Who care what you say and think British Red Cross Dalston staff.

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Who care what you say and think British Red Cross Dalston staff. Empty Who care what you say and think British Red Cross Dalston staff.

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Who care what you say and think British Red Cross Dalston staff.

Who care what you say and think British Red Cross Dalston staff.

We have addressed the incident of poisoning attempted assassination by certain prominent Russian exile individual in London – because we had dare comment about background issues, what the press and authorities have not told the public including the police on our community blog and forum for this we would be killed/poisoned.

Some two and a half weeks ago sent New Scotland yard, the Department dealing with such issues and Home Office a copy recorded delivery of our statement instead of going into a police Station and making it. We have promised to distribute copy to the International community – it does not make good reading and for this reason have waited for Police reaction. Had we been Mr Christopher gill it would have been publish long time on the Blogs.

On the way from London Bridge noticed several police cars and those without police logos.

When I got to the Red Cross Office was lucky to meet at the reception – the same staff who had helped me edit the Statement to Scotland Yard. After waiting a while explained that I had not had any response and was very concern. “We discussed how others vent and express their frustration – the fact that I have some 30 years experience and knowledge of Refugee and exile workings in London/Britain.

There was an issues with punctured bicycle tyre outside.

After waiting explaining that I wish/need to be reconnected with my old Housing Solicitor Hopkin Murrey and Beskin – hoping one of then would call them on our behalf explaining since Mr/Judge Ben Chataway had left them – their service towards our person was very negative.

A national from Seychelles working for Red Cross was on duty and a senior staff of Red Cross came down and ask me to come to their office – lock the door and with “a Racist, sexist, using that infernal satanic rage/rave on our person – to threaten and bully us” began to address the issues of my last visit, the issues that they are there to provide service to only those trying to claim refugee/exile status, and that my case was very different and I wish to migrate abroad and they had given me a list of service provider to help me and they could not help. There are other issues we address will not introduce them here.

I had gone there for two purpose to explain that I had not received and feed back form the police and to ask then to call Hopkin Murrey and Besking my old Housing solicitors. In a very threatening and undertone “started ranting that I was stressed by the whole situation would they like me to be referred to Mind Islington”. In a very firm way told them no, in front of that young Seychellois volunteer – I need to get in contact with my Housing Solicitor.

I also explained and underlined that in the first place had gone/come to that building for British Refugee Council Service and they have known me for some 30 years, they had given me my first Flat at Clapham Junction where and why Mr Gerrard Hoareau got /was assassinated – the many wrong stories including those on Facebook recent. They also gave me my second flat in Kilburn – Brent 87 a Victoria Rd.

In brief he told me in the witness of that young Seychellois volunteer I could not use the service of Red Cross in Dalston. My reason for writing and addressing this issues on the web being fully aware of confidentiality and safety – that Staff. Case worker decided to use that “Satanic rage/Rave to sleaze my person” and the many on the road who picked it up and was aware of what was going on - It is bad practise and must not be tolerated – just as those Police had stop me three weeks ago buy Victoria station and using “the same criminal/corrupted and antisocial benchmark to harass, intimidate and threaten my person” those who picked it up – and PM Cameron who when it suit him use the expression the Big society and when it does not suit him his attitude. That Individual who had picked/been influenced by “that Satanic rage/rave of the police and they carried out the killing” over the past 25 years the catalogue of such incidents in Britain and elsewhere and what the police, media and politicians choose to explain. Those who want Britain out of the EU and Judiciary system to impose their mad and lunatic – perverted brand of British Justice.

There are many other organisation in Dalston who delivers such service and vary. I left them and being bombarded/harassed went to three other organisations to get them to reconnect me with my old Housing Solicitor Hopkin Murrey and Beskin. Over the past 14 years have explained, protested how those from the British/English speaking community have set our person up – those Irish and many travelled and educated who understand and know perfectly well the meaning of setting somebody up. Those same person who discredited our person and wrote Britain and the Commonwealth change Seychelles One Party System. They create a very negative image of your person so that you can encounter big problem, create problems for you. Those involved and the many case during the PM Blair and John Major government we have been involved. Then using the same corrupted standard everybody forgets and remembers or know their only corrupted view and ideas.

