Seychelles these were real issue, we liaised for a very long time with many of those from/who had suffered in the first and second world war yet - just because we did not publish those issues or the media did not publish them, all those in Europe who were involved, France many leading personalities and impute in that program to achieved those changes and their objective, the UN , the world Bank and IMF - the OAU Communist and West pro, knew about those issue and topics, the important topic how to restructure the global economy and Financial system, any half sane person or academician need to research and find out who the major world players in Finance were and are to be able to work out the issues then and the future which we did, that program did and those involved, the very important role that played in the WWW and CERN topic and vast many issues in the OS Microsoft system and the many multimedia platforms, the Wikipedia project, many processes in the Stock Market and big finance working of Europe and the world , mergers and acquisitions we were not allowed to publish the information how information was being manipulated and controlled, the Vatican office of Pope John Paul aware and monitored the issues, the Knight Templar who were involved with us in that program the European royal Institutions involved with us, the Masonic establishment of Europe the many communication to the European Court , the International Court, the UN on this topic begging for help to report on that program properly - that Truth Commission in Seychelles, all those from then Conservative government of Lady thatcher, the Labor party and the Liberals politicians involved with our issues then -In Britain the big Jewish business entities who benefited importantly because of this SIROP program and yet we were/are not allowed to mention this in public, Dame Shirley Porter involvement with us, her advice and issues and the why - had that program not been put through the way we did the impact on the Holocaust compensation and very many issues how East Europe would have changed, the possibility for the Israel/Jewish nation to work , address them as they have done, never a thank you instead, Individuals like Lord Beloff we discuses the details of that program and he as first adviser to lady Thatcher, why the Maxwell, the Sachie family, the Goldsmith Family, the Rothschild families in Britain and France , the USA become involved with us in that SIROP program and other very big media and over the years everybody chose to forget the current Conservative lot and Europe, the USA, those leading German politicians who worked the many issues and topics with us, just because they are now dead and nobody take up the topic, the reaction and position of those left behind, Dr Bruno Kreisky government and his Ministers- and many nations and communities with them. - according to the state of Israel we are not allowed, not authorized to make any statement or comment - this is the madness of this world - only they have the rights to make statement and explain history then we wonder why in France those react the way they do. In any dialogue it take two side to come together and work issues, the impacts of that program on the Gulf Nation politic none of them have attacked and threaten us, the many leading Irish politicians in the USA, Ireland and Australia who were involved with that program , the impact on the Palestinian nation and politic president FA Rene and many others involved. when you have a situation one side dedicate the dialogue one must expect trouble. , confrontation.


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Holocaust: Israel summit falls apart in Netanyahu 'racism' row Empty Re: Holocaust: Israel summit falls apart in Netanyahu 'racism' row

Post  Sirop14 on Mon Feb 18, 2019 4:22 pm

François Hollande se rendra au rassemblement contre l'antisémitisme organisé mardi à Paris - LCI
ANTISÉMITISME - Olivier Faure, premier secrétaire du PS a appelé ce lundi Emmanuel Macron à participer au rassemblement contre l'antisémitisme, organisé ...

Emmanuel Macron ne se rendra pas demain au rassemblement contre l'antisémitisme
Emmanuel Macron n'ira pas au rassemblement contre l'antisémitisme organisé mardi 19 février à Paris, selon les informations de franceinfo. "Le président a un ...

Emmanuel Macron ne participera pas, mardi, au rassemblement contre l'antisémitisme

L'invitation avait été lancée au lendemain de l'agression verbale subie par l'académicien et philosophe Alain Finkielkraut, samedi, en marge de la manifestation ...
Le Monde

François Hollande sera présent au rassemblement contre l'antisémitisme mardi
Quatorze partis politiques ont lancé jeudi un appel contre l'antisémitisme et invité à se réunir partout en France, notamment place de la République à Paris ...
Actu Orange

Macron ne participera pas au rassemblement contre l'antisémitisme mardi
Le patron du PS avait appelé le chef de l'Etat à participer, pour "incarner la République", à la manifestation contre l'antisémitisme organisé mardi.


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