Nelson Mandela Dies: South Africa Mourns Loss

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Nelson Mandela Dies: South Africa Mourns Loss Empty Nelson Mandela Dies: South Africa Mourns Loss

Post  Sirop14 on Fri Dec 06, 2013 1:39 am

South Africa's first black president, revered around the world as an icon of peace, freedom and reconciliation, dies aged 95.

Nelson Mandela has died, South African President Jacob Zuma has confirmed.

Mr Zuma said "the nation has lost its greatest son", adding "he is now resting. He is now at peace."

:: Live coverage: all the latest news and reaction now on Sky News HD

He died surrounded by his family at his Johannesburg home at 8.50pm local time.

Mr Mandela, who was 95, will get a state funeral and national flags will be lowered to half mast, said Mr Zuma.

Nelson Mandela's daughters told of his death during London premiere of film honouring his life

ANC on Mandela: 'A large baobab tree has fallen'

Barack Obama: Nelson Mandela was a symbol for justice, equality and dignity

The story told by Mandela's life is not one of infallible human beings and inevitable triumph. It is the story of a man who was willing to risk his own life for what he believed in

South Africa's "greatest son", former president Nelson Mandela, has died at the age of 95.

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Nelson Mandela Dead: Former South Africa President Dies At 95

Former South African President Nelson Mandela, who served 27 years in prison for anti-apartheid activities and led his continent into a new era, has died at age 95.

Nelson Mandela dead: South Africa's first black president and anti-apartheid icon dies at 95

South Africa's Nelson Mandela dies in Johannesburg

Nelson Mandela dies: reaction and developments - live

Follow the latest developments following the death of former South African President and anti-apartheid hero Nelson Mandela

Saying goodbye to Madiba: Event planner

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Nelson Mandela Dies: South Africa Mourns Loss Empty Re: Nelson Mandela Dies: South Africa Mourns Loss

Post  Sirop14 on Fri Dec 06, 2013 2:10 pm

Mr Delorie good Morning - did you live in South African and know some/members of our Seychelles Community there. We had been advice by those who knew President Mandela stay away from our laptop today - knowing we would loose our cool and blow our top. President Mandela knew of our Temper - We worked on issues in Vienna then 1979, alternative politic of SA and then Cold War. If we had to write about them the fans would break - my concern I/we have worked with some of the  elite of South African before the change and after in term of High Interdisciplinary Management - as such the discipline. Many are still alive. The few who  knew and may have know,  we had judge he was very frail - given the measures the Family and officials had put into place to "Manage highly dynamics/synergy which can caused death, unwanted and unwarranted" -  need to be vigilant after  he came out of Hospital and the reason he got there in the first place.  What happened last night/before the Cinema proves - these are instance when those who manage and work with highly aggressive dynamics need to be extra careful - he could have been with us for Christmas and New Year.  Those I/my person had written addressed certain issues when he came out of Hospital failed him - one day we will all be old - those with special Training, not you crazy doctors and Nurse - we mean individual will very very special training to/who know how to keep  a given person  at very very risk alive.  Around the world the media this morning - their supers; lies and super con.

{" There is a place called Kilburn - Brent a bastion of Irish then and today, some three very old Cemetery - that property know as 87a Victoria Rd, where we wrote the SIROP program - formerly a garage and Coach Station in Old England ex property British refugee Council  and now merged with the largest Housing Trust in London/Britain. This is the same place which inspired and contributed to President Reagan development and conception of Star War Defense Shield, the removal of USA Nuclear in Britain  and the Miners issues, some of the mega untold issue about the Philippine and President Marcos and the assassination and his wife later.  - ask those who know or talk to the grave yards. Some of the core issues of Microsoft, Richard Branson, Ken Living stone and Bod Geldof - Mr Robert Maxwell , the Schatcchi Brothers and Bill Gate, Britain modern Telecommunication politic.  This is where the WWW CERN issues took place and the mega debacle of President Mandela release - then Mr Giovanni Mario Ricci and associates - ask President FA Rene with his trillions to get somebody to write a book - We are terrible at writing - and tend to get somebody like Salman Rushdi to write something - Satanic Verse - we want somebody to write a half decent book about that place - this is where we had several bodies based, this is where the core concept of the Satanic/rage/vibe and CJD was deploy and concocted globally use and apply today and the core working of that /first Seychellois Masonic Filed Lodge in Britain/Europe. This is where we heard/learnt of President FA Rene intention to give Sechelles Seychelles Multiparty back. "}

If those really serious and sincere they ought to get a few camera and a few crates of Beer go to that place and say Cheers to President Mandela , then Pan African congress and a few others and the Irish friends we were supposed to have had.

Check police and Court records and the French/British/South African and USA Intelligence Service and the UN Institutions and the European Court of Justice and the Records of Vatican.

We took the time to listen to former British Ambassador and Commissioner to South Africa being interview on Sky News 3 pm, 6/12/13, Sir Anthony Reeve (1991–1996) (Ambassador from 1991 until 1994, then High Commissioner from 1994 until 1996), the one sided version of the coin, presenting the British government and then lady Thatcher as the savior of then Mr Nelson Mandela and they changes Apartheid, just as they wrote the garbage/crap they and the Commonwealth changed Seychelles - everybody including the Police and Intelligence Service, the threat that if we dare talk and write under Britain Intelligence, National Security Act/Law what they could do to our person that was 1985 - 1995/6.

Nelson Mandela Dies: Obituary Of An Icon

Nelson Mandela Dies: Timeline Of His Life



Indian Ocean News Letter,38624-ART



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Nelson Mandela Dies: South Africa Mourns Loss Empty Re: Nelson Mandela Dies: South Africa Mourns Loss

Post  Sirop14 on Fri Dec 06, 2013 7:22 pm

Mélenchon : "Nelson Mandela était communiste"

Jean-Luc Mélenchon s'est élevé vendredi à Toulouse contre "l'hypocrisie" des hommages à un Mandela "aseptisé". "Des milliers de bonnes paroles vont se déverser sur la mémoire de Nelson Mandela par ceux qui, le reste du temps, n'hésitent pas à pourchasser les enfants roms. Ils trouvent magnifique le combat qui a été mené autrefois, il y a très loin", a dit le coprésident du Parti de gauche, venu apporter son soutien au candidat du parti aux municipales à Toulouse. "Dans un pays où des enfants mal élevés jettent des bananes à un ministre qui n'a pas la bonne couleur, il y a quelque chose de surprenant à voir cette unanimité se construire", a dit Jean-Luc Mélenchon devant la presse. Il faisait référence aux insultes proférées en octobre contre la ministre de la Justice Christine Taubira.