There is a more macabre and wired issues behind this – Last night in Kent the whole village who picked up and witnessed a mega abuse of that infernal satanic rage/rave, the person behind and involved, my children and many from our community picked the issues up – because yesterday we had started and opened an account with a French company for online collaboration for the production of that heraldic merchandising as in the past those who have terrorized us and harassed us and the many bust ups, situation and issues and collateral spill over - That white staff of the Red Cross judge he was being cleverer than our person those using him to mess us up and be terrible nasty because we had started that account in France and very likely involving the British Masonic/fraternal establishment – we have been saying over the past 30 years there exist discipline and mechanism to prove and disprove this.

Before we left told that young Seychellois Red Cross staff – this is our problem most and every ethnic community in London have a resource office as and when such situation occur and develop how they lend and support their community – the Seychellois community have nothing in London – safe their Facebook and blogs and forums and pubs and friends houses. Yet when the EU and UN and the Commonwealth write and what the Seychelles and African media writes. Upon this 60th year of Queen Elizabeth reign , OAU/African Union 50th anniversary and -36 years of the Revolution and coup d’etat – in Seychelles the Catholic Church found fit to set up an Office and centre for none Seychellois migrants and others - the very people, community the Diaspora and Seychellois exile/refugee community in London have nothing. What about the Somali Pirates and the propaganda./ mega con.

We would like to address Prince Harry and he is a very grown up person now – the issues which got him into trouble. Firstly we thank him for posting some of the pictures he has on Facebook about Princess Diana their late mother and their young person.

We have posted a picture on Mrs/First lady Obama facebook given she was a Lawyer and former President Obama Lawyer and his work in the Volunteer, Community and NGO sector of the building know as Bootstrap company – Print House. Then USA Embassy in London 1997, who knew and monitored us and other Embassy - when Kent constabulary/Police forced us to come back to London instead of Migrating to France of Belgium. Then President Bill Clinton and then Irish Community in London and Ireland. Then greater NGO, Volunteer sector, NCVO. LVSC, Red Cross, Amnesty British Refugee Council – events in the COMECON, USSR, East Germany, Africa, Latin America, the Indian Ocean, China and Asia, the new building for NCVO, the New Building for LVSC on Holloway road, the Halkavits on Dalston Road – most important Print House.

How when we were forcer to come back to Islington – the dynamic/synergy we manage and that SIROP program base on that those who decided to rebuild and refurnish that building for Community Project and the such , the many meetings. The many reports, the many letters to the government, the Council , NGO, EU Institutions and UN.

Why we wish to address Prince Harry – we had contributed to refurbishment of that building and other projects the way we were treated – the corrupted practise in London/Britain and it is much worse under the Coalition government. Those we knew then and worked/associated with in Islington 14 years ago.

Those individuals knew very well what was going in the Royal circle beside the media and TV. What was being said by the gutter press Particularly in Islington and Dalston – those who knew my connections and responsibilities and how they abused and treated our person. We are talking of the Volunteers sector, the NGO and the such – those who were abusing our capacity to have worked and become involve with the COMECON , USSR change and East Germany, the Indian Ocean Africa, the Gulf Region – those using and abusing that infernal satanic rage/rage.

It is from this prospective we protested back in 1997/8, and we have copy of the communication even to the Palace and the Fraternal /Masonic establishments and the police. We have worked with big multinational issues – we will be blunt those form the Homosexual community, fraternity in London who has hated us and have a deep grudge against our person – it is common knowledge in the Grass Root working of London. The sleaze they spread in Britain and across Europe and Africa and the Gulf Region. Because of this responsibility we had warned that if the abuse persisted and continue their would be major consequences. Yet as usual in Britain when all hell break loos the next day and week after everybody forgets, it never happened, occurs and the media role. The European do not work that way and what took place that Night in Paris and that accident. This is the dark side of Princes Diana work with the NGO, volunteer sector the media will not discuss they choose to hide and cover. We have social media today across the world where everything and anything can be discussed.

We will link a picture of that building/Project with this thread.



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