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Saturday 23/12/17 was the one week of Prayer in Romania as set out in Royal protocol for the last King Micheal of Romania our threads at our Community Forum those Royal parentage from Britain, Spain, Sweden, France and Germany - referring issues of Cold War Europe and the Indian ocean Region, Gulf, Asia and Africa that SIROP program and those Royal input and contributions including Dr Otto Von Hapsburg and King Micheal person. Beside what we have termed our Illuminati and Arcadian workings.

Some may say and other of different opinion since that death of Sir James Mancham a good deal of very strange happenings, death in Seychelles in particular those who knew of his life, workings, responsibilities and connections - this Christmas all the Seychelles inhabitants/citizen's home across the world setting up their Christmas Trees, decorations and lights, the children - how things, the synergy, dynamic and symbiosis of life workings - impacting - the buzz or buzzing, wispier. Sir James Mancham knew a great deal about our Seychelles EU Community workings, across the world and our exiles/Refugees workings even if he did not publish or talk about them - including our linking Europe/World Royal, Illuminati, Arcadian and high Christian workings/functionality. In Seychelles proper the Church, Politicians and National address and function linking synergies and symbiosis with/to his death this Christmas.

Our statement that we decided to listen to Salzburg Radio - not knowing that Sir James Mancham would die in January taking with him several other important person from Seychelles - that same Salzburg Radio we had listened in 1977 in then Salzburg as an exile, then Von Oswald Families and others who attended the Festivals who knew of Seychelles and our then Indian ocean Issues, the media - the announcement of the coup d'etat in Seychelles 5th June 1977. Listening and more or less daily given our High Interdisciplinary Management responsibilities beside the workings issue of our EU Community and that SIROP program impacted and influence numerous important events and thematic in /Austria, Salzburg and yet what the media say and those personalities. When some of those events could have had negative impacts and yet people, entities and groups who can make such contributions who they get treated, represents and promoted. This said the Briteixt - our blogs, forums and website on this very very important European,World and National topic and very likely world peace the strong possibility of this development causing a lll world war. The Austrian excellent knowledge of the first world war and Second world war.

It was not my person who requested Slazburg Radio to broadcast the topic of Mrs Brigitte Buchacher and her work/responsibilities in Schloss Kuenburg in Tamsweg - Lungaw. Given the state of things in Sechelles Seychelles , politic, Opposition, Diaspora, Exile, invasion by working migrants and several Nations strong interests in Seychelles , geopolitics - the Drug plagues and the completely dislocated society function for and with all the massive impute and global resources and expertise still. The Horror of that Truth Commission and Reconciliation and the NGO workings of Seychelles and our Terrible media linking Africa, South , Zimbabwe and other AU important issues. Very problematic Church workings other Faith and their belief. The Article publish in Seychelles Nation of Seychelles in 1967/50 years ago and events by Mr Julien Durup, all those who have contributed and this Seychelles nation today. The mega Gulf Region development super cities and still much more futuristic project, the $500 billion NEOM and that of AUE, impacts on their mind, psychosis and lives and environment taking into note Seychelles is one of the world leaders in conservation and the associated science and discipline of Conservation. For the past near 30 years that SIROP program and its impact on the world, Europe, Russia, /china, Latin America, Gulf Region and Asia working , development and social issues - lengthly list of other issues, topics.

