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Post  Sirop14 on Sat Jan 26, 2019 11:08 pm

We are going to borrow a post from Mr Clancy, What implied the Mauritius Tailor Laurent for those who knew and have known the Indian Ocean, after 1976 going in exile to Austria had wanted to go to Lebanon, the famous tailor in Vienna, Milan, Paris, London and Munich - In London Sir James, the Kashoggi not Al Fayad, the Lonroh Group- others. What was going on and what the British and intentional media did not write about.

Tonight we watched the program spying on the Royal> surrounding the Seychelles, Indian ocean , Gulf issue far grayer and darker issues. along with Monaco. The saga to change Seychelles by Force in then Mauritius and Reunion, south Africa the geopolitical war/battle with it very big business. The terrible mess surrounding the assassination of
SNM/MPR Leader M Gerard Hoareau. Until his death Sir James Mancham coyness. Those who took the issue with great Seriousness including member of the Royal families.

President F Mitterrand in Office, then in Europe, the COMECON, USSR, Africa and the Gulf region and Chirac as Mayor of Paris then 1985/86, the American, south African and Israel had wanted a complete removal of Seychelles government what this mean. In Mauritius and Reunion those who knew.

There are some very dark and gray issues linking the European Royal and those former Royal of the East and Russia, those who knew then. Along with them strange men in long white clock being polite. What was the core of that SIROP program was all about,, those involved and the why. Its funding and implantation. How by then, the Al Fayed fortune had gone up and Mr Kashoggi fortune had gone down the why, yet - the Sir James Mancham. What we were offered beside Seychelles, south Africa, other powerful entity if we can put that Program through and get it accepted - Not just Seychelles, among them the offer to acquire former King Edward residence in Paris . There were/are complexity after the death of the former king and his widow those who have never talk or written about it. How the Al Fayed came to muscle in on the business Paris , after London. What were, are the implications of Al Fayed and the Mayor of Paris, undertaking the lease of the former property and that SIROP program, those who talk about both French Masonic Lodge then in Paris.The vast amount of money, fortune and wealth at play - It was that SIROP program which synergized and was driving the issues, thematic. The Seychelles aspect was infinitely minute compared to the other liking country big possibility and privatization .

We had let president F Mitterrand and other in Paris know what was deemed our right to purchase such property and the Egyptian Al Fayad instead and how this turned out- very wrong, .very many, will come to regret bitterly.

Yet upon Sir Jame Mancham death none of them were to be seen..

President Donald Trump, the USA is very grey currently, please read our post and have a great laugh. Prince Bin Salman along too.

In 1986 Al Fayed leased the villa for 50 years for a nominal rent and set about restoring it.

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