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Anti social, racism in Pluckley - kENT Empty Anti social, racism in Pluckley - kENT

Post  Sirop14 on Wed Sep 02, 2009 11:34 am

Anti social, racism in Pluckley

I have reported, protested about the above practise in Pluckley very many times - to the relevant organisation in Britain, the Prime Ministers Office and the people protest page. The European Court and the UN relevant body - this dose not stop the antisocial abuse and racism in Pluckely.

This morning I went to catch the 523 Bus to go to a Small village close by on my way to Maidstone. I particularly did not wait on the bus stop because of past racist incident. The person male who was involved the last time came to catch the bust 10 am.

Very many cars drove and terrorised us, abused me using antisocial rave/rage, bullying and insults. There are several houses and they witnessed what took place.

Two elderly white female came to catch the bus and the immediately using English - sleazing, racist slurs and the such. A white female came whilst this was going on tried to control the situation.

When the Bus came - I followed then on the bus, a man was standing next to the Driver he looked at my Elder Pass and told me this was not valid on his bus. He asked a female to show her pass which had been issues by Ashford Council. I asked him for his name and Bus Number - he knew what he was up to -gave me only the Bus rout number.

I telephoned the Bus company 0871 200 2233 and reported what had happened. A Female Staff informed that my Elderly Pass was valid any where in England.

There was Water company van parked at the junction and the workers equally nasty and racist. I decided to go to the Local Vicar Rev King to seek help and protest. I was told he live in Charing. I went to the Arch Deacon House and spoke with a lady - he would not be in until 1pm. I proceed to explain her what had taken place. Also explained the very many other racist incidents I had experienced and had protested about and some of the very ugly and nasty outcomes.


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Anti social, racism in Pluckley - kENT Empty Sunday 18/10/13

Post  Sirop14 on Sun Oct 20, 2013 7:59 am

{" I/we are using this forum because it allows to use the reply thread and post then directly on any Social platform which our other forum do not allow/not possible with our reading the many threads first"}

20/10/13 Sunday

It is Sunday Morning those of you who will be going to Church Mass in London, Kent, Hounslow, in Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Point Larue, Seychelles Cathedral, Anse aux Pins, across the Island, likewise in Mauritius, Reunion, France, Vienna/Austria, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Holland, Spain, Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

We/I have read briefly what I have written and been addressing above in the previous threads on our situation in Kent the past two years. Beside what we/I have addressed from time to time on Facebook.

There are those of you Officials, Police, politicians, media, volunteers, busy bodies/nosy persons, Church persons and acquaintance who have read/try to read and keep up with our situation and development.

What we are going to write about some of you on Facebook have become aware and your respective potions - reactions. Some of you keeping very quiet.

Up and until 18th October - 2013, had just hope - after all the prayers, interventions of many others who have got to know and aware of our situation and plight, those who have gone to Lourdes, Seychelles Anse aux Pins new church consecration, in Calais and your respective church mentioned above - including those from the White House, President Clinton Friends - others concern had found a solution. Namely acquire a small place in Normandy and move some of my/our belongings there.

The Mother of my/our son had agreed - changing my original Plan to just rent a disused go-down/warehouse in Normandy, with the help of the church and Volunteer sector and move some of my belongings there - visiting as and when necessary. I had indicated ths to certain French Officials and talked it over with members of our community and close Family in London.

Given our immediate environment in Kent - as we have been protesting and explaining not just the past two years but 20 years the manner, the terrible attitude of those English/white neighbours. How they nose in/spy and monitor everything we/I try to do and their respective arguments an reasons. Then what the Authorities will write and talk about and Downing Street and the media and what lies they tell and relate in Seychelles and Mauritius or Strassbourg and Bruxelles about our/my situation.

As a results - we have this neighbour who have been doing immense harm to us, including spying, hacking our computer - their respective political affiliation - BNP, the hate. Beside the involvement of other nasty and unstable individuals. "They have go to know of my/our plan dna decision and the have been using that infernal antisocial rage/rave to cause/make the mother of my/our son change her mind." I have spent some three months working on this solution - beside the very bold and single minded attempts and efforts to get the French Embassy in Seychelles and several leading refugee/migrant and law firs help/push through a Resettlement application via the UNHCR anywhere in France, Germany or Italy and Belgium. Anybody that will have our person now that we have become pension age.

