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President Wankalawan first SONA

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President Wankalawan first SONA Empty President Wankalawan first SONA

Post  Sirop14 Sat Jan 23, 2021 6:11 pm

President Wankalawan first SONA

Over the past two years of the Truth Commission hearings and the published recording those seeking and demanding several form of Compensation from the FA Rene one Party and President J A Michel government. The psychological abused and traumas, the parapsychological nightmares and scars.

We officially took over our Assoconnect build driven portal space for the FECAS. This represent some 6 years of work, negotiations and discussions. The several Syndicate of other body behind their concept. The French government today, Justice, Media, Europe and all its institutions. Briteixt.

To remind everybody the state of Seychelles in 1976 at our Independence, the promises and expectations, dream of becoming a sovereign nation and Republic, all our old families not gone in forced exile and those not dead. The British Colonial system in transit, the expat communities in then Seychelles of different nationalities, the SPUP aspiration demands position, other political parties, the Regional cold-war politic, the USSR - COMECN block and the West and NATO. OAU, Commonwealth and Francophone and French position.

I became the second Seychellois to go in exile then Sir James Mancham government, Dr Hossen was the first. The Bailey Family before our independence they sold everything - we are talking of normal Seychellois person.
When I/we got to Salzburg became acquainted with young University Students and other great person. We talked a lot about Seychelles and the past and the Future, Africa and Europe and independence process changes, political concept, ideologies. To remember the Von Oswald Family come from Salzburg. I judge it would be good to have in Europe a Body like so many other Ethnic minorities and communities to work their respective interests, values and culture, heritages.

That June 1977 was informed of the Coup d'etat in Seychelles .

In comparison Sir James Mancham government had a very great deal more to offer the Seychellois nation, the region and the world - yet not a year in Office they were over thrown. Many of you in Seychelles and around the word will dislike what we are about to say - that LDS government need to measure their capacity, abilities and what they propose to offer, give that Seychellois nation, the young, the pension and many others. Anybody who lived that era will tel you there is a very big contrast between then era and now, today, education, mind set, institutions, civic society workings, expectation and Rights, Communication and technology thinking and politic.

Comment -
I believe that we have created a sense of bankruptcy in January 2021 in order to justify opening up to the rest of the world .... just see for yourself that our usable external reserves managed to remain at almost US$400 million (only 10% less than pre-COVID) in spite of the reckless fiscal policies which previous administration had implemented e.g. FA4JR ..... so imagine that now that we are likely to have much more fiscal discipline (including no more subsidy to Air Seychelles, scrapping of FA4JR, stepping up of VAT collection) we should be able to ride out all of 2021 without even a single tourist dollar. For information, during the period that we had shut down our tourism industry last year (April-June) we were still getting between US$ 0.5million to US$ 1.5 million a day through our local banking system instead of US$3 million per day pre-COVID....thanks to IOT and fisheries logistics services (stevedoring)... so it was not all that catastrophic!


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President Wankalawan first SONA Empty Re: President Wankalawan first SONA

Post  Sirop14 Wed Jan 27, 2021 11:28 am

8 p.m News 26-01-2021

NEWS EXTRA 26-01-2021

Firstly we want to come back to Mr Rasool thread posted in the above as comment/ Politic is about filth dishonesty and lies at least this have been our nation History politic from the time I was 7 years old listening to the like of Mr Adam, Mr Roseli, Mr Tipin and Mr Harry Payet, Mr Amede arguing at my uncle cobbler shop, Mr Desire Ah Time and the police station across. As a child what we were told of Archbishop Makarios in exile and  we watched  them most time they came to the  police station to report and later in life what we learnt, the other motives and arguments. As a child we have known other political person and their arguments. ( Later President FA Rene in Africa and Seychelles and Sir James, Mr Joubert  and his people) Much later upon return from school in Africa adaptation issues by Judge Stiven his work in Zanzibar in the Colonial Administration  and his many associates, acquaintances from  the Colonial Services, what was educated and shared to us, imparted.

The President  Wankalawan and the National Assembly denigrating everything of the last government and the past 42 years nation achievements including the short live government of President Mancham the video available to the whole world the UN Institutions, the respective LDS MNA repeating and stressing this/his statement . Going as far as to describe the Office he has inherited as a "Kaless casse!. For the son or grandson of an Indian Indenture worker and later parents preference,  he has certainly learn creole,   this is the terminology favoured by many Indian families in Seychelles "Kaless Case", the connotation.  That is because reminiscence of past era their parents would have stood or kneel by the side of the road as one such horse pull transport rode by and its passenger, the Emperor and Royal family, elite and former Colonial Masters of India of India,  let alone if that was in France or Europe. In Creole Seychellois  it is a favorite terminology to call a female or woman of failing, a bad female woman. It is also use to qualify a very terrible transaction.