"Nelson Mandela était communiste", a affirmé Jean-Luc Mélenchon, "s'il a tenu autant de temps, ce n'est pas seulement parce qu'il était bon et généreux, mais parce qu'il avait des convictions politiques et qu'il croyait avant toute chose à l'égalité des êtres humains". "Voici Nelson Mandela aseptisé qui entre au paradis des braves types, encensé et acclamé par des gens qui ne mériteraient même pas l'honneur d'avoir le droit d'en parler", a-t-il conclu. Derrière lui, une photographie de Mandela, poing levé, avait été affichée par Jean-Christophe Sellin, candidat du Parti de gauche aux municipales à Toulouse.

"Mandela était une sorte de totem"

Diapo : En mémoire de Nelson Mandela


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Nelson Mandela Dies: South Africa Mourns Loss Empty Re: Nelson Mandela Dies: South Africa Mourns Loss

Post  Sirop14 on Fri Dec 06, 2013 7:43 pm

In der Trauer vereint Mandela Südafrika ein letztes Mal

Hohe Arbeitslosigkeit, Aids, ein überlastetes Gesundheitssystem und eklatante Schwächen in den Schulen. Nelson Mandelas Erben stehen vor riesigen Problembergen.

Warum Mandela zunächst enttäuschte

Comment We will not write in German - We ask/request with those still alive and who can to go back 1978/79 Vienna, then Cold War, then South Africa, then Embargo. The Old UNIDO building on the Ring - then media,then diplomatic corp/Club in Vienna - we had come into contact with a group of individuals who had dared to dream, then Libya, then Arafat and many others - the neutral politic of Austria and its uniqueness. Those from the Salzburger Nachriten and Die Kurrier. By luck just as we had ask why cannot the UNIDO/UN help Sechelles Seychelles - the reply. The research we undertook and in the process those individual from then OAU and their Call for a Change and the Release of Mandela. It may have been a dream - the need to write it down here. Our person have and hold the Austrian in good respect. Events in London our person after 1981 and later, people forget very fast. Oh what about the Nuclear debacle/talk and discussion about Black South Africa having Nuclear weapon and Energy. Who was dreaming good people in London/Britain.Then Cold War USSR, COMECON Connections and workings in Vienna


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Nelson Mandela Dies: South Africa Mourns Loss Empty President Nelson Mandela - Madiba failed legacy.

Post  Sirop14 on Sat Dec 07, 2013 4:45 pm

President Nelson Mandela - Madiba failed legacy.

It is Saturday/Sabbath Morning and former President Mandela respective belief - Illuminati practice and the people of South Africa this Saturday morning - yesterday in a coverage those two young Jews with their skull cap and the press and the populace by/at Madiba's residence. In fact the South African born reporter who covered Madiba's passing on from Sky News - arrival to South Africa this morning and covering events direct from former President Mandela residence.

Last Saturday and the previous Saturday/Sabbath was at the FIC - Philippine church for/because of the devastation - the mental frame of mind,  we were in and the energy required to participate and contribute in any way - if/should one be focus it drains/take/require a great deal of energy.

This Saturday confronted with the fact that former President Nelson Mandala has departed. What this very deep down means and imply for those or any body/entity who have been involved in the issues/debacles of South Africa during pre Independence - the 60's when our parents had been offered a relocation/contract to work in South Africa - because of color/Apartheid he had to turn it down - my/our siblings mix blood.  What this meant and imply back in the early 60's. My parents could have acquired the status of the White in then Kilembe Mine and moved to the White residential area only - their respective views.

Upon my return Home on holiday in waiting for results to attend the SDA Bugema College in Uganda - with the rest of my siblings - then pre Independence Seychelles, South Africa Seychelles special relation and why. Then Dr/Mrs Stevenson Delhomme Party, then SDP of Lawyer JR Mancham and then SPUP - Carder and Leaders and Lawyer France A Rene, then Mr Jacques Hodoul - not to exclude the old associate and friend of Mr Finlay Roselie - political grouping. The very powerful White Planters Association/Lobby - interests and Institutions - heritages.

In East Africa, events, uncertainty - in Zanzibar the Revolution had taken place, some 30,000 killed all those in the process of fleeing. Then Rhodesia, then South Africa. What we have written about our unofficial adoption - no legal document was written and the party had been Attorney General, Administrator in Zanzibar - later Judge, Acting chief Justice and Magistrate. In Jamaica had serve the Jamaican Special Constabulary - the Riot and events.  The respective Families, friends from East Africa - particularly Zanzibar.  Those English expats who fled Zanzibar and choose Seychelles as refuge. What about personalities like the Earl of Oxford and Asquith - Governor, his Family.

Beside our impression and interests in East Africa politic and Independence Movement - including the Congo - at a very young age suddenly burdened with a missive and tons of East African issues, high politic, strategic, British Colonial unwritten and untold highly important policies and greater plan/vision.  These included North Africa and then Rhodesia and South Africa. The requirement to be ask/call upon to write or draft the Constitution of a Country/Nation like Kenya, the Cold War, the Europe, China, Asia, Canada, India and Pakistan, the USS the USA. Then France colonies and interests - Francophone - then Britain Colonial entity and the Commonwealth.  Then Communist, socialist and popular movement of Africa and many countries around the world. Then Gulf Region/Arab Nations. Writing and drafting the Constitutions for a great nation like Kenya or eventually Rhodesia is not just some late Whisky night/talks among crazy heads - colonialist and lawyers, administrators and Oxford, Cambridge - Intelligence elitist - it takes and required more.  As such the need/requirement to know in depth the respective political players, their background, political base, education, connections and goal/vision and aspiration in then modern world and the future - next 25/30 years.

When in 1976, forced to go into exile under then President James Mancham government - one months after Independence, then Seychelles Police.  My new Austrian adopted family had been of the strong conviction - time is gone for adventures, we had  a family and child we needed to settle down either take over the Family business or start something of our own. Beside the Village of Mayerhofen - the very many if not rich and affluent family acquaintance and friends who shared the same view conviction. Some for two person Uncle Beno - Dr Dr Ramsauer and Mr Franz Malzer Senior. Particularly Dr Dr Beno Ramsauer was fascinated about my/our curiosity, wish to listen to his vast and very rich knowledge of Austria first and Second world War and the politic of South Tirol and the Separation movement - we talked very little and listened a great deal. Hence in 1978 - part influence to go to Vienna instead of staying in Salzburg - the coup d'etat had already taken place. The many discussion with those highly important and elite of Seychelles had come to realization - Sir James Mancham and his government/associates had failed and very badly -based upon the Colonial education we had been given and acquired. We knew what this spelt - we believed and judge we had sufficient knowledge, qualities and abilities to take due responsibilities for and on behalf of our country - those who had been badly let down and betrayed, in the process of loosing everything - humiliated. The need to remind everybody of Austria unique Neutrality those who drove and hammered this into our person - Vienna/Austria was not London, Paris or Bonn, there were rules to be respected or else.

