The world’s amphibians under threat of extinction

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The world’s amphibians under threat of extinction Empty The world’s amphibians under threat of extinction

Post  Sirop14 on Mon Sep 01, 2008 1:40 pm

Print this page | Email this page ‘The world’s amphibians under threat of extinction,’ say major conservation organisations - 01.09.2008

A major new scientific publication, entitled "Threatened Amphibians of the World", has just been launched and is published by Lynx Editions in association with the world’s major conservation organisations: IUCN, Conservation International and NatureServe.

This volume is the result of the Global Amphibian Assessment which drew together all the world's amphibian experts to identify the serious threats facing amphibians around the world. The result is that 1,900 species have been identified as being threatened with extinction and this is the first comprehensive assessment of the status of the world's 6,000 frogs, toads, salamanders, and caecilians.

1,900 species of the world’s amphibians have been identified as being threatened with extinctionThe threats to the survival of all these species are described and the conservation measures already in place or needed are discussed, with detailed information on ranges, populations and ecology. "Threatened Amphibians of the World" gives details of the diversity of amphibians in each region and the threats facing them. Following an analysis of the state of the world's amphibians there is a series of short essays written by many of the world's leading herpetologists.

The Seychelles section was written by Dr. Justin Gerlach of Nature Protection Trust of Seychelles, and highlights the importance of the 12 species of Seychelles amphibians, of which 11 are found only in these islands. Seychelles is particularly significant as it is the only country which supports an entire endemic family. These are the tiny Sooglossid frogs that live in the leaflitter of the high forests and which are threatened by climate change, invasive species or development, as are many amphibians around the world. As in many parts of the world the amphibians of Seychelles are threatened by environmental changes caused by invasive species, climate change and development.

Contributed by Nature Protection Trust of Seychelles


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