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Seychelles’ first financial exchange gets licence

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Seychelles’ first financial exchange gets licence  Empty Seychelles’ first financial exchange gets licence

Post  Sirop14 on Tue Jul 31, 2012 1:45 pm

A licence has been granted to Trop-X (Seychelles) Limited to be the first financial/securities exchange in Seychelles.

This comes after the call for proposals by the Seychelles International Business Authority (Siba) for the establishment and operation of a new securities exchange in Seychelles during April 2011.

Trop-X director, Bobby Brantley, says: “We are excited to have the opportunity to be involved in what will be such an important project for the advancement of the Seychelles financial services sector. The tender process and resulting pre-licensing requirements were understandably robust but we feel the process resulted in the best solution for Seychelles. We would like to thank the staff of Siba especially, but also Central Bank, Ministry of Finance and the government of Seychelles in general for their support of this initiative to date. Trop-X aims to help facilitate the development of Seychelles into the premier financial services hub of the Indian Ocean and Africa and we will need to work with all stakeholders public and private to achieve this.”

The Seychelles government is fully behind the project. Finance, Trade, and Investment Minister, Pierre Laporte, commented that “the launch of the Stock Exchange in Seychelles is much awaited.

It will be an important milestone toward the modernisation of our financial system and our economy as a whole. I have no doubt that this initiative will bring substantial benefits to Seychelles and an initiative that will make all Seychellois proud”.

Trop-X’s proposed multi-asset, multi-currency international exchange will commence with the launch of the equities boards in the fourth quarter of 2012. Three equities boards will be launched which are the Venture Capital (VCAP), Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) and Main Boards. Bonds and derivatives boards are proposed for launch during the first half of 2013.

Securities exchanges tend to facilitate substantial revenues for those who take part in the securities sector working around the exchange. The industries which directly support the securities industry would include trustee/corporate services, secretarial services, banking, accounting/auditing, corporate advisory, investment services, fund administrators, legal and more.

“We hope to attract as much of this revenue to Seychelles as possible leveraging and developing the existing infrastructure. As such, local businesses and professionals operating in these industries should begin preparing and thinking of ways in which they would like to participate in this new industry, updating/upgrading professional qualifications and securities related knowledge where needed and potentially considering strategic partnerships with overseas firms who operate in this segment,” Mr Brantley said.

Any local companies which may have an interest in listing on the new securities exchange should contact Trop-X, who would be happy to forward a draft of their draft Listing Requirements and make introduction to approved sponsor advisors who are accepted by Trop-X to provide pre-listing and ongoing listing advice to issuers.

“There are many benefits to listing even if the company is not in need of raising additional capital at the time. Listed companies trade at higher multiples to earnings providing an opportunity for existing shareholders to sell shares in a market which accesses a much larger potential pool of buyers at any time of their choosing.

Listed companies also enjoy other benefits such as free promotion due to their presence in media, higher degrees of trust with the public and brand building. Additionally it should be noted that a listing does not mean that all of the shares of the company must be sold.

Indeed it is common for only 10% or so of the issued capital to be offered either by the company or existing shareholders as part of an initial listing. The preparation process typically takes several months so if any parties are interested in listing and being part of the launch we would advise that preparations begin now,” commented Mr Brantley.

For any submissions or requests for further information Mr Brantley can be contacted at


Source Seychelles Nation


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Seychelles’ first financial exchange gets licence  Empty All those involve via the Seychelles Stock Market in exploiting those 21,000 exile/refugees and the Seychellois Nation

Post  Sirop14 on Tue Jul 31, 2012 1:51 pm

We were reminded after a dreadful night by an old Greek priest, dressed in black, with a brief case and stick “that had Sechelles Seychelles gone bankrupt there would not have been a Stock Market to manage" the arrogance of those currently involved American, British, South African and Nigerians. By the way Seven Sisters Rd – Islington, the leading Greek Chartered accountant Firm, son – honey moon we sent to Seychelles. Our Greek/Makarios important connections, the Greek Community in London – the many issues we have addressed, about our important contributions to get Greece to Join the Euro, management at EU level, the mega corruption, the many issues, the Greece Royal Family, the big business and the near exit from the Euro and bankrupt of Greece.

Equally the involvement of leading French politicians, the French President himself and the former Presidential Candidate, what we have address the French government, Senate and other High Officials about our Community, the 21,000 exile/refugees and diaspora Community.