We thank all those who took their important time to inform, educate, guide, enlighten and provided their resources - the belief and motto, one day you will be called upon to help and serve your country, people, region and world and the benchmark and best/uttermost  abilities.

We had already introduce our person and became acquainted with several of UN  and International communities in Vienna/based and working from Vienna - our decision to accept and Join Prof/Dr Micheal Hoffman IMI Vienna.  The Austrian just as they have a fine quality/appreciation for good food, Cakes, Coffee and music, dress code, education, culture and social ethics,  the same standard apply to their associated political workings and such understandings.

Our deep regret is the loss of Prof, Dr Micheal Hoffman - during the challenging years/deploying of that SIROP program.  We had trashed out some of the core nuts and bolt of that Program and we want anybody in that Sechelles Seychelles dead or alive who can stand and ask question - these - this was not some kind of very crazy and mad invention. None of you if any will ever get the chance in you life time to work and engage in such issues and such intensity and knowing the capacity for a person liked Prof, Dr Micheal Hoffman insight and experience.

As such we approach the issues of then South Africa and the Opposition movement - be it the ANC or the Pan African Congress and many others. They had also grave dangers to relate and work effectively.

When our turn came to contribute concretely in the form of that research - an Indian Ocean Industrial Investment and Promotion Center, the research into the CARICOM and such regional workings/entity. We relied/took on-board the important education those from then Colonial Britain had shared, educated and debate in our presence - the political and killing madness in and Across Africa and the region could not go on for ever, in the name of Freedom Justice and Liberation and Equality.  There is a very great deal of our life experience we refuse to share. We could have gone down that same road and developed and presented our own mad and crazy dogma and made big money - become rich.

To this day the many SDA friends, families and close relative who have refused to acknowledge our person and turned their back on it - their respective belief and education. We thank God/the Lord for the path he choose for our person instead of studying and become an SDA pastor at Bugema - we have gone on to embrace and become an Executive of Interdisciplinary/Multidisciplinary Management discipline and science.  Such science and discipline existed 7/8000 years ago under different name and mantle.  Admittedly we have added a great deal of other discipline to our initial training. Because and on account of the Indian Ocean greater workings and having to live and work in Europe.

There is a very great deal we have not addressed and may never have to addressed about President Nelson Mandela and that SIROP program - where other so call Leaders would have written doctrine, their special book and manuscript - for the people and nation to be indoctrinated. We never believed in this.  Given the world vast intellectual platforms, resources - had trusted and hoped they woukld have taken on and done the explaining and they have just - that the vast many are not equipped and trained to understand and take note.

The fact that both former President Mancham, resident FA Rene and the Mauritius high parties total refusal to note and acknowledge such working co relation existed from 1979 in Vienna - then UNIDO institutions, and the rest - given Sechelles Seychelles extra and very unique relation with/to South Africa, the need and important requirement for anybody putting together such a highly important ant complex program to include and define priorities not just in writing but in practice - how they were to be executed.  They choose to make big money, become famous and acquire wealth and fame.

Having addressed the above when anybody play such and crucial role in a given nation like South Africa and the person of Nelson Mandela -forget the world garbage.  One test and function, on/upon  the ability to deliver at any given moment the due and required high management tools to work with such individuals and nation - their vast respective issues and interests. When it fails or one fail to deliver what this means and in the respective success what this mean and imply.

Between 1991 in Kent to 1996, we had trusted that resident Mandela as President of South Africa and free man - would have understood the predicament, development and related issues we had to addressed him and the South African Embassy in London and others. " Because we had been refused to return to Seychelles, the option we had addressed him - help us come to South Africa which he and others agreed in principal and never followed up or help me migrate to France or Belgium.  The Pan African congress and ANC in London - high parties who had been very bitter and astounded we had not been allowed to return to Seychelles. They had been the strongest to support we /I migrate to Brussels and work from their, help - Africa and other issues. " Had we/I gone on to Bruxelles President Mandela could easily have made a second Term in Office - what we have addressed and what the mad media who know little are barking".

Way back in 1986/7 when we began to trash out the possibility of that SIROP program with those in London from the Pan African congress and ANC - those who monitored our many move and reported to resident FA Rene - the seriousness and genuininity of that program and then say it was the OAU and Commonwealth which changed Seychelles - what we have written. The important benefits South Africa received and what their media and Leadership wrote instead - beside several leading African countries.  We had trusted that given the dreadful and bitter experience of then Nelson Mandela in Prison  and the many dreadful and terrible events. He should have put his foot down and confronted the Conservative Party and told then it was bloody enough what they were up to. We will not go into South African Intelligence workings and their Special agencies.  Forget their Illuminati.  They sent people to monitor and study our situation.

Come President Bill Clinton in Office - then. What took place and ensued - the untold  reason from his Office to beef up the CIA Budget to 21 billions dollars then 1993. His undertakings to help and assist that we can migrate to Bruxelles or Calais - they betrayal and the collateral fallout's.

Part of the ANC/an African congress important involvement was the so call Pan European Transport politic/strategy - they had monitored our capacity to deliver in several large European and world projects. Their call and insistence that we commit our person from Kent to engage very actively and dynamical in that Spain/Morocco Trans Africa Transport program - that was President Nelson Mandela very important commitments.  We had and have trashed a great deal of the issues out when he was in Office and out of Office.  There are mega issues of the World Bank, IMf we had trashed out  as such the economic and political clout  - power of South Africa in Europe and the USA.  What was required of the ANC and his Office /Associated to drive that program - We adopted a Luke warm position - after the very bitter deception we have experience over the SIROP program - he was hardened and believed we had adopted a wrong position - we ought to have gone on and worked that program.

Just as later we worked the issues with then PM Blair - which had been trashed out back in the 1988 about the creation of the WWW and the impacts and benefits to Africa. What he knew and had been told. That Spanish Link to Africa had been of greater importance - because it was linked to the greater UN politic on Africa and Europe and migration.  The notion - use,  that Link to bring modern and new dynamic/synergy to Africa.  The millions of migrants to Europe would slow down  - African and other would flock to Africa to invest and work - that OAU to African Union issue was not on the table that came later.

