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AV Group installs PV system

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AV Group installs PV system Empty AV Group installs PV system

Post  Sirop14 on Tue Sep 23, 2014 5:47 pm

AV Group installs PV system

The AV Group, a well-established Seychellois company, together with Toyota has decided to take a step further in reducing their carbon footprint and help the Seychelles economy.

They did this with the help of the Sea and Sun Technology Seychelles by installing a solar photovoltaic (PV) system at their Providence showroom.

Earlier, the AV Group Toyota Providence introduced hybrid vehicles that run with an internal combustion motor and an electric propulsion system including batteries to reduce fuel consumption.

The company, which is due to celebrate its golden anniversary soon represents many world renowned brands such as Yamaha, Daihatsu, Subaru, Hino and lately Toyota, has joined the growing number of international companies using the PV system.

With the design of a 45kW PV system consisting of SMA inverters and 170 of Sea and Sun Technology’s award winning LG monocrystalline panels’ combination, the Providence showroom will now offset 43.4 metric tons of carbon dioxide. Switching to PV energy will also translate to a saving of an estimated 50% of their consumption and equating to not consuming 101 barrels of oil per year and having 35 acres of forest storing carbon for one year.CO2 emissions are believed by scientists to be the chief cause in climate change.

This change by the AV group will play a vital role in lowering carbon emissions and therefore as a company help keep climate change in check. The implementation of this project comes at a fitting time just ahead of a UN climate change summit taking place in New York.

The managing directors of Sea and Sun Technology Seychelles, Richard Hoareau and Yves Maurel, with their sister company in Germany have said they are proud to be providing a high quality service and products.

“As Seychellois working with Germany we are proud to be implementing a technology that inadvertently helps everyone in Seychelles,” commented Messrs Hoareau and Maurel.

AV Group managing director Anil Valabjhi has reiterated his group’s commitment to “explore all avenues to preserve our environment. Climate change and sustainable development are the very core of our existence,” commented Mr Valabjhi.

He went on to say his company’s decision is very much in synch with a report that has been commissioned by the global commission on the economy and climate and just released ahead of the UN New York summit. It states that “governments and businesses can improve economic growth while reducing their carbon emissions, through a combination of rapid technological innovation and new investment infrastructure. This is exactly what we have done,” stated Mr Valabjhi.

Sea and Sun Technology Seychelles was established since 2009 and has lasted the test of time as a reputable renewable photovoltaic supplier and installer. They can be contacted in Trinity House Room 2, 2nd Floor, Victoria, email, website or phone 432 2055.


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