Mrs Brigitte Buchacher had be studying Pedagogic and her husband had been studying Mathematics and Sport at Salzburg University then 1977 - how and why we became acquainted. The important quality time we shared and spent as young family -including the important events in Seychelles which none could/would understand properly why we had left had to leave - come to Austria. From Salzburg the important decision to stay in The region of Salzburg and go into the Tourist business or move to Vienna where we eventually lost contact safe sparse news. Three years in London Islington had made the acquaintance of Dr Stern and our explanation of events surrounding our life and situation in London - her personal observation and first hand knowledge of life and society in London and Islington. The media garbage supers con and the stark/brutal reality, real politic. We/My person had been experiencing very bitter times, first the attempt to poison me, previously the mega explosion and the incident and those involved with my loosing my sight - the British medical view and the alternative views on Germany, France and Germany on my situation. Then Mayor Boris Johnson and those involved associated. I/we had already lodge our letter as requested to the French Ambassador in Seychelles for the Transfer of our political statue to France fearing for our life in London/Britain. Events 1/2 years later in Europe and Austria the mega Refugee/Exile exodus to Europe and EU reaction and imputing Resources and the effect on Britain and other European state real politic. Today the Project she works in - how the Radio moderator presented the topic. Our stressing that that infernal Satanic rage/Mad Cow, Satanic mechanism and associated radical para-science discipline had not been deployed then world 1977 compared to today - the human infestation and plagues and how the European politicians, authorities and many other high institutions refuse to talk about it and find solution. How today psychologist and all those involved associated with finding clinical solution address and how to work this mega problematic and our statement it/this have a direct impact on Britexit yet British media an d European media utter dishonesty.

Seychelles and Austria have developed a very strong Bilateral workings relation those involved in that Eden Island development via South Africa. UNIDO, OPEC, the Atomic Energy other important International Agency -beside those families with direct Seychelles Seychelles connection and our French, Italian and Austrian/Europe Arcadian high workings. When other nations were looking for way to change Seychelles by Force instead Austria and all those involved opted to impute in that SIROP program and results on very Austrian National economy, democracy, role in Europe and the world , What we did not share with DR Stern we had and would have accepted in 2013 if those in Austria had helped that we find permanent solution in Vienna for our/my person. . We have gone back to rework and impute in that SIROP program and Europe , Africa/Gulf Region issues.

The mega challenge which this almost 40 years lost relation, friendship and acquaintances mean, my then view of our Community in Europe - the coup d'etat had not taken place then Seychelles government representation of Sir James Mancham in Europe events after the announcement of the coup d'etat - we had began to think our /some form of representation for our Community in Europe and its associated Illuminati, Christian, historic, Royal and Heraldic workings. The later issues we integrated in our EU Community Emblem. In life when thing go wrong we are taught to go back to the source - In Kent the past 25 years and in spite of the many attempt to get the European and International court and justice involved the end results and even that so call Truth and Reconciliation Commission in Seychelles totally/utterly failing. The objective of this public presentation boxing Day 2017 - Britexit given my role in the WWW, OS Microsoft development and countless social media platform from a high Interdisciplinary Management prospective, Britain major and European thematic and former East Europe. - my efforts the past 5 years to find a solution in France for my person or Europe , that SIROP program and our EU Community workings in the future after Britexit. In the region of Salzburg the qualitative resource from Psychiatric, psychology and exile/refugees related resources at Hospital , Clinical and University and Church and Private Institutions. . Three years ago at the high of our problematic then PM Cameron government and those dreadful bunch of politicians with him had attempted /looked at spending some time in the County where the Buchacher Family lives and Dr Stern. Already we have note since the publication on Facebook of this topic the Body, NGO, entity Mrs Brigitte Buchacher works for have altered certain info on their website page.

There are very important events/development linked to the current white House Occupant, his families and children - in this super dislocated and disjointed world workings will not use our SIROP instead our FECAS- ECSVS Blog to publish this thread and use it to refer and share to those in Austria, European authorities, eventually those in Seychelles and Mauritius.

The very many who know of our Facebook workings why we/I did not share or use this platform to convey and communicate the whole day of Christmas Day - our ordeal at the hand of those abusing that infernal satanic rage/rave, CJD mechanism on my person and stressing this on Christmas Day and their threats what they will do to my person after Britexit - nobody/no one in the world will be able to intervene and interfere do anything about it. The British Justice Police, Media and Politic.

Lungau: Tageszentrum für psychisch Kranke -

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Leiterin Brigitte Buchacher und GF Alois Autischer ... -,67692.html

Laube-GF Alois Autischer, LR Heinrich Schellhorn, Laube-Pongau-Leiterin Brigitte Buchacher, Reinhard Lackner (Kiwanis). (Foto: LMZ Franz Neumayr/SB),1376912.html

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