Jean-Claude Juncker awarded European of the Year

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Jean-Claude Juncker awarded European of the Year Empty Jean-Claude Juncker awarded European of the Year

Post  Sirop14 on Tue May 07, 2019 9:51 pm

With the announcement of Britain taking part in the EU election, a combination of very nasty/ugly Conservative brand of Terror is returning to our person, nastier than the last time. The garbage of PM Cameron EU exit politic and those involved with him then, to a good degree my person involvement - those in France aware, how this program works and still works in France in European capacity and to certain extent Germany and Spain on account of that SIROP program dynamic - it still able to impact and drive not just EU economic issues but election issues hence they go for my person with all brutality. At the core of it that infernal Satanic mechanism.

We are going to add the article of Commissioner President Junker special Prize, please read how issues get presented and discussed by the European media, establishment - no mention of that SIROP program or other capacity which drive Eu politic and important events. Hence those who know can use/apply with every criminal capacity their dishevel system, also those who get badly hurt and pain - the media never reporting. If they report it is a very different version and explanation. The citizens of EU and the Mass will not allow themselves to get con and fooled how they react and have reacted- The very EU Institutions practice this - hence the mega mess. There have been not a word mention of that SIROP program capacity over the past 4/5 years of this commission working and yet.

Jean-Claude Juncker awarded European of the Year

Jean-Claude Juncker Named 'European Leader of the Year' - Euro ...
10 hours ago - Readers will be flabbergasted to learn that the Euronews 'European Leader of the Year' Award last night went to… Jean-Claude Juncker.


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