Theresa May would go to war to protect Gibraltar, Michael Howard says

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Theresa May would go to war to protect Gibraltar, Michael Howard says Empty Theresa May would go to war to protect Gibraltar, Michael Howard says

Post  Sirop14 on Sun Apr 02, 2017 1:26 pm

Theresa May would go to war to protect Gibraltar, Michael Howard says

Theresa May should be prepared to go to war to protect Gibraltar suggests Tory veteran Lord Howard

Fallon vows to defend Gibraltar 'all the way' Daily Mail

The battle with Spain over Gibraltar shows that many still live in the great shadow of the British Empire The Independent

We did not go to any church this morning - even if we had transport possibility

The media and politicians taking everybody for total fools - we listened to part of the debate former President Nixon impeachment debacle and the current situation in the US how this would have been view a few years ago

The first news story we read at Google, of PM going to war over Gibraltar if required/needed and this coming form former Micheal Harward of Dover. He was around then Lady Thatcher going to war over the Falkland and the total/bloody lies they have written and spread to the world - that situation/build up could have been completely avoided form a High Interdisciplinary Prospective we played an important role then SIROP program - the program on BBC this morning about the eventual negative outcome over Dover port and the many many input I /we have made the almost purchase of that Port by the Calais Authorities. MP Micheal Harward forget as everything he forgets very fast.

Today we have the possibility to interact with those from Argentina if so wish in public even if they will not talk about via social media, everything and the current Monarch of Spain - what we have been writing as comment and other issues - That SIROP program is hosted in Spain Santandar.

We trust before it is too late - some of the very important Spanish thematic we have worked on - the current Spanish economic rebuilding - again what the media write. Those who had offered is that modest House in Spain to purchase and the manner they have gone about it and Sir James Mancham is dead to come in between. The Britexit have been triggered and this could have been avoided -

What if France had accepted my application for Political Asylum Transfer - however the current situation in France the game everybody is playing and the if we were in France adjective everybody on the streets of France they use to describe the media workings and comportment unlike Britain.

However - unlike Falkland and the UN debacle with Gibraltar we have the EU and other complex issues it is very easy for MP Harward to say drum up that PM May would be prepared to go to war. In Europe those again who know my person before this mess/muck get out of hand what they can do - if they do not far worse ought to happen than the last EU Election and the issues of the mega Corruption of the EU Workings.

The EU have the intelligence , the police and the resource to find out and monitor what is being said and those who matter like my person . The real Agenda of the Conservative of pulling out of EU and the EU official scared to talk about it in public -


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