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Farewell to a veteran Business man - Mr Yakub Chaka

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Farewell to a veteran Business man - Mr Yakub Chaka	 Empty Farewell to a veteran Business man - Mr Yakub Chaka

Post  Sirop14 on Fri May 24, 2013 2:31 pm

Farewell to a veteran Business man - Mr Yakub Chaka

We read at Today's Facebook page of the passing away of Mr Yakub Chaka - Founder, Senior Partner of the Chaka Brothers Pty Ltd.

Beside what has been written - we remember him and the Family as school boy at the SDA Adventist school, then Teacher Miss Hermance Calais and her Family, they moored their boat from Cerf Island just across the Esplanade and facing their shop.

We got a great deal of Teasing in a friendly way form him each time we came in his shop - he knew my Family both side very well - particularly when the parents were away his politeness and courteous disposition. As such we build a relation ship.

When I found myself in the Guardianship of Judge EJ Stiven, beside the Hardware Store for construction - because of the Family Asian connection talked a great deal of issues, about East Africa and the ongoing political situation until I was forced to leave Seychelles and indeed he was one o those few individual I discussed the details of my leaving Seychelles in 1976.

During the heated debate of Seychelles Independence and the three Block, that of Mrs Delhimme, DP and SPUP spent whatever time by his shop to discuss and hear his view on the issues - he was very candid.

He was a shrewd business man and dealt in the purchased of Copra, Cinnamon and Tobaco - the many prominent Seychellois Planters Family who were well acquainted with him and respected his Family, values and traditions.

When I was responsible for the Custom clearance for Beau Vallon Properties and Casurina Estate - we came across each other at the Custom and his positive attitude and discussion. We also purchased some if the construction material from His shop and his help/advice. We did some work for him later in the Transport business

He got to know my Mauritius ex wife and Daughter Vanessa and his views and position.

When I decided to start my own business he gave our person many positive advice.

This said we had to leave the Island and my Austrian wife coming and events - we used to talk some of the issues. In exile from Austria, France and London maintained contact with him and his Family. The very many Opposition faction issues - events.

He was/belonged to one of those Asian Family we could and did rely upon for their support for that SIROP $500 millions combined return program. We/I also kept myself inform of his business development, given I could not return with the other exile/refugee in 1991 onward.

I got to greet the Family and him in 2000, 2004 and 2009
He had become an important personality in the Muslim Faith/representation in Seychelles too and the views we exchanged.

Given my role in the Exile movement, my earlier business learning phase in then Seychelles/life, events surrounding the exile from 1978 to 1991 his contributions to the exile/refugee movement and changes in 1991.

Beside my Interdisciplinary Management Responsibilities and Interfaith working convey to the people of Seychelles, his Family, Associates, the Muslim community in Seychelles, his contributions to build the Seychelles we have today p- our appreciation for the important friendship, advice a young man and encouragement. Most important for his views and approach to greater Muslim belief and workings.

He had a great knowledge and understanding of the Seychelles, Mauritius and Reunion ancestral, archaic, fraternal workings.

He supported the idea of a Stock exchange in Seychelles and glad he lived to see its start and a Senate Parliament in Sechelles Seychelles

We join the many in sending our condolence and sympathy to his Family, children and Associates. That of our diaspora, that of the Seychelles East Africa Connections and our International exile/refugee workings Sol

Foot note:

How many recall Saturday in Sechelles Seychelles 50's to 70's before independence. We do - then Mr Yakub Chaka of the Chaka Merchant never dreamt he would become an Imam of/for the Muslim Seychelles community -representation, diplomacy of the Muslin, the impressive Mosque. Had he known that we would have as they say in Seychelles "tease - casse du bois with him" Just as he, his brothers and Family took to teasing our Adventist belief and Faith. I/we did not say he lacked respect - that was the way we related.

This said, in Sechelles Seychelles of the 50's to 70's the respective proper Creole, Planters - Grand Blanc/Franco - Mauritius-Reunion Families as well as the Expat, British, Scott, Australian, USA Citizens - USAF Staff/Officials, German, Italian, Austrian, Danish, Spanish, Belg, South African and Kenya Born and bread Seychellois jad their Merchant clubs so to say.