Having written a great deal about that SIROP etc exile/refuge program and nobody coming to comment, anybody is free to comment and state otherwise. Those arrogant British individuals in Seychelles involved with Long Island, the issues of Montagne Posee prison. What we have address the firm of solicitors Hopkin, Murrey, Beskin then Mr Ben Chataway and today - Judge, Mr Ben Chataway.

Those from Pinnacle Holdings – Rand Corporation who had wanted to run that Seychelles Stock Market, what we addressed them and their refusal to listen – their own bitter experience of British Colonial past, their Secret Services the exile/refugee have worked with, the many attempts to change Seychelles by force – the Financial and economic their refusal landed South Africa in then President Mbeki and today President Zuma – who is calling that their is a fair distribution of wealth and power in South Africa and yet those based from South Africa hell bent on utter exploiting the defenceless Seychellois people.

Then there is that Indian Multi billionaire who through President FA Rene had wanted to set up their private version of Seychelles Stock Market – we put our foot down and this had to be abandoned. The nastiness we were getting from their important Indian connections and the “colataral fallouts”.

We have address a great deal about Richard Branson – particularly the issues of the Northern Rock – why it collapsed and what took place then Chancellor Gordon Brown, later Minister Darling and PM Gordon Brown. The media, the Financial regulators and EU institutions have refused to listen and finally – what we wrote about Virgin Group/Money acquisition of Northern Rock, we would be prepared to stand before any European Court and address these issues. How Mr Branson really started, the issues of SOTO Sounds then Richard Branson, nobody want to write/know about it on the web, how he acquired it and turned it into Virgin Music. How with the help of PM Blair he had wanted to acquire St Anne Island and we vetoed that project and the outcome – the Mauritius Hotel Group.

Time and time again – for the past 21 years how the Seychelles government of FA Rene and JA Michel short sell the real Seychellois and those who come to do business there treat the real inhabitants like/as third class citizens – where in the world have anybody seen such a situation. Seychelles is not Black Africa or Arab country. As a results time and time again to be polite the so call “collateral spill over" - particularly the issues of the Somali Pirates and the price the world had to pay /made to pay for the mega corruption and abuses by the world institutions set up to protect and defend defenceless citizens form exploitation and none use of violence and use of arms. Most important the setting of Seychellois Racine as a political entity and later SFP of Mr Christopher Gill.

For those English, USA, African business entities involved in running that Seychelles Stock Market they refuse to understand how the nation/people of Mauritius, Seychelles, Reunion work their important “French archaic , fraternal, illuminate, heraldic and Masonic workings” you cannot just come in and take over – the rules and ethic in their respective countries about such working in the USA, Britain and South Africa. There will be a heavy price to pay for any abuse. Look at how smooth and neat the Mauritius Stock Market and Exchange has been working – because it is run by White, Creole, Asian and Chinese Mauritian not USA, English and South African or black Africa.

Last night the view spell out by Mr Bobby Brantley, Trop-X (Seychelles) Limited what have you – who set up Sterling company based in that building the Valabjhi Family acquired when the original company failed – former Seychelles Club, we were importantly involved in the Project - those who use/talk of “archaic, fraternal, illuminate, Templar, Masonic workings” the concept of the project, then President FA Rene, the finance and the building, the near collapse of that project and what took place in Seychelles. Obviously those form the Trop-X (Seychelles) and former South African ..... do not know anything about our “greater French archaic, illuminate, Templar, heraldic and Masonic workings” for all the many mega mess they pretend they do not know or wish to remember or recollection.

Just like we were very importantly involved in that building and the Office of Sterling – let alone the Reclamation Project of which Eden Island Island is part of and those involved who know perfectly well who we are and what we are talking about.

What it took to allow President FA Rene to put JA Michel as his successor and eventual President. We have been involved importantly and as such know all the issues and connections. By South African standard, their intelligence Services, that of Nigeria, Ghana, the USA when there is such a constellation – the rule you respect it or else you are heading for very serious trouble and everybody associated with it. We had to make great sacrifice, at the expense of our exile/refugee and Seychellois ancestors to achieve what we have strives to achieve.

We are fully aware of the position and attitude of all the Opposition Leaders the past 21 years since the introduction of multiparty. It has taken them a great deal of sufferings and anguish to relearn the values of our ancestors and the price they are having to pay. By all the norms the economic rights of those 21,000 Seychellois exile/refugee not just in Seychelles, but before the international institutions and Courts, Judiciary.

