World Economic Forum (Davos) 2013

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World Economic Forum (Davos) 2013

Post  Sirop14 on Sat Jan 26, 2013 3:37 pm

Given what we have addressed about IKEA furniture for that Place/87a Victoria Rd, ex BRC Housing/Coach House for single Refugee/exile. The Original furniture from Seychellois exile families to start with and that SIROP program. We decided after Church not to stay and go and have a coffee at the Swedish church round the corner, the Swedish Embassy which have supported us through many very difficult moment - we saw a copy of the Times 26.01.2013 and the article about Davos – World Economic forum and we decided we had to react and write something.

In the first place given the so call prominency those who have shared and worked with ECF and later WEF, our own involvement in this field as a leading Interdisciplinary Management Executive, the sister or cousin institution set up by Professor Dr Michael Hoffman of Vienna Interdisciplinary Management Institute and Head of Wien Academy of high Management – Uni, a leading consultant to a large array of leading big Europe and USA multinational , the COMECON , USSR, Astro Plan issues for some near fifteen years until the change that Institutions providing expertise to leading Austrian government Officials and high managers. The question we ask where was European Economic forum and Professor Swab then.

Given that we have been helped, supported by Occupy Westminster, St Paul, UBS Sun Street and Finsbury Square and that People Library in Friern Barnet – that portion of that IKEA table and the article we have addressed at the SIROP news/blog – why in the first place Occupy got started.

We had been writing during then PM Blair government era and PM Gordon Brown about Davos, WEF inability and inappropriate Benchmark to appraise the problematic seriously and objectively. What led to the global meltdown in 2008 and at the time the forecast, statement of Davos – WEF and all those who took part and the respective media – they were proved very wrong and we had a near end scenario, meaning had the economic and global financial system been deeper a possible world war was not far.

We have addressed had that global meltdown not taken place – the Occupy movement would never have some into existence and the world continue to function as it was. We had been writing about these issues and those who threaten us then with anti Terror Legislation to shut us up and intimidate our person – to join the corrupted benchmark and global practise and such workings we refused.

We are fully aware – the Benchmark of Professor Dr Michael Hoffman Vienna Interdisciplinary Management, his refusal to join the main stream corrupted practise and their benchmark around 1996/6 was the cause of his death – he was killed and all those who know of the issues in Vienna.

During the PM Blair era, the Mayor Ken Livingstone, the chancellor Gordon Brown – who believed in World Economic forum workings and the many events they have taken part in and the role of the British media. What the media and all those who went to Davos, WEF every year refused to tell the world what mechanism they were using to harvest information, cream information and then peddling them and selling then as their ideas and thinking. What we have addressed the UN, the European Court of Justice, the European Parliament, the council of Europe and Bruxelles. Beside the Vatican and the Fraternal, archaic, Masonic and Templar institutions.

The same set of dynamic, discipline which the core executive of WEF former EEF use is based upon the working of high Interdisciplinary management discipline. Within that discipline exist mechanism to prove and disprove many aspects of the issues we have addressed. One of them how was European Econo0mi Forum dynamise/synergise to change its name it was not the change in former COMECON – Warsaw Pact or the change of the USSR. It was that SIROP program as such then Professor Dr Michael Hoffman close relation with Professor Swab and my close workings with Professor Dr Hoffman and individuals like Professor von Hayek. That SIROP program was enacted in 1986 proper, the issues of Bill Gate then and many others, countless major issues and projects got synergise. As a leading Int3eridisciplinary Management executive one/your responsibility is to account and be very certain what dynamic and discipline is driving what issues and their aspects and be able to account – report and explain their co -relations.

Next those at WEF – Davos will take credit for the CERN Project conception and WWW as such individual always ending up doing. We know of such workings and thinking’s, approach and the highly corrupted media.

At every yearly meetings/gathering the percentage of different personalities their good reason for attending such an events and the large majority their abilities and capabilities – What WEF/Davos has become and those who when they leave Davos go about peddling their lies, corrupted benchmark and false discipline and take credits for other hard work.

One important factor got us to address this thread – do those at WEF/Davos know how the last Euro Zone chief was nominated and appointed – the Luxembourger and his eight years term of Office and the very many debacles – challenges. This said do they know why and for what reason that Dutch new head of Euro zone has been appointed and nominated in the first place. If they do not know how such mechanism work they ought to keep quiet and hold their peace. Request private meeting with those with in-depth knowledge or workings of such issues and then talk.

This said the Euro zone is in serious and grave crises, the view of the IMF and many others. From London the corrupted benchmark those individuals who know what is at work and they manipulating and abusing it. The Europolice and the greater European institutions do nothing all those who know about it – including the Occupy movement in London as mention above and the vast army of protesters across Europe.
WEF and Davos have a big problem – because their inability refusal to clean their act and work to a higher discipline.

President Obama having been educated at Harvard and now as president of the USA and his second Term have had ample opportunity to research and find out certain complex issues.

We have been involved and responsible for two important Projects in EU and international which has been driving the Economic and fiscal working of Euro Zone, those who have made a very great deal of money, acquired prestige position knowing such issues and then what they write in the respective reports and when they address the media.

In developing and building those two projects we used, included high discipline and management discipline – ye t the massive and very important issues it is driving and the way they account, those so call experts. It was this corrupted benchmark practise that led to the global melt down in 2007/8 onward and twice in the past researches our forums and blogs. WEF and Davos inability to do anything safe as talk House after the events.

Finally we wish to address those around Professor Swab is not ethical and right that those of you who know and are well area of our capabilities and experi9ence the past 30 odd years treat the issues with such attitude and arrogance – you are courting and asking for problem – you know we ought t have the capacity to withdraw our commitments or go in the forest or the deserts and what will ensue, a collapse of the workings discipline, dynamic and synergy.