Where the friends, intimate met and talk about Family, business - latest development in Britain, the Colonies, India, Pakistan, East Africa, South Africa, the Arab world, North Africa, China, Singapore, Vietnam and Asia - beside the USA, financial issues politic, the weather - climate - the week, months or end of year issues of Feast issues, sickness, death, departure - meaning those who traveled and were abroad, wedding, birth and any news. Property sales and purchase, Court Case, Divorce, Separation, important police and Court cases, Criminal issues, Government House incidents, Cocktails, the Secretariat, Sporting events, visiting dignitaries, the Tobruk club, the Seychelles Club, the Happy Youth Club debacles and later the Yacht club, Rotary, the Round Table and the Masonic entities. . School and education issues, promotion in the Civil Service, the police, the Court, the Harbour etc. This kind of special Club or place of meeting and decision of favorite Merchant Family be they Hindu - the Jivan, the Dhanjee the Parse considered the most influential - the Telmooje Group of companies, the Adam Moosa, the Chaka, the Hassan Ali, Jhumai - their Anse Royal Family Families were Muslims. The Abbey Valabjhi And Bogilal were Breman/Gujarat that was what our Teacher explained, the Meghjee Family of Market Street - their respective belief and politic, role the Dinu Family and the Gros Sammy Family their respective faith and belief. These Merchants Families were the working business links of then Seychelles, they took to Private Banking and landing Money, Commodity speculating - hence what we have written about the Offshore, the Stock Exchange we have been working these issues in our modest Seychellois way for some near 100 years emulating the situation in Europe and the great Capital of the world business - it was not President JR Mancham or FA Rene who opened the eyes of the Creole and the Seychellois Franco Families - yes they contributed importantly to the the Black, the oppressed, the plantation workers, the Hotel, dock workers, the hospital and civil Servants of Black ethnicity - important emancipation, awareness, important progress forward, trust in the limelight - whatever you would care to call it. The respective above Asian Merchant Families to differentiate from the Chinese and the Mancham Merchant them self half Chinese and Franco/Seychellois, similar to my grand parents Mother's side of the Family, awareness of the Seychellois Culture, mix and philosophy, attitude, complexities - beside the negative aspects and problematic. Family division as against the great Asian Family working of East Africa, Asia, Gulf Region. They also played one important Family against another and Merchants against Merchant.

Similarly those individuals and groups who met, encountered each other by the PWD and the Agriculture Department, the Vet Office. Their respective topics and issues.

The situation was very different until we acquired the International Air Port - the populace and economy depended upon the Shipping connections of the Asian Families, the Jivan in Particularly and their politics. Their respective links to East Africa and India and Britain.

This also reflected the Colonial procrastinating politic and attitude between those two great Asian nations the Hindu and the Muslims. They knew and were very bluntly aware and we talked/discussed openly - why the British colonial Service preferred the Hindu to acquire certain business Agencies, Franchise and the co - related big business politic. The view that the Muslim Merchants Community had to be made to play second fiddle and stay that way for ever. That was in their Bible/code of operation.

This said how they groomed, pushed and used their acquired position to enhance the position of their children in education, society and the Culture. Their envisaged future. The next Generation of Merchants and business man and woman. Just as they did in East Africa, Mauritius and Reunion.

Those visiting and workings British Colonial expats and Civil Servants knew very little of such workings, safe their Police and Intelligence Officers and the USA likewise. Let alone those from Westminster - they knew nothing safe what they were told and written on paper - hence the utter madness, the polities and politic they formulated in some clubs, private places and Parliament. This/these situation be they in East Africa or the Indian Ocean was/were the cause of the disenchantment, discontentment, dislocation and rotten apple and pears again the British Colonial system/administrations.

{ Hence all those Merchants who had lived and worked very closely with those real Creole and Grand Blanc/Planters - Franco/Seychellois Families - fully aware of the political powered box that was brewing, developing and in place and prepared to support a unilateral Independence if this had gone ahead to protect and safeguard their life long work, business, families and future. } They also developed skill and very good technique of collecting, gathering and manipulating information - intelligence to their respective Nationality and ethnicity advantage. Which the SPUP hated/dislike and DP did not always appreciate - like. The Planters and Mrs Delhomme Party knew what the game and situation was all about.

