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Post  Sirop14 on Tue Jan 26, 2016 4:17 pm

Host Europe Group 24/1/16

Dear Sirs,

We are very aware an entity of your size have to time for anybody with garbage.

My person have been in IT and computer science going back to 1978 Vienna, Austria then leaders like IMB - then Bill Gate just starting out young company - working with then Prof Dr Micheal Hofmann Vienna Interdisciplinary Management Institute - he was a leading person in the Computer world and High Management - what we undertook to challenge IBM dominance - to cut a long story short have been involved for the past 35 years in many radical evolution in IT/Computer, Communication. Some of he big brands and names we have impacted and influenced.

In 1978 when called upon to write a Program to solve the Cold War Indian Ocean situation with French President Mitterrand pleaded that we use the Minitel to deploy a global connectivity - we had already been importantly involved in the CERN project. Our input that Tim Brenner Lee and associate wrote the WWW.

Inquire of those who know we have contributed major EU policy development on IT/Computer thematic as well a Communication Development and Market.

With all these experience we integrates these in the SEYEU.COM portal which we hosted some 9 year ago at Heart Internet - we wrote to them explaining who we were and our capacity - that project purpose.

3/4 years ago things began to malfunction - we felt they and others were involved in massive manipulation of that project to enhance and advance their interests - we address the UN, the USA high parties and the EU Officials - this Portal project had helped Heart Internet being acquired by HEG Group.

I have addressed the EU Officials, France, our communities in Europe, the governments of the Indian Ocean to beware of the capacity of this portal and it impacts - we need to host it is such a way that the benefits are evenly shared. In January 2016 our account was terminated by Heart Internet. My person have been responsible that Microsoft answers before the EU Institutions.

We have looked at your portfolio of Hosting Service - the closest you come to our need is your Data center in Strasbourg - we require a Hosting service in France.

Can you give us a phone number we can call your Service and talk with somebody senior in your Operation.

Thank you for your reply



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