The massive failure - those who would rather invest billions of dollars in wars from Europe to destroy North Africa and the Gulf Region - their politic and objectives - the mega mess the European Migration politic is in and that project. Had we been in President Mandela shoe - South Africa important and powerful connection and South Africa role in Africa/dominance - would have found ways/means of channeling due resource - some funds, we are talking of stipend money, place to stay and work, skeleton staff and get that program working back in 1991.  Instead what took place - Kent police and the Conservative destroyed those two Units inspite of the Court case and pressure - just as those involved in destroying North Africa and the Gulf Region and the media filth.  We were forced to return to London and the audacity - all those that we must reengage and drive that Spain - Morocco Tunnel Project - those from ANC/Pan African congress in Europe and South Africa. They got the Al Fayad involved and events. We just hope that Princess Diana Brother have managed to learn/find out the alternative issues what was the mega cack up.

When one represent and work such high issues the training  not be  personal and bitter - many may have inquired and ask  - among other important prominent parties to engage OAU - to adopt African Union was former President Mandela - some near 36 years of knowledge and experience amassed.  Why our refusal to mention his contributions.  It is not easy when one/anybody have done and moved such great historic issues relating to South Africa  feared and powerful Apartheid system  and the so call Transition issues and that person/entities choose to forget and ignore. Anybody would become dejected - pain and very hurt.

At our community respective forum addressed  few issues - the direction of Africa. Africa is not Europe or Latin America - the institutions and dynamics are very different. The fact that it will require a great deal of commitment from the outside world to make that African and OAU work and successful.  Entities as the groupings and institutions of the regional Indian Ocean is very vital/crucial.  The IOR, the RIM Association, now the New Currency. African wealth have exploded the past five years - yet the real situation. It is not great wealth that will solve Africa challenge it is Human uniqueness like/such as former president Mandela and others - the world and humanity rely's to much on the global media workings - among the corridors of Power - What if a Seychelles coup d'etat had been successful with the help and involvement of South Africa and the completely  - untold and unforeseen development in the Region and the rest of the world.  South Africa  would have been a very different entity and nation today.

We want to present the argument to those who wish and will be trying to step into President Mandela shoe - they ought to know we have worked similar issues with other Africa's leading head of State including the great Mzee -Jomo Kenyatta  and Nyerere and Mobutu and the great Leopold Senghor and many others.  Europe is currently a very mad House - help us to make Europe work from an Indian Ocean and African prospective and Africa will receive due and measured success and its people.

As a parting note to former President Mandela - Madiba - we know and appreciate the instances of what we Seychellois term call "mangoloo money - they are to crazy and it will get crazier - we need some clearer ways to get the due financial support for our work" for us to be able to continue our responsibilities.  To all those who have been absolutely horrid - the time of reckoning have come - unless they change they will see retributions in the person of Madiba  just as President Jomo Kenyatta did and others.

Note - We have watched the much advertised documentary about/on Nelson Mandela life - " Among the core discipline of Prof Dr Micheal Hoffman IMI Vienna the due training to be able to think for leading governments of the world, develop innovative thinking disciplines required to/necessary to work, manage the complexities of modern and future government,  their respective high institutions and intervene and apply due tools as and when required - the benchmark and ethic". Given the core cause of the 2007 mega global meltdown and they have been scantly addressed because of the brutal consequences mankind faced. Yet very little have been learned. Prof Dr Micheal Hoffman IMI Vienna worked/suited primarily Europe, American, North American approach - given the massive anomalies, utterly untrue issues surrounding the development of South Africa process to freeing Nelson Mandela, the political process , the election, the riots and events of his Office Term - force/compels us to state having stated the above - those in Europe and the USA, Russia, China, the EU who knew our capacity to contribute and make due input at the highest level of Europe and world workings as such how we worked with then Nelson Mandela and President FW De Klerk until the changes came  and yet none of this/these are even mention - as such the mechanism, when former President Mandela is laid to rest the manner, mechanism and tools to build/work the issues going back 25/30 years ago will disintegrate and the structure and system will fail/collapse.  The same heinous errors of the many documentary about the COMECON change. There is another documentary at 10 pm.

Seychelles mourns passing of Nelson Mandela

Tribute To An Icon - detail of the picture

Help preserve Nelson Mandela's legacy and further his work
Russia -Mikhail Gorbachev , the then White House, Westminster/10 Downing Street, President FA Rene had known of the development - yet what they write here

Schizophrenic with a violent past skipped mental-health check on day he ‘signed’ for Obama at memorial

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Nelson Mandela Dies: South Africa Mourns Loss Empty Re: Nelson Mandela Dies: South Africa Mourns Loss

Post  Sirop14 on Sun Dec 08, 2013 3:37 pm

The Feast of the Immaculate Conception on December 8, 2013 - a Sunday. Sechelles Seychelles Island was dedicated by the Capuchin priest Leon des Avanchers, to the Mother of Christ - on The Feast of the Immaculate Conception on December 8.

What we have addressed the past 25 years of the Church important involvement in that SIROP program those Seychellois Priests turn civilians and the former Bishop Paul involvement - the important involvement and contribution of Vatican.

Former President Nelson Mandela has left us - this Sunday, everybody requested around the world to pray attend their respective place of prayer by the South African president Zuma on behalf of the South African Nation, and that Program which changed South Africa was not about military Revolution - the building of St Peter duplicate in Africa.

A nation unites in prayer for Madiba - Nelson Mandela

South Africa honors Mandela with national day of prayer


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Nelson Mandela Dies: South Africa Mourns Loss Empty Re: Nelson Mandela Dies: South Africa Mourns Loss

Post  Sirop14 on Wed Dec 11, 2013 7:18 pm

It is very strange how Propaganda, sleaze, lies and cover up - can change history human democratic priorities, rationality, perspectives.

The world current frenzied about the greatness of Nelson Mandela - Madiba, exposed at the Union Building in South African and the political Power of the ANC which have made this possible.

A very important aspect of that SIROP Program success - was/were linked to the changes of the USSR, the COMECON - as such then South Africa and then ANC and its Leadership.

Beside the issues of the British Colonial planners - to maintain/develop a unique strategic East of Gulf, the Turning of Zanzibar into the/Hong Kong for East Africa - the then power of the USSR, Communist system and its intelligence Service.

In 1981 when we were compelled to come to London to seek political asylum - a number of media coverage, then Mrs Thatcher government and the debacle of " the Cambridge Five, the other members of which were Donald Maclean, Guy Burgess, Anthony Blunt and, possibly, John Cairncross." the very many fictitious issues - the media wrote. They failed to address aspect of the core issues. These individuals had been part/core of the debacle of East of Gulf/Eden British Strategy and Turning Zanzibar into the Hong Kong of East Africa. Then Communist Africa. (Those working for then Seychelles government form Russia, Italy and Middle East had picked up aspect of the issues and yet - how much President FA Rene and Seychelles Intelligence Service have recorded and filed away) Later our contributions and involvement in Hong Kong Independence , then Mrs Thatcher and then China.