For most of the above Saturday as the shopping day, business deadline had to be met and business reconciliation, debts sorted out. The SDA Seventh Day Adventist were a different Christian entity - hence " the Teasing/Casse du bois" from all the above mention merchants Families - it was not the logic of things so to say - their big shopping day was Friday or Wednesday and Sunday if they found a shop open. .

Equally important the Politic they played, business mix model, their important role in the economy as such they were seen and respected - their Children, education. The so call then Creole and Grand Blanc, Planters of Franco/Seychellois - knew exactly of the position and important relation that existed and played out daily in their respective lives and existences. { By the way unlike the Seychellois logic/Thinking and philosophy, attitude - those Asian communities and Muslim in Seychelles are very aware of events in the world, events that changed Seychelles as against the Commonwealth garbage/propaganda and President Mancham version and East Africa and their own country from business and religious prospective - most important the WWW and the IT world, what real historic benefits it brought the Asian and Muslim communities in Seychelles and the region how they cash and capitalize on it and the Seychellois of Black and creole ethnicity how they fails and are failing to cash in and benefits of it and they are being left behind.} Yet it was our creation/conception and in the process have made India, Pakistan and Bangladesh explode in economic Term and those high percentage of Seychellois refusal to think - had this been a real Muslim or Asian/Hindu invention and contributions how their world would have been very different today and respective global position.

Their respective Powers, enhanced connections - were extended to the Civil Service, the Medical, Education, the Police, the Court, the Judiciary, the Customs, the Financial - Banking sector of the economy, the Agriculture sector real economy, in particular, the Assembly or District council, the Local media.

During the 15 years of One party System/Communist anybody who wanted/wished to lead the exile/refugees had to know a very great deal of such workings and be equally connected - they financed and influenced some of the important issues, development and decisions. We were very aware.

Equally important had Sechelles Seychelles been changed by use if force - Military coup, the Politic any incoming government would be compel/force to put into place to bring sanity and re-balance, the imbalance and develop the due policy - Strategy for a Seychelles those would seem to work for all parties and ethnicity. Both Mr Gerrard Hoareau and our Person held the view, beside Mr David Joubert - there had to be radical readjustment to be made. The nation had to redraw the politic of the Merchant, greater emphasis and efforts made that the Creole or Franco Seychellois become involved and work in the Trading Industry/business. We would have had to face all the consequences.

Equally important, when called upon to write/put together that SIROP program - $500 millions, the complexities and had Seychelles progressed/changed as we had envisaged in 1991, meaning with a Senate, with a Stock Exchange beside the Offshore and Economic Free-zone entities. The real politic, policy, formulation as to the Merchants and Trading entities - Until 1991, the SPPF government had Nationalized, most of their assets, the Economy was Centrally planned and the Major Trading was controlled by the Government, Parastatals. There was no way we could/would return to the pre Independence situation come what may. This said our important contributions that Seychelles political system changes without reverting to bloodshed - the important need and requirement to state most of those big/great merchants families had been reduced to near poverty . We had saved them - to this day none and very few acknowledge this/ those Merchant Families from East Africa, Zanzibar and Mauritius or India and Pakistan who know exactly what we spell and mean by this statement. We have helped, cause that the Old Merchants and their children/new Generation regain their wealth and respective position. In addressing these issues today - for those children, families and individuals who grew and knew us to think very hard - they need to learn the lesson of History as the Asian Community business did in East Africa.

We have to learn to coexist and become socially aware of the disparities and imbalances - it is not just profits and those who think in such terms will pay a very expensive and catastrophic price. The populace will not tolerate and take it much longer. We are talking of real politic here.

Given that we have stated Mr Yakub Chaka understood and had a very good grasp of our ancestral workings, heritage, fraternal, Christian, illuminati, Masonic and archaic, heraldic workings - the relation and co relation of the Christian Faith and Muslim in the world over the past 500 years and in the case of Seychelles after independence 1976.

Within the context of the many political events and development of our exile/refugee workings the past 36 years the many complex issues and development associated and related to the Muslim community in Seychelles and the ongoing debacle - those from the Gulf Region who have decided to throw their wealth and Power behind this development/process.

