Local artists to have work on show in Germany

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Local artists to have work on show in Germany Empty Local artists to have work on show in Germany

Post  Sirop14 on Sun Aug 02, 2009 11:49 am

European art enthusiasts will have the chance to enjoy the work of four Seychellois artists taking part in an international art symposium in Germany.

They are Colbert Nourrice, Allen Ernesta, Egbert Marday and Léon Radegonde ¬.

The workshop – Europe meets Seychelles – will be held from August 6-16 at the Wadden Sea Centre in Wilhelmshaven and is organised by Dr Juliana Köhler, owner of the centre, in collaboration with Hartmut Evers, a German-Seychellois artist who lives on La Digue.

It is a follow-up to a similar one organised locally in 2006 by artists’ group Pro-Arts and the then Ministry of Local Government, Culture and Sports when artists from Austria, Germany and Spain took part.

A display of artwork from the 2006 workshop is now touring countries in Europe and will be in Germany for the symposium.

The Wadden Sea Centre – Wattenmeerhaus – is in the harbour city of Wilhemshaven on the North Sea coast and hosts a variety of cultural events, including art exhibitions targeting tourists as well as local residents.

The symposium will take place during the peak tourist season and should attract many visitors.
While in Germany, the Seychellois artists will be working on new paintings.


Note: We have note that thread at AKS about President JA Michel doing it his way. Equally the article about the SNP loosing steam. The point of view addressed.

The issues here is that though we have for the past 5 years made important progress towards establishing NGO working in Seychelles and their relative function in any nation. We we have termed dislocation /disjointed thinking and working in our nation system be they in Seychelles , EU and around the world.

There have been a number of important events of recent in Seychelles and to do with Seychelles. We trust we are not talking above anybody head. When there are visitors to Seychelles from Italy, France, Britian , Germany form our EU community, the reason the come, travel, those who travel with them, their agendas, itenaries and programs.

This week end in Seychelles we have such a situation - those who have indicated their awareness and those who just plain ignored it. We have requested those visitors to call on the home of Miss Arnphy to pay our respect.

Equally the number of events, and what we may term as change in dynamic and synergy of national issues. How and why things work the way they do.
* Good strides towards a drug-free Seychelles
* High-level forum addresses key national issues
* Ministry staff learn about swine flu prevention
* Appeal court to resume on Monday
* Museum display shows 230 years of Victoria’s history
* IOT names new general manager
* Focus on breastfeeding’s vital role in emergencies
* Forged dollars found on two passengers
* Trwazyenm-az i koste otour tenm nasyonal
* Friends strengthen skills to help prisoners
* Ministry staff gain knowledge of human rights
* Sitwayen aze i reviv memwar lepase atraver vizit kot Arsiv

* Interview avec Rudy Moimbé (Ti Barth) - « J’ai créé un morceau spécial pour les Seychelles »
* Concert to relive music from 60s and 70s - Encore!
* Flowers of Seychelles bloom at Carrefour des Arts

* Chefs to do battle in first national culinary contest
* Local artists to have work on show in Germany

In Europe, they have their related issues and impacts if one is interested , bothered to watch and monitor. For instance the Mass where Pope John Paul ll went on pilgrim to MariaZell in Austria. Certain important problematic in Germany. One of the important shipyard gone into recievership beside other important multinational problematic. We are aware and sensitive to them. Including the largest pizza function today and ice cream throwing competition.

Last night the very large concert by Andre Rieux in Masstrich - the attendance.

Over the next four weeks the pattern of things in Seychelles. For those who care to monitor closely.

In Kent the isues of a door very bad girls in old England and currently very bad boys in Sicily and other parts of Italy.

We have added a link to our Seychelles EU connection About us page close to FA Rene picture waving his fist. History of Suez Canal - those who have noticed the link.

On account of the thread of JA MIchel doing things his way. In 1978/9 Mr Ron Gerlach travelled to Austria and Germany for his painting exebition, then one party state - communist system. There are some. certain things about our culture the British just do not like -= one of them is our artist and their work. How other nations appreciate and respect our artist and their work. This points to a cultural conflict and cultural exclusion.

Though we are not and do not live in Seychelles we have always understood and respect the way they work. Just like the government and their officials take important time and efforts 5to support and promote EU and international work - the SNP and DP and others can start and begin there. They may calim they will not have the resource and support like the government and SPPF - at least they can try and later write about it - discuss it.

Our Sechelles - Seychelles EU community have aand face the same issues. They are ignorant, they fail to note the importance the EU institutions stress and emphasis about the rights and working of the individuals , groups etc which makes our Sechelles - Seychelles EU community. They prefer to rip us off/con us or threathen us. Whe it come to The government affairs, they get the media bum publicity and the German politicians circus involvement. They dare turn round and say we are not pulling our weight.

Just like we have written that thread about our friendly relation with the USA high parties - those in Germany who are paying, and yet to pay more for not listening to our protest - issues we have presented the politicians, the public and the media. We have a right to manage our ancestral good will and heritage the way we deemed and think fit, not at the order and demands of anybody in EU.

Excuse us we have not edited this thread.


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