We have been in touch with some of those individuals - what the media have written about the Cold War and yet what have never been written. In the process to change the COMECON Poland, the USSR some of these individuals and their associated proved/ understanding of other greater complex world and super power working were/was required. As we worked the issues their impacts on the media and public - Mrs/lady Thatcher Office as in the Know and yet what they choose to write and make of our person.

In Vienna and Germany those still working form the former Third Rich who supported and helped with the issues of the USSR change and the COMECON, they had also been in contact with the elite of South Africa, Intelligence, Nuclear expertise. So that when Sir Mancham write he change Seychelles with Fax and Britain with the Commonwealth - they need to get their facts rights.

It is for these reason we were able to contribute to the USA/President Reagan Star War issues - we had been educated/shared information then 1979 about those elite German/former Germans who have helped the USA build their Space program, some books were available and news paper - beside archives and Strategic Research papers. International Institute for Strategic Studies and the Royal Institute of International studies and the Paris base counterpart.

The issues what they attributed the change of the COMECON and the Berlin Wall issues - nobody have addressed that there had been important elements of individuals from the Third Rich involved or what they represented.

The project for a WWW at CERN then Information and web connectivity - those who had their own web so to say. We were able to contribute to this project development because of our knowledge of the Cambridge Five, the other members of which were Donald Maclean, Guy Burgess, Anthony Blunt and, possibly, John Cairncross., the former elite German scientist who had been harvested some near 1000 of then and taken to the USA to develop many aspects of USA Scientific community Today/then. Yet their very dark past - and those who talked of atrocities and Holocaust and those who were tried and the propaganda.

When President Clinton Came to Office and events the USA efforts to discredit everything about the COMECON change and the USSR change to turn the world and humanity into another Cold War - we had been very aware of the above issues and those we shared with including President FA Mitterrand and chancellor Helmut Koln.

Why are we writing about this - the facts is the USA changing position on many important modern issues - we had been in contact with many important individuals in writing that SIROP program and our contribution in the USSR change and the COMECON change beside the Region of Indian Ocean - yet if it suited their interests what position to adopt. They can set you up and distort your personality and character and destroy your life - if it also suited then work with some elite German ex Nazi scientist to build the Super power USA is today and - tell the world otherwise - those in Germany who have not been fooled and were never fooled so to in Austria.

Form many years we had associated working relation with the famous Nazi Hunter based in Vienna - may be one day we may be permitted to write/address some of the issues and the other side of the coin the media and documentaries do not know.

We wish to address former President F W De klerk - when we decided to commit our person to the issues we did about south Africa and the ANC - given our East Africa ancestral working - was very aware of the mega betrayals and dishonesty and lies and hate as thank you our person would eventually be rewarded with.

We have been instrumental and played our role that today's media and social networks is what it is and how it is being used and applied. What would those who guided us in then 1980 - form the Cambridge Five, the other members of which were Donald Maclean, Guy Burgess, Anthony Blunt and, possibly, John Cairncross have to say if their were to comeback to life - was it worth their while to have associated with our person and work.

Harold Adrian Russell "Kim" Philby

Wernher Magnus Maximilian, Freiherr von Braun

Nelson Mandela lies in state


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Nelson Mandela Dies: South Africa Mourns Loss Empty Re: Nelson Mandela Dies: South Africa Mourns Loss

Post  Sirop14 on Thu Dec 12, 2013 3:46 pm

Mandela memorial: Celebrating an icon of freedom and equality


President James Michel on Tuesday joined a host of other world leaders to attend the memorial ceremony held in honour of Nelson Mandela in South Africa, where he has reiterated the deepest sympathies of the Seychellois people to the people and government of South Africa.

"We mourn the loss of a great leader. But we also celebrate a life which represents the highest ideals of the human spirit. A life which reminds us that perseverance, determination and humility allow us to scale even the most treacherous obstacles. We treasure his message and his legacy - and we know that he will always be with us," the President stated.

The ceremony at Soweto's FNB Stadium was attended by over 100 heads of state and government from around the world.

It featured addresses from the President of the United States, the Vice-President of China, the President of Brazil, the President of Namibia, the President of India, the President of Cuba as well as the chairperson of the African Union and friends and relatives of the Mandela family.

In his keynote speech, South African President Jacob Zuma underlined the role that Mr Mandela played to liberate South Africa, as well as Africa and the world from the forces of oppression.

He informed the gathering that Mr Mandela will lie in state at the Union Building in Pretoria, symbolising the transformation of the state institutions from instruments of power and oppression to instruments of emancipation and participation.

"This event serves as a further tribute to the indomitable spirit of freedom and equality that will forever be preserved in President Mandela's legacy. Seychelles was proud to be a part of it, as we have walked alongside him on his historic journey. And we shall continue to walk his path with the pride and dignity that he taught us," he said.


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Nelson Mandela Dies: South Africa Mourns Loss Empty Re: Nelson Mandela Dies: South Africa Mourns Loss

Post  Sirop14 on Fri Dec 13, 2013 10:00 pm

Public sign Nelson Mandela’s book of condolence

Members of the public had the chance to remember and reflect on the life and legacy of former South African President Nelson Mandela by signing a condolence book in his honour.

The book was available for signing at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs yesterday.

Today from 9am to 1pm the book will be at the Grand Anse Praslin district administration (DA) office. It will then be moved to Baie Ste Anne DA’s office from 1.30pm to 5pm.

Those on La Digue will be able to sign the book on Saturday from 9am to 1pm at the district administration office.

Nelson Mandela means a lot not only to South Africa but to the Seychellois nation, said the ministry’s press attaché Andre Butler-Payette.

He added that the signing of the book is a testament to the fact that he was a great leader and inspiration to the world.

Mr Butler-Payette said the death of Mr Mandela is a great loss to nations around the globe.

Mr Mandela, the anti-apartheid icon who became the first President of a democratic South Africa, passed away on December 5 after a prolonged lung infection. He was 95.

South Africa investigates Mandela interpreter 'murder charge'


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Nelson Mandela Dies: South Africa Mourns Loss Empty Re: Nelson Mandela Dies: South Africa Mourns Loss

Post  Sirop14 on Sat Dec 14, 2013 6:01 pm

Nelson Mandela: Coffin arrives in his ancestral home

Cheering crowds of South Africans have turned out to witness the body of Nelson Mandela being driven to his home village of Qunu, in preparation for his funeral on Sunday.