The question how much is one allowed to write with out getting into trouble. Those neighbors are very nasty - they will do terrible things then lie and spread sleaze.

In the face of such situation it is very difficult to work out problem in a clear logic manner - the constant harassment/satanic/rage bullying.

It is impossible to work on two solutions - the mother of my son/our son - Mauritian have started the process of exchange and I have addressed this in the above Thread. The earliest given Council procedure, my Legal Rights anything from 6 Weeks to earliest to one months.

This requires that I stop/prevented to work on the Plan I have been the past three months and concentrate upon safe guarding my belongings, plants, dog etc.

I Will need to find immediately money form one years rent at £80/12 = £720 for one year/ per months and a place to store my belongings - plants and what to do with our dog.

Alternatively purchase an Old container for £700 plus rent ofr one year.

Given that I have been addressing and working on the possibilities the past two years - resulting issues. Beside my son's place will not have a place to stay in Kent and will need to find a solution - staying in Islington 365 days in the year will spell important personal disaster and fall outs.

Our Family dog that black Labrador have been a good friend and help - my intention had been to move him to France/Normandy and the solution was very close/on the table. What to do with him.

Now come the more immediate concern - those personal belonging place in storage and container is not safe/right. Those who know my person and responsibilities. There will be important fallout as a results of loosing that House, place and garden.

There had been minor issues compared to what will take place the two major economic crash prior to that of 2007. With the fragility of the current situation, so call recovery - it will have severe impacts.

The question I have ask myself and address many - how human.people/officials, so call great experts, police and daft and how they react - and reacted in the past. I had written explained and told of my concern and they did little to prevent development in instant took part in making the situation worse and the outcome.

The the media scream, tell their lies about what cause and impacted the situation - most important the cost in economic loss, properties, jobs and thousands of head ache for the government, Bruxelles, Strasbourg, across Europe, the USA and elsewhere. Their logic is terrible - it would have cost at the most £5,000 - £10,000 in instants and then we have fallout and collateral mess in $/3 billions and Trillions and the sufferings.

The same to/in Seychelles and Mauritius, the NGO, the Oppositions, the Lawyers, the Diplomatic corp and the governments and large business.

Given the past reaction, events, position of you all the past 25 years we/I have been left to stew pretty much in my own mess. Yet those of you who own some of the largest properties in Seychelles < Mauritius and elsewhere upon my person sweat, toil and work then turn round and show my person the middle fingure - there will be justice and justice done not come from men but heaven - the very God you pray every Sunday - they need to addressed those who pastor and work for the Churches we have mentioned including the Vatican. .

I want to address President FA Rene and those who have seen the Document of the money he owe my person - the fact that I have not ask for all of it a meager 1% -10% would have helped - instead.

Then there is the person of Mr Phillippe Boulle one of the most influential lawyer in Seychelles and the important collaboration we have done to put that SIROP program together and change Seychelles. I have tried in a serious and business manner bring the issues to his attention. It is not right or logic that anybody engage/work the issues I/my person have the past 25 years every body gets paid, get a house or something and we are shown the middle figure by everybody. Including close relatives in Seychelles and elsewhere. {I have caused and worked that a great many of the financial scandal/working in Seychelles and Mauritius is exposed the past two years} We/I also had Mr Woodney Pillay who had promised to use his expertise to help solve the issues they killed him as it the practice in Seychelles.

Those who will come back and say you already knew their respective reaction, you have written and protested the past 25 years what has it brought you and achieved.

In 2006/2007 when we addressed those of you in high positions and high responsibilities you judge/conclude we were telling lies or whatever and the ensuing events and consequences.

The question we want to ask all of you this time what will be the outcome for/over a merger £10,000 -£15,000 - who is the biggest criminal and fraudulent person, illogical. Banks will fail and large companies/multinational and job will be loss worth £/$ millions and billions.

There is the need to state those person who have emailed me and offered all kind of crazy money skins - knowing that my person and email/communications monitored/ The moment we accepted and entered such transaction the Police and Official would have us/my person arrested.

I have also tried several supposedly more serious online business/money asking and why, what cause and made it impossible and the money I lost.

We ask the French Embassy in Seychelles to please note the issues, the Officials of the EU Commission and particularly the White House.


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