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The LUNGOS Chairperson was in London this week representing LUNGOS at the International Forum of NGO Platforms (IFP) Council Meeting.

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The LUNGOS Chairperson was in London this week representing LUNGOS at the International Forum of NGO Platforms (IFP) Council Meeting.  Empty The LUNGOS Chairperson was in London this week representing LUNGOS at the International Forum of NGO Platforms (IFP) Council Meeting.

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The LUNGOS Chairperson was in London this week representing LUNGOS at the International Forum of NGO Platforms (IFP) Council Meeting. Mrs Azemia also attended a training program for all IFP members. The training was organized by BOND, a UK based NGO which is also a member of IFP. The purpose was to provide a space for participants to explore the capacity building needs for their members and their own networks and to inform IFP's strategy on capacity building. The end result should be a shared picture of the key issues facing platforms and the obstacles to their effectiveness.
LUNGOS was one of the 4 NGOs chosen to share its experiences on Capacity Building. Lungos Seychelles's presentation centered around the 5 cycles of ERSP (2009 - 2014).
The International Forum of NGO Platforms (IFP) brings together 55 national NGO platforms from Africa, Latin America, Asia, Europe and Oceania and seven regional coalitions, which together account for more than 21,000 organizations. It was founded at an international conference in Paris in 2008, with the conviction of broadening the space to participate in global debates to defend our vision of a supportive world where human rights are respected, the most vulnerable populations have a voice and inequalities and injustice are fought. This prompted the decision by the national platforms from the five continents to start a cooperative work and joint advocacy.Seychelles joined the platform in March of 2012.


This positive news is very welcome - however given the state of our Sechelles Seychelles exile/refugee workings and our greater diaspora and Migrant communities situation - other nations NGO would have made the efforts/to extend their visit and take the time to share their views - this is Seychelles - hence many across the world believe only a strong man like FA Rene and JA Michel can run and rule this country - get LUNGOS to behave/comport. Now go and delete my/our comment.
We have a problem in that Sechelles Seychelles - our Black brothers and Sisters - they judge the Sun was created and shine only for them - with the benchmark coming from African Union - the same speaks for our Seychelles HC. They do not see further then their nose - did they build/lay the foundation to that Seychelles and the lies they have come to believe that they change Seychelles, the Commonwealth, OAU or some aliens - but not and never the Seychelles exile/refugee and Diaspora communities

Dear Friends - we mean Friends, recall 1987 to 1997/2000 the workings of LVSC on Holloway Rd - Resource Center, NCVO of the Canal and her Majesty the queen is the Patron - the great and very positive NGO workings spirit which existed and prevailed as a results of the work and contributions to help change the former COMECON nations, East Europe and their NGO development - the development of WANGO. We monitored and got to meet some of the Executives after 2000 leading to 2010 - the benchmark, the NGO had to produce results which favored their funding - whatever this meant. The highly negative energy which set itself in the NGO working of Britain. Those who protested of the situation and Benchmark - from the big banks and the big multinationals - somebody had to call them to account and events of 2007/8 - the devastation for the NGO workings in Britain - since two years things have began to pick up. We want to address the many International officers and Executive just as they see our national assembly and they say this is Seychelles national Assembly workings - wrong, the same apply to our NGO workings in Seychelles - we have a very serious situation and issues - the International institutions refuse to take their responsibilities seriously. For instance it is on record we had several meetings with the Grass Roots/NGO working of Hackney where they have build those super Flats - shortly after 1997 explaining that it was high time the British system took into account the accounting process meaning in the NGO/Grass Root sector workings those with a budget of £100/£1000 what they could do and deliver list the details, those who claim credits/took credits and the abnormal accounting system and procedure in place - after our meetings and protests - suddenly it was deemed necessary to put into place a new system and benchmark for accounting and accountability and reporting for the NGO and Grass Roots. Nobody wants to work for ever making other rich and important and get no reward and thank you or acknowledgement. This include the EU what we have been writing about this SIROP portal project and the important impacts benefits on EU , USA, China, Russia and the Indian Ocean - yet the manner the accountability is carried out - we/I was involved in the Enron debacle, the big five bust up and those in EU what we have address abut his coming EU election and the USA who monitor our issues - just what did LUNGOS relate of Seychelles unique success at their conference.


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