The problematic for all those investors be they from South Africa, USA, Australia, Europe and Africa who get brief by the crappy Seychelles media and their propaganda, the so call international experts. They refuse to listen and read what it really took to change that Communist System and One Party State in Seychelles, the extra lenght we had to go to do this - what we had to do to maintain pressure on Seychelles government for it to continue and carry out the changes to date and what they write in their media and TV. (Last night and this mroning part of the ongoing debacle former President FA Rene indicating we can have and accident and those who retorted he likewise can have an accident)

By all the norms of Mr Bobby Brantley..... that we must expect a large done of crap from their company and Associate - by all the norm of Africa, Asia and the Gulf Region - this morning, there would have been the need, requirement to make those involved in that Seychelles Stock Market accountable - by what rights and laws they can take control of our nation most important Economic and financial workings and nothing is done, their would have been riot, looting , burning and killing. The world media involved. Mr Bobby Brantley... would have been put on the first available plan and sent out of Seychelles USA citizens or not - they were involved in the corrupted and crooked issues to get our person sent to Guantanamo Bay, taken prisoner without Trail. These same individuals were involved that Mondo Finance was destroyed, registered at Harley Street and Mondo Trading on the grounds it was funding a Terrorist Movement. It is not normal that some 21,000 exile/refugee they fight for some 35 years and the UN, EU and world institutions pretend they just do not exist - they have no rights or their rights get represented by third parties and criminals, crooked individuals. ( in the news there is an outbreak of Ebola in Uganda and this is very grave, the current chief Justice of Seychelles is a Ugandan national - we contributed to his getting this post and position, events the past three months, the new Palace of Justice and yet not a help form the Seychelles Justice for those 21,000 exile/refugee from Seychelles - President Musevini of Uganda know our person and workings we do trust he get pointed this comment and through the right channel enquire of the Seychelles chief Justice what is really going on)

The same token of corrupted practise, all through the night in Islington, that Czech House across the road we were involved with then Lady Tacther government to put the project together, they can hear and pick up everything going on and other streets of Islington - this morning had there not been an Olympic going on and the very many international representation in London who can also pick up all the issues - those who would have used their armies of "nerds" criminal and thugs to terrorise our person and bully us.

This morning in the New ex PM Blair call to the EU Institutions and Germany to save the Euro and Greece. This practise come form his time and government in Office, the very many issues address to the EU Community, politicians and media - how and what mechanism they used to drive and get it there - the mega corruption scandal the world and EU have landed in.

To get very factual - we need to remind all those involved in the Seychelles Stock Market project - Barclay's almost pulled out of Seychelles - it was the travel of their Chief Executive on the same flight we had come to Seychelles then and the issues decided against it- the Mr Phillippe Boulle and all those who choose to forget.

We have known of Barcalys, HSBC, Northen Rock and RBS mega mess for a very long time what we have shared and discussed in private. We have taken to sharing those information with our representative in EU and the rest of the world - what they know. We equally say it there is the need to move our greater Seychelles exile/refugee working to mainland Europe and all those who know and abusing it. Where this will end. ( Had we the means to make that move those involved in that Seychelles Stock Market project would not have been involved - we are sharing this information with all those who wish to become involved and float their company, this is a very volatile situation. Nobody in his nor her right mind will allow them to be for ever manipulated and abused.) There is a mega issues ongoing at the ECB, the EU Commission on Fraud and Abuse, those involved in running that Seychelles Stock Market need to be importantly reminded all those we have contributed that they get to face EU Justice.

To Mr Bobby Brantley .... we want to remind him of the mega scandal which have rock the very foundation of USA financial system - those at the time judge they were untouchable and out to destroy our greater Seychelles exile/refugee working what has taken place and those in the West indies who wanted to control the Island and politic and where they have landed.

Should there be an Election and change in Seychelles political fortunes what will inevitably take place, the many who have come to take it for granted they are there to stay for ever and eat of our riches and we eat of left overs if we get left overs.

Seychelles Securities Exchange (SSE)

Trop-X (Seychelles) Limited
Trop-x regulation/investor-information

C Charles & Co, London (Seven Sisters Road)

Tony Blair calls the Germans to save the Euro;showrate=1

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