Many thousands of people lined the route as the hearse containing the coffin passed by, accompanied by military vehicles and police motorcycles.

Nelson Mandela's coffin was flown to the Eastern Cape from the capital Pretoria, where his body lay in state for three days.

Nelson Mandela's coffin arrives in his home village of Qunu ahead of funeral

Nelson Mandela funeral in Qunu to be mix of Xhosa tradition and state protocol

Crowds gather in Qunu as Mandela's body taken to ancestral home for funeral


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Nelson Mandela Dies: South Africa Mourns Loss Empty Re: Nelson Mandela Dies: South Africa Mourns Loss

Post  Sirop14 on Sat Dec 14, 2013 6:04 pm

Happy Sabbath Fatma and the Family - specially Walter - your Tanganyika - African roots. We/I spent the time watching the transfer of Mandela Coffin - the military protocol and the drive to his home town - By the way to you all Seychellois, then USAF tracking staff in Seychelles I/we had Jean Pierre Fridelie designed two House and got Planning then Mr Gerrard Hoareau and Mr Rene on the sea front at Anse aux Pins the Comblage and ramp I build - the work and efforts, the rail came from Mr Moulinier owner of Diego Gracia. Those houses designed by Jean Pierre Fridelie some 40 years ago look extremely like the House President Nelson Mandela had build in his native Village. Had we in Seychelles not expected that Revolution I/we would have stayed in Seychelles and build those two Houses on the sea Front. Those who have suddenly discovered power and affluence their despicable attitude and nasty arrogance. All the properties they have stolen and confiscated - today they comport themselves as the only human with rights and rights to have a dignify life and pension /retirement age. That property was officially gifted in writing and with due witness - among them the mother of my daughter - who later married Mr Antoine Lau Tee and Gardner Judy, the head milk man, the head house keeper and cook - the Lawyer Ramnijk Vablajhi who was Judge Stiven Lawyer, Mr Robert Frichot Laywer, Mr Raoul Nageon De L'estemp who was a neighbor and friend know of the document and then Lawyer FA Rene and lawyer Jacques Hodoul to my person, Mr Peter Gill who was a relative and close friend of my ex wife and our person knew of the documents - we talked about - we talked of the meetings with the Ministers and FA Rene and Hodoul and others, seek his best advice/option, then Mr Ali Parkar a very very close friend of Judge Stiven and Mrs Souna Oliajhi, Mr Kanti Jhadave and Mr Dick Metha an excellent Lawyer former Attorney General Office Zanzibar - we talked abut it.Beside other Seychelles and Zanzibar political issues then. { the person of Mr Eldon .... ex Zanzibar Shell senior executive and a good friend of the family knew of the issues his view I was just spoil and wanted to grab everything}, Mr and Mrs Joe Monchougy knew of the document we talked with him and Mr Felix Hoareau of Seychelles prison a good acquaintance of Judge Stiven - Mr Noelin Didon, Mr Ti Marc Didon brother and cousin who was my proxy and a friend of Judge Stiven knew of the document knew of the document and issues - when a Judge write and sign such a document surely it must be binding what about the then British expat community, Police Head Mr Stone, Ex Superintendent James Pillay saw the document, as well as senior officer from the force, then Inspector Rouccou and Legras saw the document, Minister Joubert, Minister Chammery Chetty Knew of the document and the Head of Seychelles agriculture, Mr Tobby Murrey who handled aspect of Judge Stiven property, my Austrian ex wife and Mrs Otilie Jumpelt and Mr and Mrs James Sabadin saw the document, including Mr and Mrs Leon lacy, then Barcalys Bank Executive Mansoor Judge Stiven adviser/Friend and Mr Tom Delpech and his Uncle of East Station of Agriculture knew and saw the document. There were written correspondence between our person and Judge Stiven, his sister Eileen and Bill Stiven knew of the issues we/I had written to them/explaining to them the situation just before Independence and options after talking and discussing with many of his friends in Seychelles - Trusting the integrity of a Judge left all the correspondence and document on the file in a filing cabinet - he had brought from Zanzibar and then British Masonic entity in then Seychelles, Later in Austria the Austrian Consulate Dr Pisec knew of the document as well as Family close relatives I showed/discussed - but not in that mad and demented place call Seychelles .


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Nelson Mandela Dies: South Africa Mourns Loss Empty Re: Nelson Mandela Dies: South Africa Mourns Loss

Post  Sirop14 on Sat Dec 14, 2013 6:21 pm

Seychelles to host memorial service for Nelson Mandela

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in collaboration with the Seychelles Inter-faith Council is organising a memorial service in honour of the late former South African President Nelson Mandela who passed away earlier this week.

The ceremony will take place at the Palais des Sports on Saturday December 14 at 1500 hours. The Seychellois people are invited to attend and honour the memory of the late President Mandela.


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Nelson Mandela Dies: South Africa Mourns Loss Empty Re: Nelson Mandela Dies: South Africa Mourns Loss

Post  Sirop14 on Sun Dec 15, 2013 6:33 pm

With 21-gun salute, fly-past and the 'Last Post' Nelson Mandela is laid to rest at his childhood home in Qunu

Nelson Mandela has been laid to rest – but his legacy must not be

BBC  Tribute to Nelson Mandela Westminster 12/12/13

From 1981 when I/we were compelled to seek political asylum in London - having first wish to seek political asylum in France - Strassbourg, endeavored to build a good rapport with the South African Embassy officials and their special Trade Delegation/ Sanction International Trade relation Office in London. As well as other important South African big business in London.

I/we have been listening attentively to the many who expressed their experiences, knowledge and work with Madiba, Nelson Mandela. In instance to hear and learn issues we had not been aware and in instance reminded of issues we had forgotten.

I have been monitoring the support those in Britain have been giving their to the Chagossain - Illois movement in Mauritius, Britain, Canada, Seychelles and elsewhere.  The distinctive difference between the support they lent us/we the Seychellois exile from 1978 to 1991.  The very many issues we have addressed over the past near 30 years.

Given the many years and Colonial Britain approach - the very complex reason why those in Britain are involved in helping and supporting the Chagossain Cause. From an Intellectual point of view - the fact that the Process need/required to be managed and controlled with all the suttleness  and finesse.

The question what is there for the so call activist, humanist, the human rights activist - it is the Strategic global politic of the Indian Ocean, Regional Gulf Region, Asia and Africa.

