AIESEC International Congress, Poland 2016

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AIESEC International Congress, Poland 2016 Empty AIESEC International Congress, Poland 2016

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AIESEC International Congress, Poland 2016

Seychellois youths join peers worldwide to discuss pressing global issues

Seychelles was once again well represented at one of the world’s biggest annual conferences, the AIESEC International Congress which took place from August 14-23 in Poland. A team of five comprising Kelly Mothe, Annarose Clarisse, Joanna Pouponeau, Jess Ruggirello, Bogar Milan and Raymus Laurence, under the banner of AIESEC (Seychelles) flew to Poland to discuss issues most pressing for the country, the best solution and designing sustainable projects.
Established in 1948 AIESEC was originally a French acronym for Association internationale des étudiants en sciences économiques et commerciales (English: International Association of Students in Economic and Commercial Sciences); however, the full name is no longer officially used as members can now come from any university background.
AIESEC is the largest international student organisation which is currently present at 2400 universities in 126 countries and territories all over the world. Since its inception, AIESEC has been organising annually its international congresses. The aim of AIESEC’s 68th International Congress was to bring over 1000 young leaders from around the world together to connect with different stakeholders to discuss and act upon the most important global issues.
Young Seychellois and University of Seychelles’ law student Kelly Mothe expressed her contentment to experience such an enriching gathering of over 1000 youths from 126 countries all under one roof.
Ms Mothe, a 22-year-old Seychellois from Le Niole, relates how she got to be a part of AIESEC as well as her experiences at the conference.
“I first heard about AIESEC from my colleague and friend Annarose Clarisse, who recently represented Seychelles at the UN Youth Assembly this year. She was telling me how rewarding it was to be a part of this organisation and I was so excited at the opportunity to make a difference that I told her to sign me up. We had different meetings to discuss the best structures for AIESEC in Seychelles and started finding ways to raise funds for positive impact, this is only the beginning.”
AIESEC’s 68th International Congress showcased diversity and cross-cultural understanding in its purest form. During the Congress, there were a few special events that were held:

The opening ceremony

“The opening ceremony took place in one of the largest theatres in Europe, Teatr Wielki Opera Narodowa, allowing AIESEC members as well as externals to witness the organisation’s true impact on the world. We were also privileged to witness the performances of Kameralna Harmonia, advocates of Polish music using their instruments to give rise to gut-wrenching emotion, Marta Baranowska and Dariusz Brojek gracing us with their professional ballet performance and Audiofeels, a Polish acapella group, who provided an amazing, jaw-dropping performance through their rich vocal harmonies and ability to create an entire orchestra with just eight people.”


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