Russian rouble suffers worst fall since 1998

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Russian rouble suffers worst fall since 1998

Post  Sirop14 on Mon Dec 01, 2014 5:20 pm

Russian rouble suffers worst fall since 1998

MOSCOW: The beleaguered rouble on Monday (Dec 1) recorded its biggest one-day fall since the financial meltdown of 1998 after oil prices sank further amid spreading worries about Russia's economy.

The Russian currency's fall - for a third day in a row - saw it slump at one point by more than 8 per cent, to over 53 roubles against the US dollar and 67 roubles against the euro in afternoon trading. The currency then clawed back a little ground to 52 roubles against the dollar and 65 against the euro.

The rouble has now depreciated by some 40 per cent against the dollar this year, due to collapsing oil prices and Western sanctions imposed against Russia's support for a separatist uprising in eastern Ukraine. According to a new study by the polling company Public Opinion, 50 per cent of Russians said the falling rouble was having an impact on their lives.

"This is shock and horror," Elina Drozdova, a 39-year-old mother of two, told AFP, referring to the plumetting currency. "The first thought is, 'goodbye summer vacations'," she said. "Our lives are becoming expensive directly in proportion to the rise of the dollar and euro," she said.

So what is next for Russia? Are we at the brink of a new Cold War? Or can Germany unlock the crisis over Ukraine?

Russia’s Currency Has Worst Fall Since 1998 as Oil Rout Continues

Russian ruble marks worst fall since 1998

Comment - We have a good acquaintance in the Founder of a former USSR Intelligence Officer. The very concept and methodology he/was used to put together that Platform - then 1998/9  - it was the dynamic/synergy of that SIROP program and the need to explain Russia unique high Corporate thinking and practical approach/workings.  This said events since and today 2014 the decision to put into place BRICS.

The Founder of 1000Ventures.Com must have learned a good deal about the positive and negativity of what we have termed "Satanic rage/rave and crack vibes" - he coined Jazzing with respect to business and economic workings.  The Professor has developed numerous theory as to its positivity/usage.

We are very aware of such issues - most important given the Old school we have been trained the need to know and remember the other side of the coin. For the past three days after our return from France, what we have addressed - suddenly the Engineering company with massive Power generator and some five Trucks  and light control - the infernal satanic rage /rave and the impacts - on a very long list of issues and the EU high institutions are oblivious of all this with their Euro billions of resource, policing - what we have been writing those who know our capacity and the technique-methodology they use to influence, abuse and manipulate - specially the conservative Institution and their respective Interests.

Had they not been doing this the Rubble would not have hit such low we worked and have worked $multi trillions market issues the past 25 years and some of the most important issues and mergers we have sufficient knowledge and experience.

What is unpleasant - our Russian Friends their attitude - their  thinking and approach - here is a person with the capacity to influence their Market and economy  and this in $billions and Trillions  - the approach they adopt towards our person and that Seychelles.

It is not our person at wrong - they the many Russian friends. We and they know we know and are very aware how they do business and yet - we have this situation. We posted our concern on Facebook 29/11/14

All those and every body who know how things are done and work in Britain - you go on a holiday, cure or conference - the mechanism and methodology they use to lock you or one up /cage you and chain you or throw you back in the pit. We have some 35 years or more experiences.  In the process the Collateral fall outs and damages and their utter lies specially/particularly when the Conservatives are in control/office.

Witness all those who drive up and down not always under their control some protests and get angry.

Can the Professor of shed some lights.  Better still "Sir James Mancham will his many very influential and powerful Russian acquaintance."


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