David Cameron: it is Britain's duty to attack Isis in Syria

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David Cameron: it is Britain's duty to attack Isis in Syria

Post  Sirop14 on Wed Dec 02, 2015 2:37 pm

David Cameron: it is Britain's duty to attack Isis in Syria

David Cameron has told Britain it has a moral and military duty to attack Islamic State in Syria, saying the move will enhance and not hinder a fledgling diplomatic process.

Opening a near 11-hour debate that is likely to end with a majority to extend the British air campaign from Iraq to Syria, the prime minister admitted his case was difficult and complex but said Britain must decide whether to take on the “evil” of so-called Islamic State in its Syrian heartlands or “wait for them to attack us”.

How will MPs vote on Syria airstrikes?
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Cameron insisted that a military effort was only part of the solution, but said Britain did have an additional and unique military contribution to make due to its precision bombing capability.

The prime minister was repeatedly asked to apologise for saying some of those voting against airstrikes were a “bunch of terrorist sympathisers”, remarks the prime minister made at a private meeting on Tuesday night.

The Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, said: “To brand those who plan to vote against the government as ‘terrorist sympathisers’ both demeans the office of the prime minister and I believe undermines the seriousness of deliberations we are having today.”




Comment -This is the same devious, dishonest and utterly corrupted approach we have experienced the past 30 years, the manner PM Blair choose to go to War - the world and humanity have to accept this for how long. Much of The utter mess of Iraq and Syria was caused and concocted by London then let us go to war. Let us destroy them completely - when they seek exile put them on A ROCKET AND SEND THEM TO SPACE:


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