We are talking about the Seychelles Truth Commission and Reconciliation are we not - Australia , those 15,000 and more individuals in exile

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We are talking about the Seychelles Truth Commission and Reconciliation are we not - Australia , those 15,000 and more individuals  in exile Empty We are talking about the Seychelles Truth Commission and Reconciliation are we not - Australia , those 15,000 and more individuals in exile

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We are talking about the Seychelles Truth Commission and Reconciliation are we not -

Those who attach great relevancy on Stars and famed personality then 1985, after the Assassination of Mr Gerard Hoareau , the SNM/MPR charismatic leader.

Then film world, Music, sport, theater, Fashion, perfume  in Europe events which had been going on in the USSR and the COMECON, In Seychelles the One Party System their politic, economy and Social philosophy in relation - how in Europe the European culture, people and society function, how they get driven, synergized, empowered and the long list very unlike then Seychelles or those extreme socialist and Communist orientated nations.

In writing that SIROP program we had to take into account those important society issue of Europe too, impacting and influencing daily lives, the big media working and the governments and economy  from there formulate our ideas.

Come this evening we ought to have finish sending our email to the various Lawyer association and Bar of Australia as we have dome for the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland and we have been distracted those of you we messaged. Australia in 1985 when the news broke the SNM/MPR Leader had been assassinated in London our exile/refugees communities in Australia those who lead them and were responsible . Then very Australian economy, regional and international politic the politic of the Commonwealth then their relation with then Seychelles - in London their Embassy. Europe.

In 1986, before we took to formulating that SIROP program seriously we were very aware of these bilateral workings  and how we went about consulting, picking the brain as they say of those who are supposed to know better and have far vaster resources that Seychelles. Then  Australia exile/refugees politic and Migrants. then UN and Commonwealth. We took seriously the exchange, advice and views of the Australian officials we had meetings with. In turn our conviction and motives.

In Australia we have some 15,000  individuals in exile maybe more. How over the time until 1991 we worked those issues and fast developing events  - it was not the other way round meaning Australia impacting our politic once that program had been put into place the many impacting thematic, media, big politic and finance of Australia. We stress, we had fully expected given their knowledge resource, they wold be well informed and able to impute just as well as our community in Britain  and Canada or the USA. What really happened to our Austrian exile/refugees community come 1991 Multi party announcement. Personality like Sir George Souyave and his family, Mr Robert Frichot , the Doffay family and several others. Those who had had very prominent position in Seychelles prior to Independence and the coup d'etat. Sir James Mancham very own Australia important connections.

What played out after events of 1991 and the third Republic and then USSR and COMECON changes - the facts that our Seychelles community in spite of living in Australia their Universities, and vast resources,  they refused to acknowledge that SIROP program impact on events in then USSR and the COMECON, what was being written in the big media and yet the buzz or gutter press and other form of human communications , the leveraging capacity of that SIROP program those in 'Australia well aware, how big business and politic catch fast and yet  those from our respective exile/refugees community position. That had program had very great expectation as per our discussion with the Australia officials in London. The major collapse of that program. President FA Rene reaction at those , those person from Australia.