In comparison  to Seychelles - the approach of those who did lend their support to our exile cause - the government of FA Rene need to be removed by whatever mean and preferable by Force - the Cold War politic.  Seychelles population, regional position, natural resource  - did not warrant that the greater British public engage and commit their resources and time.  As they do other causes. ( I have also addressed many communication to the UN, the USA, the European Institutions, the Commonwealth, the Francophone on this issues. Particularly the fact that - I/our person had come to Britain in 1981, then Britain Independence process, terrible economic situation, the despair - how I/our person used our Austrian and German Training, connection, the involvement of Professor Dr Michel Hoffman, and Prof von Hayak worked with then Mrs Thatcher government and very many to rebuild and revive the British economy - most important our French ancestral, Illuminati, Fraternal and masonic institutions which we engaged given our uniqueness - our ancestors in Mauritius, Seychelles, Reunion, south Africa, India and Vietnam - beside those who had migrated to Australia, in Canada, Quebec, the USA and some 500 years ago migrated/Came to settle and invade Britain. )

The massive and important contrast between the two contributions - the long years of Britain economic relation with South Africa and the Surrounding countries - the many important multinationals which helped made up the British economy and global power.

I/our person did not actively - pursue a politic or policy of influencing Britain then economic mega mess fro the sake of manipulation - we had been trained to separate the issues of our responsibility - working in the field of  Interdisciplinary Management and Politic.  The point is it was not south Africa which helped Britain resolve some of the mega mess of this century it our we the small Sechelles Seychelles people/Community - the COMECON issues, the German Reunification, the French issues and the Russian and many others.  How with a new former East Europe - the important economic benefits for Britain economy and Industry - not South Africa. The issue of a USSR /West Nuclear war - the special role our Seychelles Community played - not South Africa.

Just one small items - it was not south Africa who helped create/put onto place the WWW, Britain North Sea Oil Field and long list of many other issues and yet how they treated our cause. It was we the Seychellois who had been involved - the creating of the ECU and EURO and European greater politic  - not South Africa but the small Seychelles people  and the crazy/mad French fraternal, Illuminati, masonic ancestral connections/.

As such events and development - those important personalities and individuals and the selling of our cause to the British by former President James Mancham and resulting that - Britain and those involved acquire and have the audacity that they liberated Seychelles and likewise those form the OAU.

Was it a slap in our Face - just as the British made our ancestors suffer in then Colonial Seychelles they wanted to show/demonstrate who was the master  and how masters threat their subjects.  The insults.

Now - I/we have been following and studying most of the media coverage for the past 10 days since the announcement of President Nelson Mandela - the vast many highly important issue of then Africa going back in 1950's then Seychelles Community in East Africa and in our case Kilembe Mines - a very South African entity - with all aspects of its apartheid business connections and fraternal/masonic etc., Particularly the important links between Tanzania and ANC and other African liberation bodies /Movements, including Sechelles Seychelles.

There is a very great deal we refuse to address and communicate to the Public of our workings with the south African government, the ANC , other Liberation movement and then ANC Leadership including President Nelson Mandela.

We had had associated working connection with President Mobutu, that of Kenya, Sengor of Senegal, Zambia, Uganda and Ghana - I therefore decided to address in  great details our Seychelles exile plight and politic to president Nelson Mandela after his release and when we had become South African first Black President  - I/we explained some of the important and complex issues of our Seychelles communities South African, Indian Ocean , Europe, Canada, Australia and USA workings - beside the Gulf Region.

Most of my correspondence went unanswered - given those of us including President FA Rene government, networks, and global partners how they were suing all these information for the advantage of the new south African government policy, big business and their power base - to the detriment of Seychelles, those in Mauritius and Reunion who became aware and go to know the issues.

There are three distinct issues here - the manner the British had supported our cause in comparison to the South African  - Mandela and the and pan African congress. The important economic and politic a benefits for Britain, prestige and International image.

It had not been south Africa who/which had come to Britain terrible economic and their nation being insulted bu everybody in the world the Black African and European and the Sick man of Europe and the world  - it was the Seychelles Community in our person.

The third issues - over the past 15 years the many important economic issues of Britain n we have contributed and played key role and what the media and those so call experts write and attribute them/it to.  Yet the great accolade and image building of former President Madiba Mandela and the new south Africa role.  It is not right - our person have worked and associated with a number of very important international figures from African, Europe, Asia, Latin America, the USA, North America, Russia a and China.  As such the experience one acquires and ability to judge such workings, positiveness and negativeness.

We hope that some of you will point our thread to former President Mbeki, current president Zuma, the Chair person of African Union, beside the Council of elders of Africa. We want them to challenge what we have addressed and have been addressing about - the manner and process Seychelles Changes and the issues we have addressed.

This not just Sechelles, Seychelles important Indian Ocean debacle have tarnished on the great person of Madiba Nelson Mandela, the south African people and the African Union Institutions - forget its highly corrupted media. This is what led to the global meltdown and the corrupted practice right across the world and its infestation - why we got involved in Occupy Movements - the Wiki Leak  and Snowden issues. Most important - the fact that from/the small Seychelles have and hold the capacity to influence important political ANC issues, Presidential development, government workings as well as that of African Union. However what the media writes.

Memorial service for late President Mandela

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Nelson Mandela Dies: South Africa Mourns Loss Empty Re: Nelson Mandela Dies: South Africa Mourns Loss

Post  Sirop14 on Mon Dec 16, 2013 11:57 am


Waking up this Monday 16/12/13 in South Africa, the South African Community in Kent, across Europe and those in Seychelles, Mauritius and Reunion - the issues racing through their minds.

We would like to refer to our threads over the failed legacy of Madiba - Nelson Mandela - some of the important whys' we published a picture of that Black South African mother an d her son on her back as is very tradition across Africa. The high  responsibility of any very serious Head of state - given that President Mandela decided to be part of the key players, former president of Kenya, Jean Ping, President Ghadaffi and Robert Mugabe in battling that OAU change and acquire the status of European Union workings - as such the high responsibilities which come with such involvements.  The young children of Africa and their future. Just as Madiba Nelson Mandela was a child very many years ago in South Africa.

One of them being - that Trans Africa/Europe Railway Connection/Network in planning some 25 years and some work started.  Those in South Africa and Esat Africa who had began to  do some very serious work to update their system/train network in preparation to the link up with the connection that/which would eventually come down from Ethopia, Somali into Kenya. In the BBC debate 12/12/13 the mega raw and threats particularly of Land distributions and wealth and nobody talked about this Project - just as the English/British had refused - when they were pushed their attitude and reaction - the massive benefits they received from this project their construction company and yet their pathetic and lamentable  attitude.

The British/London have been very envious of this project - yet they do not have the resources to play/work adequately. Like children in class room what they choose to do.