Hence compelled to state be it those from then Lady Thatcher government, that of PM John Major, that of PM Tony Blair and Gordon Brown - understood very little of the real politic and equation of the Muslim diplomacy, business, economy, finance, military and culture in Seychelles - their so call experts know only one side. What they decide to invent and formulate. Mr Yakub Chaka after events of 1991 and the above said their education understanding of greater world workings in then past Seychelles and Today - as they capitalized then, how they capitalized from 1991 to date and the Seychellios who keep refusing to commit themselves, they just swear or insult and this will contribute and solve issues as against being proactive. They have themselves to blame, their future and their children. Mr Yakub Chaka has been associated and well informed of the many great line and Muslim politic of the Region, be they Indian Ocean, Gulf Region, Europe, Asia, Africa and USA - as an important Imam as such the High responsibility.

He certainly was aware of all the great Pakistan political issues, development and Financial. We have exchange some of the issues given his respective position and role in Seychelles. Particularly the issues of the Bhutto Family, General Musharraf, the current incoming PM, the issue of Imran kahn and Jemaima Goldsmith. The role President Ghadaffi played in all these and the change over of OAU to African Union as against what the so called experts decide to write. Certainly the total garbage coming for the AU media and Headquarter.

There are important development going on in Seychelles - here we address all the Opposition factions. The major protest about the Muslim and Gulf Region Investments and proposed Investment and interference. They think and believe with their money, power and Diplomacy they can dictate and change the working of international diplomacy and real politic otherwise and they will be allowed to trod on a complete populace and defenseless nation - they are very wrong.

In Seychelles we are having the 27 Congress of the SPPF/PL what is being debated, the issues of the OAU/AU, this mega development program and other they want to and aim to control like/as all political parties in Power. Those involved and the important players. We have the issue of the Energy and Oil Industry - particularly that Stock Exchange. Sometime this year the new Mosque will be completed -once completed the new role and place in Seychelles everyday life and functioning and beyond.

In addressing that article yesterday - failed to address the role of the NGO - LUNGOS in relation to the Asian Merchant communities and the Muslim community. As in Britain, France, East Africa how they endeavor to stamp and brand/impress their specific politic and ethnic policy/ vested interests. LUNGOS and the NGO in Seychelles had been important impacted and influenced since 1991. BY the way had we had a national or international review of that SIROP program these are turbulent and burning issue which would have had to be addressed like it or not - not just sweat under the carpet for politic and diplomatic niceties.

Finally - we are very concern, the Social resource we have put into place beside the major international ones where we have contributed. They are there for the Seychellois whatever ethnicity, belief to become engage and use - yet. Instead they take to swearing and insulting.

The current Asian Merchant communities in Seychelles and their children , associations and associated are very aware of these situation. Particularly the Greater Muslim Communities in the Region.

What about Mauritius extended ethnic and Religious involvement and influence and those of the former OAU/AU. This si were PM Blair Failed - at work and ply is daily existence and real daily politic and business as against what is played out on the Streets of London and European Capitals and they just do not understand/refuse to understand and their media.

Just as when Mr Kantilan Jivan Shah died/departed - his many great contributions and involvements in the affairs of the Seychelles and Seychellois. What we have written and very many, those who choose to ignore and they think by ignoring you solve the problems - he had a crucial and important role /responsibilities and what this imply/co related in term of our greater ancestral working of Franco Seychellois etc. Equally our ancestors understanding of such great values and workings. When he died/passed away how Seychelles changed over night, the so call phenomena of ecology and weather phenomena and the International communities with their armies of great qualify experts and multi Billions/Trillions of dollars and all their scientific and academic Resources cannot overcome and help adequately and the mess we are walking into with the current generation all their great academic finish and studies and diplomas and big houses and cars -prestige. They are failing big time.

With the death/departure of Mr Yakub Chaka from the/Muslim greater prospective what will ensue and those who are trained to think and formulate such issues. He was a Moderate, level headed and balance individual in all aspects. The indication in Pakistan is no good at all, be they the Gulf Region, North Africa and African Union. The world need individual like/as him to take and have responsibilities - that we can exist and coexists. Not destroy each other existence and destroy our children future and life.

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