The British Bar Association and Legal body, Legal Aid society is far older than Australia and the very vast many thematic we have worked linked with that SIROP program and other high Interdisciplinary thematic. How they impute in the Northern Ireland Truth Commission , South Africa and other nations as Colonial masters and what have you - the Commonwealth links. How they work the Human Rights in Britain and the many NGO and other Institutions, we have known and work the past 30 years. At the same time over the years those Commission the Australian government and Justice have enable to address equally burning national past thematic and their experiences  unlike Seychelles, this place them regional Indian ocean ahead of south '#Africa with such capacity to formulate the required parameters of  a Truth Commission and Reconciliation. Given the values of the Indian Ocean of Seychelles, Mauritius, Reunion. would they be generous enough to accept that that SIROP program have had for some negative impacts particularly the aborigine thematic and the exile, refugees communities, Ethnic politic. Their emancipation and empowerment. They are also one of the leading Nation of the Commonwealth even if we were at logger head with them on this SIROP program from the outset. The written statement the Commonwealth caused President FA Rene to change the One party system and return Multi party. Should the truth be told it was the other way round that SIROP program impacts on the many Commonwealth nations, their Democratic values, workings  in particular. This precedent led/caused and brought about the Benchmark we have criticized the reporting, the politician and high corporate and the result of the first global crash 1995, and this benchmark precedent the last global melt down and near world war lll. The political super mess and fiasco we are all in today including climate change and global environment thematic. . Very from Australia position the then 1995 economic world crash and the putting pace of that Indian ocean RIM< Association using the leveraging capacity that SIROP program. The important need to emphasize, argue, stress it would be in the best interests of Australia to help us address its Seychelles exile/refugees community,  address that Truth Commission representing and reflecting due world values,Benchmark - not the whims of a few or handful of politicians with their own agenda. This Truth Commission will impact importantly the Strategics thematic of the Indian ocean , the topic of the new Global currency promoted by those of the Region, the NEOM Mega city , the OAU/African Union conversion thematic. European engagement in the Region, effects and impacts on their politic, economy and bilateral working. ~Very many Major events in Asia and south East Asia and China in particular. The need to refer the Justice and Bar council of Australia, the government, Opposition and our community then 2008 global meltdown my going to Seychelles and those from Seychelles government then, from that SIROP program prospective, President FA Rene - Michel and President Mancham, the burning topic of the corrupted political and big financial benchmark, the Lehman brothers debacle of ~Seychelles going bust and those in Australia, the IMF, Commonwealth concern - we reminded them because they had been part of the subject topic, aware then President 'Gorbachev 1986 USSR and COMECON, Warsaw Pact and Seychelles Cold war workings, bilateral relations - we had urged then President Gorbachev to put into place an alternative economic model for the USSR and the COMECON, the many officials of Lady Thatcher, Services, the US embassy and others in London then, the Australian Embassy, those Lawyers representing us then - who knew of the issues, then South African government, the IMF/World Bank then, the UN and NATO officials knowledge, where the money would come from to support such a new economic alternative - what really ensued to President Gorbachev. the French, German and the USA most importantly - upon these thematic being revived the announcement of President Putin to gather a number of region nations and discuss, the economic fiasco of the World and Europe and utter mess, concept for an alternative economic, monetary model for Russia, where BRIC is today and the relevancy and impacts on the Indian ocean Region security, economy, democracy. Then PM Blair government.

@Those who will call into question our capacity and ability , what it takes to work,  having worked with a lady Thatcher and Britain the Bankrupt/laughing stock of 'Europe then 1980, economic situation and world economic situation - our contributions even under guidance, the very vast many highly important and influential person and knowledgeable individuals we worked those issues in 'Europe then and we have stated we worked the details of the impact of that SIROP program on most of the countries then including 'Australia then available IMF/World bank data. those who were involved with us  in Britain in  Particular. The arguments for and against. Most important prior to writing that SIROP program we had impute in very many complex Europe, USA,  USSR, COMECON , Africa, Gulf Region, Asia and Latin American Economic issues.  For an individual from the Indian ocean and 'Africa that was not a bad achievement..

Those who ask/request for specific proof, the benchmark of media and political coverage then before the WWW Australia in particular and the project WWW with then President F Mitterrand objectives. Then Australia government officials, the Opposition knew reasonable well the many aspects of that SIROP program and over the span of the then government the leveraging capacity of that program,  how the politicians went about applying it,  to change and revamp Australia economy and Society bilateral and Military thematic, then burning topics of the Cold War Indian ocean Region, USA and NATO, ASEAN position and regional politic and military spending. those like Seychelles , BIOT, Madagascar, Comore, Sri Lanka,Their politic which those in Australia keep close watch upon. South @@Africa in particular and the Horne of Africa,  Pakistan and India. .In instanced where hey have/had greater knowledge and experience how they shares and impute with us and those managing this Program.  They were reasonably aware of the impact of this program on Britain, the two Ireland, Europe, the USA, Canada and Africa and Latin America. One of the important aspect of that program working was if those officials and institution fail to report what was taking place and took place how would those then remember and have the information come issues , situation and difficulties,  the Wikipedia project initiations and Wikipedia today,  meanwhile there are numerous such projects archiving information, the many International and Regional Strategic Studies Center, Universities and events even if they refused to name that SIROP program those trained , qualify can study research and using high management science tool compare the many issues and make positive or negative conclusion.

The anticipated reaction and position of the Australian high parties,  meaning the Bar Association of Australia when we address them to impute and represent those exiles who wish to address that Seychelles Truth Commission - those who have already gone down that road/venue. The lawyers and politicians they are in contact /representatives in Seychelles .   The manner and benchmark Seychelles government is going about this Truth Commission.

I found myself watching Crocodile Dundee l,  this evening - they are not coincidence. We are not inferring any negativity. A reminder to everybody then 1986.  


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