For this reason we have taken to addressing those from L’Ena, the French aspect of such workings, education and high management. The objective to use them as counter check and indeed some of them who monitor our workings and professionalism.

It has been quite while we have not had the opportunity to exchange ideas with our German, Austrian and Swiss speaking associates and colleagues. One of the reason we had requested help this Winter form Vienna - close Family member our concern over this situation – the objective to try and met up with old associate and catch up and the response and attitude. Then everybody complain and demand help. Had we been able to go to Vienna /Austria this Winter, Davos and WEF gathering would have been very different. We will take bet on it for one of those £22 Pizza.

Even if /should Professor Swab, refuse to read what we have addressed here – those working with WEF need to remember and take due stock what we have addressed here and their high responsibility – there are some major surprise on the horizon and they will not be able to help and provide the due assistance to overcome situations.

Finally we did note in Today Seychelles 23/01/20013 chaired by Mr Marc Hoareau former Head of Barclays Bank Seychelles, the issues he know and the Arab Bank he heads on Eden Island – the Sechelles Seychelles stock exchange finally, events in Mauritius and the Region, the IOR – RIM workings, the article in that paper three days ago about World economic Forum/Davos and the pictures – those in Seychelles from Equator Institute and those form SIM and SIM’s fate.

Finally to our Irish many friends across the world, the Irish Police in Sechelles Seychelles - you have had the opportunity to study our files and workings and currently President over the EU for six month, the situation in Ireland, our address and representations - you were importantly involve in London supporting that SIROP program, your own archaic, fraternal, Christian and Masonic workings - yet.


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A tale of two Davoses

Post  Sirop14 on Mon Jan 28, 2013 7:49 pm

THE brainstorming, deal making and schmoozing is over for another year. Davos Man and Woman have come down from their Swiss mountain high and headed home, including our correspondent. What were the main memories and insights they took away from this year's World Economic Forum?

Glass half full. The general mood was at its most upbeat since January 2008, when the financial system was as frozen as the Davos streets. Relief that most experts judged the financial crisis to be over at last outweighed concern that economic growth and job creation seems likely to remain sub-par for the forseeable future. (Christine Lagarde, boss of the International Monetary Fund, spoke of a "fragile and timid recovery".) Angela Merkel was among several European leaders to express optimism about the continent's economic and political prospects. Even the finding of the Edelman Trust barometer that less than one in five people trust political and business leaders to tell the truth seems to have been shrugged off. Bankers instead took comfort in the finding that trust in banks has actually risen in the past year.

Leadership vacuum. There was hardly anyone from the Obama administration, though a few Republicans turned up, including Eric Cantor, the House majority whip. Bill Clinton, a Davos regular, also stayed home, apparently looking after Hillary. The ongoing power transition in Beijing may have explained the light Chinese presence. The Russians were out in force, making sure everyone knows they are leading the G20 this year. Dmitry Medvedev, the prime minister, showed up, but President Vladimir Putin stayed home.

Comment: The continental nations of Europe 30 years when we had been made a Fellow of Professor Dr Micheal Hoffman Vienna Interdisciplinary Management - those caliber of politicians and VIP who visited and attended Vienna function beside the Yearly Ball and the Opera, Salzburg, klagenfurt other open air festivals, their respective views of each other that is the way thye German , the Swiss and the Austrian do their things. Even when it come to skying - those like the French, British, Italian, Dutch and Spanish who do not quite understand or appreciate it/this.

Simirlarly the yearly winter Skie events, the parties and the media circus. For a lot of serious German speaking citizens it is " A Menage or La Case aux Folle" yet the British, many USA, African Arab, Russians and former COMECON citizens this is the new face/form of democracy at work - global representation.

Some 20 years ago when only serious business entities and a few politicians or PR personalities were invited/attended Davos and WEF - it was/ provided a serious place and platform for alternative thinking to global and international issues.

Just to check those who addressed and attended Davos/WEF 2013, There has been the Canadian appointment of Britain Central Bank and certain complexities surrounding his appointment what we have addressed, the recent appointment of the new Euro zone Head - the dutch person, the same issues - given the current climate they are highly important yet those at WEF/Davos - they know little about these appointments and the good reasons.

This changed with PM Blair second year in Offuice and those who began to attend it. the mechanism they use to communicate, dynamic and synergy they uses as individuals, group and etc. The results, impacts and outcome - the corrupted media work. For serious Interdisciplinary Management executives and scientists the reputation of WEF/Davos began to go down hill and those who addressed it openly.

In the above media the issus of the Two Davos - rightly said the mega cuircus and those who have decided to cash in and rightly - what dicate and what rights do they have.

For the past 15 years Davos have become a place where those who judge they can try and control the world agenda met and sold/peddle their view and products polite said. Then we had then Stars and ask them anything about greater Interdisciplinary working how they became a star in the first place they would not know and these are very basic mechanism,. then you have those who think by attending the magic can just rub off, those who came just to impress others of their wealth and bank account - the list is very long. Their inability to be serious proved in the global meltdown of 2008 and two previous melt down. What they do not know given the recent statement they are/we are all sitting on a bigger mess that in 2008 and it will not take much to trigger it off.

PM Blair had attempted to develop a British cluture of adoration for the stars and the glamor - including the use of anti Terrorist Legislation to support and protect them and they were worse than the big bankers, and the corrupted politicians. What they sell, market and peddle the vast majority and this is suppose to be the future generation greater aspirations. { When in Sechelles Seychelles or Mauritius those who attempt such in the form of drug using where they end and what is happening to them. Are these stars any different}


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