How many recall the debacle of the Channel Tunnel - the development of the TGV then government of Francois Mitterrand - we have played im[portant role - those in London , the Tacther government how knew. Long before the issues of the kind of Train which would run in the Tunnel from Paris to London - the political and arcahic debacle - then English with their terrible attitude and then British Train system - we ask/plead with all of them not to forget some of the key roles we have played, then Mrs Tacther, PM John Major and later PM Blair Railwas politic, privatisation. In France the TGV connection to Lille/Calais before the Tunnel and the respective technology.

France corporate entities and politicians under then President Mitterrand, Chirac and Sarkosy were very enthusastic about France participation in the Trans europe/Africa Railway project.  Many of the issues kept away from the press - yesterday the announcement of the TGV connection to Barcelona, a very long way from Seville and onto Morroco - a former French colony so to all its former North African Colonies. We have been working and driving some of the issues. Our frustration and anger is the attitude of the big investors, we synergies, drive those issues then as to what they attribute the credit and success and the terrible Benchmark then then get develop to explain  and write the issues as history and the media.

We have pleaded and written to President Nelson Mandela, President Mbeki and their Officials - given the highly important Seychelles South Africa Economic, diplomatic , the South African community in Kent and Britain - help/support me/our person that we can migrate or eventually set up work space office in Belgium or France we can/could work the issues and their respective reactions and response - instead those who prefer to let/allow our person to be hostage and prisoner in the hands of the British politicians, corporate elites and others so we can be optimally manipulated and control - in turn they can control and influence other related agendas. How far this agenda would have been there would not have been a North African Spring. Europe Immigration and employment and economy different as well as its politic.

Yesterday evening the news flash the eccentric actor Peter O tool had died in hospital in London - and the media did relate the issue of Laurence of Arabia - the propaganda film of the British blowing up the German build Railway connection. His death and with every due respect on the ve of madiba Nelson Mandela funeral call everyone involved in this project in various degree to think very hard.  These thing do not just happenn.  Much to our sadness he was one o four favorite actors in then East Africa and over the years.

That mega cack up of the so call North African Spring is very unique - the British and international media refusal and total denial to write that several of those North African heads of state a great deal of their mistakes and issues were know - yet the manner things had been managed, economic and regional greater politic so as to create the due economic, social and political environment for this Trans/Pan European and African Railway network to get build.

We mentioned the issues of WEF - world Economic Forum Head, Professor Von Hayak and Professor Dr Micheal Hoffman - this morning in Le Figaro the picture of Segolan Royal, ex French Academy de Grand Instance, L'ENA - her work with and in President F Mitterrand Office along with many others and then Madiba Nelson Mandela -vast French South African issues we have never addressed and our role/contributions -   before publishing the picture on our  SIROP website - of that South African mother and son in Madiba Nelson Mandela Village and resting place - we/our work to synchronize the political, military, diplomatic and economic development of then South Africa prior to the negotiation between Mr Mandela and then South African government its high officials  and the change towards multiparty election and change and the significant impact and repercussion on the Seychelles change, President FA Rene decisions - surely there mist be archive in Seychelles of then State House policy and notes to these effects.  The world media their ruddy lies - specially those in Britain who covered up.  The mathematics did not stack up and the USA are equally guilty.  These are very solid facts and ought to be taught in our history and written in such a manner that it is enshrined.  President FA Rene is still alive - the Opposition should not take him to court of the wealth he has acquired but for such important international , regional issues  and his refusal to tell the truth, the distortion and lies.

Then there is the Opposition, SNM/MPR, the DP and others their mega dishonesty and very likely they had their reasons - they had not wanted that Seychelles change the way it did - they had wanted revenge, a blood bath and purge the Seychelles of those that had made them suffer. So it was not in their Interests - had South Africa  Apartheid system prolong, the system and a people revolution taken place Seychelles would have been change by military force, those who know the hard facts - those from the Military, intelligence who challenges us in South Africa and their Global Network, the EU, the Commonwealth, the OAU, the UN, the USA could not care less.  The Seychelles nation completely kept in the dark.

African Union of Railways
Strait of Gibraltar crossing

Arab Spring

Peter O'Toole'Toole
Lawrence of Arabia (film)

Paris to Barcelona direct TGV launches
Tickets for the new direct TGV train service from Paris to Barcelona went on sale yesterday, for travel from December 15

NEW Finally open: the Franco-Spanish high speed rail routes between France and the finest Spanish destinations. Welcome on board!


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Nelson Mandela Dies: South Africa Mourns Loss Empty Re: Nelson Mandela Dies: South Africa Mourns Loss

Post  Sirop14 on Wed Dec 18, 2013 7:18 pm

We have addressed three threads about/over President Madiba Mandela failed Legacy –particularly which failed Trans Morocco/Africa Railway network. Most important how we have worked the past 25 years over this issues/subject. The big Investments, the very multinationals construction companies and Managements – the Markets.

From Britain/London, the African Union Communities and their respective Institutions who know of Britain long history and the way they have been handling/working such issues the past 100 years. Had we been allowed to migrate or work from Mainland Europe this Project would have been very different and Africa, Europe.

Prior to President Barack Obama taking Office we wrote and addressed him of the highly complex/macabre ways the way high corporate and big project get work form Britain and the lies/crap of the media and Bench mark - Given that he is from Harvard and a leading Lawyer – the benchmark of Interdisciplinary/Multidisciplinary management workings in the USA and Europe proper. Not so Britain.

Two days we had the death/passing away of Lawrence of Arabia actor Peter O’tolle and the important issues of that German Train connection that he masterminded to blow up.

This morning in the media the death of one of the Mastermind of the Great Train robbery - Lady Thatcher Officials and police then and the Masonic fraternity were aware that some of our then Interdisciplinary/multidisciplinary workings had had to do with that Train Robbery – Over the past 28 years those who are trained and have such capacity to follow such issues and their complexities – we would like to remind those alive and dead what they criticized in private and on the road about our then high responsibility – then ANC, the Pan African congress, then South Africa workings in Britain 1981 – we had first come to Britain in 1979. Equally some of the issues which the media addressed and the return to Britain of Briggs – one of the masterminds. The acquaintance and those who may have know in greater details the workings - Very amusing today to remind everybody those who joked about getting a big black pot and cooking the gold in their back garden – melting the gold down. The critics then that we had been too young to take such high responsibilities and hence they going wrong in many instance - and the mega fight we had with Lady Thatcher over the hybrid of this Discipline. What were involved – to be able to drive big economic and big corporate issues not just British, Europe, the former COMECON, Russia, China, Japan, Africa, Asia, Africa and USA.

Great Train Robber Ronnie Biggs dies aged 84

Great Train Robbery (1963)


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