Among the untrue issues how He first got interested into politic and our then London Seychelles community in Exile, He forgets  that many of our,  my family are leading church of  England founders  and they help educate me as a child and they knew our politics in exile very well, Colonial and pre Independence politic - Priest by and large have all to be convincing talker even if their theology is wrong or baseless. He refused to give credit to the very important issues of what really cause the SPPF Ministerial split and eventual break away That SIROP program. This leveraging The formation of LDS how had this not been done, taken place - he would never have made it to the  State House  on the SNP ticket. Around the world those financing, supporting any government and president relevancy to know their base , building block  and the power behind the government and President. We may be in the sphere of Africa influence African Union and other Economic entity,  but we are not Africa per  Say,  the very conception and constellation, history of our nation building process and will never be - hence the use oft the Terminology Kalasse Casse the African cannot use this Terminology, connotation, adjective adequately.   Again the issues of the returnee exiles and the politic, merger from United Opposition to  SNP, the political stitch up and lies.

We have addressed the National Assembly on that SIROP program, then Hon  Wavel was an Opposition MNA third Republic and the second Republic, Seychelles Justice and The Truth Commission  the refusal to hears, listen, and provide the due legal help address it. Our question was a white House Ronald  Reagan a liar, and all then subsequent US living Head of State,  Pope john Paul  and many others  in Europe or the little Seychellois politicians.

Politician are like that once they propagate a lie they have to keep at it otherwise. President FA Rene choose to  lie to the Nation about the multiparty change, Sir  James Mancham chose to lie to the nation and others. They have lied to the International community, the consequences.

In Last night broadcast and news extra the topic and debate of the 30 millions dollar the World bank propose to given Seychelles and as loan repayable in 10 years time at 2 percent interest.( The $30 millions they got from the 2004 Tsunami world support compensation) That SIROP program and  our external working involved all those aware, the Arab, the /African Union, the UN and    the recent  Trump administration and EU. The loans they got form the UN and the Gulf nation and other after the 2007/8 world major crash.  Like everything of this LDS government,  all the many negotiation being undertaking by the Faure government the past four years in the face of the economic situation and pandemic,  the LDS government telling the Nation there were not files,   it was total madness and chaos.   Former President Faure publication station otherwise.

We have been addressing the Truth commission and the International Community help us to address  that Commission the SIROP plaint representing due international benchmark and their refusal,  the why. We have written that a great deal of Seychelles economy and politic, issues from 1986/87 would have come out be exposed, shared to the world and the death and killing included,  their refusal. The United Nation do not acknowledge those 21,000 Seychelles exiles,  for them there are, exist  only 5 exiles refugees from Seychelles the UN Representation  office in Seychelles today. They cannot stomach it that their own UN/IMF/World Bank /UNIDO/UNDP   world economic working have been build on,  upon  them,  what would have been  marshal plan of 1986/8 and the SIROP component and the stories  they have ben telling, spinning  the world. What is Africa and  African Union doing for the Seychelles 21,000 refugees/exiles. That is a real,  true Kaless casee if ever there was one.

We informed the world that we have taken over a good collaboration program using US IT expertise and what have you. The way such system and platform have to work, built in system, technology their benchmark and we have to impute as much of that SIROP program past workings, already  the impacts on the USA, Europe and Asia Market workings those monitoring. Including then SIROP program working then President Obama era and vice President  Biden administration from 2008 to 2016. The Gulf and Regional workings. Africa.

The LDS are presenting a false Godly concept that they are about to create and make miracles and that God is with them,  supporting them. They are lying,  defrauding the nation and insulting God, the heavenly beings. The Muslim Religion in Seychelles in  1987 and today.

All those churches and interfaith who input and contributed to that SIROP program initiating and implementation over 30 years. Their belief and notion of God, values is  not adequate, irrelevant only the LDS version of God and interfaith matters, their hypes matters.  That SIROP program brought change in the way the church function and Service go about with their beliers  and faithful global. Not President Wanaklawan. The Seychelles situation we have,  is a group of individual benchmark,  to conn that Seychellois nation and their pay masters,  those who have known that FA Rene lied about that Program,  President Michel the terrible situation  and as such like, comparable to all,  the many lands and property disputes in Seychelles their chance to become political master and take control of that SIROP program and brand it their version  - it is not about to happen. Then write /publish such argument, falsies  the Commonwealth change Seychelles One Party system.

That SIROP program have seen the rise and fall of many White House occupants, Latina American governments, North Africa, Africa, Indian,  Pakistan and Asia and China. Several UN high officials and the EU likewise. Without that program there would not have the Palais de Justice Building and the  National Assembly Building. They would not have that Reclamation project. They would not have that University Project.


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